What Does GOP Reaction to Ted Cruz REALLY Say?

Ted_Cruz_conventionIf you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it a hundred times:

Vote Trump or Clinton wins. This election is all about the Supreme Court. Clinton appointees will be a disaster! Kiss your constitutional rights good bye. If Hillary gets elected, sayonara Republic!


Conservatives may be caught in the middle this election, torn between voting their consciences or watching Hilligeddon roll in.

I get that. Really. I do. So here’s a suggestion: Stop. Calm down. Breathe.

Ready? Good. An argument that’s been making the rounds  related to November is the “less of two evils” argument. It goes something like this: Trump may not be perfect, but at least he isn’t Clinton. So suck it up buttercup, and pull the level for Trump to defeat Shrillary.

Woodrow Wilcox


Essentially, the argument is predicated on the assumption that a Trumpidian presidency would be better than a Clintonian one. To date, however, there’s precious little in Trump’s campaign or track record to support the notion. On the flip side, the adolescent temper tantrum that’s the Democratic National Convention demonstrates that the Party of Debt, Detroit and Decay is deeply divided. So let’s finish them off.

Your call.

Meanwhile, back at Camp GOP, savaging Ted Cruz and his supporters has become a favorite indoor sport. I expected this from the donkey party. They haven’t had a new idea since Woodrow Wilson. Ditto the GOP establishment. They wouldn’t know principle if it walked up to them on a street corner and shook hands. But for “conservatives” to join the anti-Cruz pile-on?

Look. I’ve been hearing Republicans bemoan the lack of backbone in the party for years. Cry out for “another Ronald Reagan.” Leadership with some spine. A tireless defender of the Constitution. A courageous conservative willing to put principle above party.

Along comes Ted Cruz. He does just that.

And the GOP throws him under the bus.

Whether you love The Donald or plan to hold your nose and vote Trump in order to stop Clinton is up to you. The bigger issue in play is this: Has the conservative movement become so mushified, dilute and anemic that we don’t even recognize principled leadership when it shows up? If so, now what?

By the way, met any Whigs lately?

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  • Kevin

    The “lesser of two evils” argument will not work! It never did! The Bible tells us in Romans that there is NONE GOOD, NO NOT ONE. Even Ronald Reagan did not do everything right.

    I was a Ted supporter! I wish with all my heart he had won the nomination; however, he didn’t. I’ve got news for you, even Ted is not perfect (I believe he would tell you that himself).

    What we are left with is the same thing we had in 2008, 2012 and to a lesser extent in 1992. Some of us have voted third party in the past with GOOD REASON. It got us Bubba in 1992! It will get us his wife in 2016. I am not willing to trash the USA to make a point, no mater how RIGHT I am.

    Trump is going to be a disappointment! But Hillary will be a DISASTER! I hope we have a better choice in 2020 (provided we are still a Republic). I am not voting FOR Trump! I am voting against Hillary!

    God Help Us!

    • EX-GOPJohnt

      You are part of the problem Kevin. Sleazydonald is unacceptable in every way imaginable. If we won’t demand a modicum of principle from our candidates we will never get it. I could post ten pages of things trump is or has done that you would have said violated your principles. Well, here you are equivocating.
      The RNC just rigged a convention with trump to take even more power from the grassroots conservatives. They fully intend to use trump to purge the conservative resistance. A conservative voting for trump might as well slit his own wrists. The party will yield to conservatives or die. They are counting on you to accept the unacceptable. BTW Hillary hasn’t proposed a 45% tariff or defaulting on our debt. Trump has proposed several batshit crazy policies that would have catastrophic consequences.

      If your moral compass points to trump it is broken. Put on your big boy pants and purge trumpism from this party and the RINOS with it. We came within an inch of doing just that with two parties, the media, blocking candidates, and a rigged convention to thwart Cruz..the embodiment of a Constitutional conservative. You should be outraged not compliant.

      Nevertrump day to you.

      • Kevin

        Will You agree that TRUMP OR HILLARY will be the next President of this country? Regardless of your answer, we both know one or the other will be President.

        If you have principles, In what way will having Hillary as president serve them? I believe you are “cutting off your nose to spite your face”.

        I don’t like it ether; However, I have Grand kids and I will not be a party to getting Hillary elected.

        Remember, Trump got the votes! I shudder to think of what the “average” Republican voter knows about “Principles”.

    • Finrod Felagund

      I don’t vote for Democrats, so I’m not voting for either Trump or Hillary.


        You are supporting hillary. Quisling cowards like yourself always hide behind false words.

        • True Story

          I’m willing to bet he hasn’t given one thing dime to Hillary. Trump, on the other hand….

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