Where the Heck Was Rep. Kristi Noem?

Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD)

Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD)

Phil Jensen


It is now clear that the “Republican” controlled U.S. House of Representatives, despite what they told America during the election, is perfectly willing to fund ObamaCare, amnesty for illegal aliens, and a trillion dollars worth of other wasted taxpayer spending.

Thankfully, there were at least a few in the House who remembered what it means to be a Republican, and stood against this liberal collusion.

From RedState we have the list of House Republicans who fought for Republican principles and against the liberal agenda:

Rick Kriebel 2016


Congressman Amash of Michigan
Congresswoman Bachmann of Minnesota
Congressman Brat of Virgina
Congressman Brooks of Alabama
Congressman Broun of Georgia
Congressman Gohmert of TExas
Congressman Gosar of Arizona
Congressman Huelskamp of Kansas
Congressman Jones of North Carolina
Congressman Jordan of Ohio
Congressman King of Iowa
Congressman Labrador of Idaho
Congressman Massie of Kentucky
Congressman Posey of Florida
Congressman Salmon of Arizona
Congressman Stockman of Texas

I don’t see South Dakota’s Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD-51%) in this list. You know, the Kristi Noem that my Tea Party group stood behind and helped elect four years ago.

(That Kristi Noem hasn’t been seen since the election was over; she quickly went over to the other side by voting for worthless “debt deals.”)

Apparently “Republicans” in Washington think we’re as stupid as ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber thinks America is (and we aren’t doing a whole lot to prove any of them wrong).

Woodrow Wilcox


If we want to stop being betrayed in Washington D.C., we’re going to have to stop electing feckless representatives who talk one way and behave another.

Sadly, unless these latest betrayals finally wake people up, there isn’t much evidence that we’re ready to hold government officials accountable, because South Dakota just sent a third ineffective “Republican” to Washington last month in Mike Rounds.




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