Wusses, Wimps and Weenies: Will the GOP Ever Win?

Phil Jensen


Ted_Cruz_presidentSean Hannity had a very good and telling interview with Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Friday. In it, Cruz laid bare the essential reason why liberalism is advancing on all fronts and is succeeding in destroying the foundations of the United States.

From Breitbart:

Hannity asked why Cruz is the only one in the Senate who seems to be standing up for conservative promises and being vocal about it.

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“If you look at the left, if you look at Barack Obama, or Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), or Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), they are committed to their liberal principles. They are commited to their policy agenda that frankly is destroying this country.” Cruz explained, “They will crawl over broken glass with a knife between their teeth to advance their policy agenda.”

“On our side, we’ve got a bunch of weenies!”

He’s exactly right. Weenies don’t fight. Wimps don’t fight. Wusses don’t fight. Oh, they’ll whine and bellyache all day long.

Woodrow Wilcox


But have you ever seen a weenie fight a determined enemy?

Have you ever seen a wimp stick his neck out to fight a vicious enemy?

Have you ever seen a wuss take on tyranny?

I tried desperately (and in vain) to point this out in 2014 during the U.S. Senate race in South Dakota last year. We had a tremendous opportunity to elect someone who would make a profound difference for South Dakota and for the nation. We had a historic opportunity to send a conservative fighter to congress to help the few real conservatives who are there–conservatives like Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee who who have not only voted right, but have fought hard against traitors in their own party to advance traditional American values.

The gutless, corrupt “Republican” establishment was Hell-bent on electing one of the biggest big-government liberal squishes in the Republican Party: former governor Mike Rounds, for whom we had a clear record of compromise and sellout for all to see. Running against Mike Rounds  in the primary, you had State Rep. Stace Nelson, one of the hardest-fighting, most conservative members of the South Dakota legislature. The record of liberalism versus conservatism, of going-along-to-get-along versus leadership could not have been more stark. Even if you’re the kind of gutless “Republican” who’s always afraid “conservatism can’t win” (even though Ronald Reagan proved it can–with a landslide) the cards were clear that 2014 was a year where people were thoroughly fed up with the incompetence and tyranny of the Democrat Party, and frankly, virtually any Republican who was half-way competent could have won a general election…if they had the support of their party.

Yet so many so-called “conservatives” in the Republican Party went soft, went liberal, and embraced RINO Mike Rounds .

Then Gordon Howie, a proven conservative, ran as an independent in the general election last year, to give people one last chance at sending a real difference-maker to Washington…and so-called “conservative” and “pro-family” Republicans lacked the guts to back a real conservative.  Instead of backing someone with a real verifiable record of fighting (not just talking, but fighting) for conservative principles, they peed their pants and went for a “Republican” who vetoed South Dakota’s first attempt to ban abortion, a “Republican” who forced the taxpayers to shell out $9.2 million to pay for an STD vaccination for young girls who would avoid the STD simply by making moral choices, a “Republican” who was neck deep in the EB-5 foreign investor visa program which cost the taxpayers huge amounts of money and a suspicious death as well as national security concerns, a “Republican” who liked taxes and refused to promise not to raise more, a “Republican” who increased the size of government, a “Republican” who pushed for a minimum wage increase, a “Republican” who backed the unconstitutional government health care program SCHIP, a “Republican” who supported an ObamaCare-style health care exchange bill (HB 1166 in 2007) and an ObamaCare-style mandate bill (SB 131 in 2007) and who fought Republicans who attempted to resist ObamaCare in 2010.

The “F” he has earned since purchasing one of South Dakota’s U.S. Senate seat proves exactly how right I was.

And some people wonder why I am no longer seen in “Republican” and “pro-family” circles and events anymore. (The smell of urine is overwhelming)

I desperately hope the people of the United States are much wiser with their choice of presidential candidates than the gutless excuse for “conservatives” and “Republicans” in South Dakota have been.

It may already be too late to turn around the advanced state of decay that Democrats (and some “Republicans”) have brought on this nation and which 90% of the rest of Republicans have been too afraid to fight against.  

But if it isn’t too late already, I believe we might have one more last-minute chance to turn around the cesspool-slide…with the right leader in the White House come 2017. The president runs only one of three branches of the federal government, but as Barack Obama has illustrated in darkness, it can be very powerful. The right chief executive could undo much of the damage Barack Obama has done through unconstitutional executive orders and regulatory mandates–and Ted Cruz has already publicly vowed to undo those his first day in office; someone with Ted Cruz ‘s record of fighting for conservative positions is someone you can trust to keep their word. And he can use the “bully pulpit” to put a little backbone in the spines of even gutless wonders like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner–or back conservatives in congress in replacing them with real leaders.

If a candidate or elected official doesn’t have the fire in the belly to fight this corrosive liberalism and restore American values and principles to our government, it’s a pure waste of time. Don’t give them the time of day. When it comes to wusses, wimps and weenies like those infesting the Republican Party today, support their conservative opponents and help those conservative opponents replace them.

Our ailing America doesn’t have time to waste on doctors who are afraid or unwilling to treat the disease. If we’re going to save this great nation from the ash heap of history, we have to start hiring a good doctor right now.



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  • DCM7

    I haven’t heard much in the media about any Republican candidate besides Trump. Are they using him as a convenient distraction from the actual conservative candidates? Is he, perhaps, the latest “Republican that the Democrats will convince Republican voters to vote for”? (Think McCain, for example.)

    • Thisoldspouse

      I believe this is the case. I NEVER hear the most conservative candidate, such as Cruz, mentioned in news stories anymore. I believe this is by design.

      • Yes, I believe the media deliberately ignores Cruz. Unlike most “Republicans,” he can articulate why conservative values are best..and that scares the living daylights out of the Leftists in the media.

    • I believe it’s something like that. He’s certainly more palatable to the “mainstream” media than a real conservative.

      But he’s also generating legitimate buzz in the population, and I believe (and I’m far from alone) it’s because, unlike most “Republicans,” he speaks plainly many of the things that are already on the minds of many Americans. It helps him that he’s been in the news since the 80s, and is also a TV entertainment figure. Roll all that together and you have a pretty formidable force for popular buzz.

      I could be wrong, but I believe sooner or later, probably for a variety of reasons, that will burn itself out, making way for either another worthless RINO…or a real Republican.