TSA Sexual Assault Redux

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Back in February I wrote a report on being heavily groped between my legs by a woman with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  I labeled what she did to me sexual assault, to which some people took offense in the comment sections where the column was posted.  However, what she did fits the definition of sexual assault as provided by the United States Department of Justice.  You can nit-pick definition and intent all you like and can call it what you will, but I will call a spade a spade, and just because I had to “consent” to that woman pawing my crotch does not mean it was consensual.  Even airport police were recently warned to expect more sexual assault claims against the TSA for its lunatic decision to further ramp up the invasive “pat downs” of air travelers.

While most people understood the meaning of my column—about our liberties lost to an overreaching state—there were some who voiced their opposition to the report.  They said I should have known what the TSA might do, and if I didn’t want it to happen, then I should’ve chosen to drive instead of fly (wow, what freedom!).  Others were proud to be the “give up liberty for security types,” and bragged about how they’re not bothered a bit by being groped on their genitals by the TSA.  Because “security,” don’tcha know?

Still others stupidly accused me of being a “drama queen.”  While the report was about the incident involving me, I was also writing for the countless number of other free-born American citizens who’ve been subjected to similar vile treatment by TSA officers since the TSA’s spawning after 9-11.  I wrote that I know we have no power to stop them, but I was told to shut up or do something about it.  What might that be?  Get a group of people to protest at my congressman’s office?  Write President Trump a letter?  Yeah, right.

No, I was not reporting anything new that others have not already said.  I was just noting again that the growing police state continues to strip us of our liberties, including our Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search of our bodies.  This was truly an unreasonable search, because there was nothing on my body or in my clothing that would have caused an alert on the “all-seeing” backscatter x-ray machine that scanned me; no metal, no jewelry, nothing in my pockets—nothing.  I was chosen at random by bogus suspicion points supposedly generated by the scanner.  The alert boxes were placed on my crotch, knee and ankle.  The alerts were lies, which is part of what made it even more outrageous.  Targeting of random innocent passengers will accomplish nothing except the “legal” sexual abuse of random innocent passengers.

Instead of lambasting me for simply reporting again on the out-of-control TSA, maybe my critics could consider how we got here in the first place.  Cowardly, evil leaders of the United States have allowed the Muslim supremacy invasion of our nation, which has led to all American citizens paying the price of lost liberties because of barbarians who commit mass murder in the name of Islam.  For Pete’s sake, because of a single Muslim demoniac, every American now has to remove his shoes at airport screening!

9-11 got the police state ball rolling faster than ever before, and instead of crushing the source of the threat, which is people who follow Islam (not “radical Islam,” just Islam), our leaders chose to subvert our liberties in the name of “security.”  Islam should never have been given the status of a “religion” with First Amendment protection.  It is a barbaric militant-political system wearing religious garb, and its adherents have repeatedly told us that their goal is to overthrow our constitutional Republic and replace it with a Sharia law system.  This is the very definition of subversion, demonstrating that Islam should be outlawed in the United States and in any sane nation that cherishes its sovereignty and security.

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At this point, I believe it is unlikely we will regain our lost liberties.  I see no one in power with the courage to simply tell the plain truth about the evil nature of Islam, much less to eradicate the cancer of it from our nation.  As long as Islam is allowed to legally remain and have First Amendment protection, its adherents will proceed to grow in number, power and influence, and we will continue to have ever more creative Muslim terror attacks in our country, which our leaders will use as an excuse to further strip us of our freedoms in order to “keep us safe.”

But, for now, to avoid a random sexual assault by the TSA, we “drama queens” still have the “freedom” to choose driving over flying.  Ain’t “security” grand?



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  • Kevin

    For this reason I have not been on a plane in 10 years. If I can’t drive, I don’t go.