USMC Ho-Chunk Warrior Fought in Vietnam’s Battle of Foxtrot Ridge

“I have been in the bush for more than six months” writes Ho-Chunk US Marine Alan B. Walker of Rapid City who fought in the vicious Battle of Foxtrot Ridge, two miles from the Khe Sanh Combat Base, during the Vietnam War. He will talk on Saturday March 11 at Ellsworth Air Force Base’s South Dakota Air and Space Museum, starting at 9 a.m, a free family event sponsored by the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group.

Walker was born and brought up on the Winnebago Indian Reservation in Winnebago, Nebraska. His father was an Omaha Indian. His mother was a great granddaughter of “one of the original seventy-five braves who volunteered to scout for the U.S. Army in 1863,” as he describes in his autobiography Every Warrior Has His Own Song (with picture of grandfather on cover).

From book: ”I hit the plunger on the claymore, and nothing happens. I do it again and still nothing. I start to pull the wire in, and I find it has been cut. My heart falls out of my chest. I know we will all die tonight. Death is just a few feet from our mortar pit. I pray to God to let us live until morning. That’s when help will be here. I pray again and again.”

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  • Janet Bosley

    Respect and honor to Marine Alan B Walker and his family for his service . I respect and honor our Troops and that is why I could never support nor vote a draft dodger like Vietnam draft dodger Bill Clinton and 5 timer Vietnam draft dodger Donald Trump to sit as President over America. While Marine Alan B Walker , my four brothers and thousands other American serving in Vietnam dodging bullets and heavy weapons fire coward trump was dodging the draft. I want all to understand I respect the Office of President I do not and cannot in good conscience respect those who do not and a draft dodger does not respect the Office of President nor can he have respect for the title of Commander In Chief and look our Troops in the eyes and receive a salute . Our Troops should never be commanded to salute a Vietnam draft dodger it is a disrespect ,it dishonors ,insults the Office of Commander in Chief ..It Is A Slap And Spit In The Face Of All Who Have Served And Are Serving .
    Nine (9) of my twelve ( 12 ) brothers served in the Military WWII – Vietnam . Three of my brothers served during WWII and one of the three was at Pearl Dec 1941 when Japan attacked and four of my five brother served in Vietnam two were with the Marines, one Navy and one Army Green Beret . My youngest brother with Marines was wounded and one of my older brothers with the Green Beret a Gunship pilot of a Huey was KIA . My brother joined as did my son he served 10 years Army he was with the 82nd Airborne.

    • Thank you for your family’s service to our country, Janet. I have a number of friends who are Vietnam veterans and they deserve the utmost respect.