Trump Continues Special Rights for Sexual Deviants

Homosexual 'Pride' NYC (Photo credit: Thomas Hobbs)

Homosexual ‘Pride’ NYC (Photo credit: Thomas Hobbs)

Lost amidst the conservative cheering for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch yesterday was another decision by President Donald Trump that conservatives won’t be (at least they, as a group, once wouldn’t have been) pleased with.

President Trump considered and had an opportunity to end yet another Leftist executive order imposed on the American people by Barack Obama, but Trump chose to allow Obama’s tyranny stand this time. This one dealt with special rights for homosexuals, at a time when the homosexual agenda has public morality and religious liberty under withering assault.

From the New York Times:

In a statement issued in response to growing questions about whether Mr. Trump would reverse the Obama order, the White House said the president was proud to embrace gay rights.

“President Trump continues to be respectful and supportive of L.G.B.T.Q. rights, just as he was throughout the election,” the statement said. “The president is proud to have been the first ever G.O.P. nominee to mention the L.G.B.T.Q. community in his nomination acceptance speech, pledging then to protect the community from violence and oppression.”

The decision to keep the order, the statement added, was Mr. Trump’s. It uses stronger language than any Republican president has before in favor of equal legal protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, though that is not likely to quiet Mr. Trump’s critics on the Left.

Woodrow Wilcox


It should be pointed out that homosexuals and their many sexual variations have long been protected by the same rights and protections as every other American. Assault against a homosexual has always been just as illegal as assault against a heterosexual, and so forth.  In the past, however, people who didn’t want to associate with people who were engaged in morally repugnant behaviors were not forced by law to do so.  Under the Left’s version of “equality,” a person can be punished more for committing a crime against a homosexual, and a person of religious conviction can be forced to associate with and even to assist homosexuals with their immoral behaviors.

It’s worth slowing down a moment to take a look at Trump’s decision politically for a moment. Could it be that Trump did this purely for political motives? That he doesn’t really believe in special rights for homosexuals and other sexual deviants–special rights that literally trump the religious liberty and freedom of association of Christian Americans? That he only did it to curry political favor with the Left? Well, think about that for a moment. Is there a snowflake’s chance in Hell that the Left or the homosexual community within the Left is going to like Trump (who has an “R” after his name, nowadays) one erg more than they currently do? Is there a snowflake’s chance in Hell that such an action will motivate the Left to hate him (because he has an “R” after his name now—the same thing that motivated many conservatives to suddenly like and trust him) any less because of this action?


Ah, no. None whatsoever.

We saw George W. Bush selectively seek to appease the Left. Did it engender any good will for him from the Left? Not an atomic particle. We’ve seen many, many, many other “Republicans” seek to pander to the Left (and sell out Republican voters and platforms in the process) to win some good will from the Left. Did it work in the slightest? Not a single bit. If it didn’t work then, it isn’t going to work now. Leftists always have been at least as tunnel-visioned as conservatives have apparently become in the past year, in that while the magic “R” has more than ever for conservatives in the past year become an aphrodisiac, that same magic “R” has always been for the Left a cross to their vampirism. If someone wears the magic “R”, no amount of liberal pandering can win favor for them with the Left. The magic “R” stirs immediate and blind hate from Leftists.

Therefore, we can only logically conclude that Trump really believes in the homosexual agenda, and that homosexuals and other deviants of the LGBTQ-alphabet brigade really do deserve special rights which trump the long-established religious and associative freedoms of Christian Americans.

And since logic does therefore indicate that Donald Trump really does believe in the homosexual agenda, and since we know from the sad experience of recent years all across America that the homosexual agenda is acid to religious liberty, then it should now be crystal clear that Donald Trump is not a friend to religious liberty–something I tried desperately in vain to point out to conservatives and Christians during last year’s election season.

We should all by now be very familiar with at least a few of the many examples in recent years where Christians have been punished for not wanting to participate in immoral acts:

  • Bakery Sweet Cakes fined $135,000 for the exercise of religious liberty
  • Florist Barronelle Stutzman hammered by the government for the exercise of religious liberty
  • Christian ministers Donald and Evelyn Knapp harassed by the government for refusing to help counterfeit a wedding
  • Christian doctor Dr. Paul Church fired for telling the truth about homosexual behavior
  • Christian baker Jack Phillips harassed by the government and ordered into “reeducation” for refusing to help counterfeit a wedding
  • Robert and Cynthia Giffords fined $11,500 by the government for refusing to help counterfeit a wedding
  • Christian photographer Elaine Huguenin harassed by the government for refusing to help counterfeit a wedding
  • The taxpayers put on the hook to pay for mentally ill people to mutilate their healthy bodies
  • Boston school teachers were threatened with termination if they fail to cast homosexuality in a positive light to students.
  • The University of Toledo fired a black administrator for writing a “letter to the editor” of a local newspaper about the inconsistency of comparing homosexuality to ethnicity.
  • Christians in Philadelphia were arrested for reading Bible verses and praying out loud during a homosexual festival.
  • Firefighters in San Diego were forced by the city to attend a “gay pride” parade.

And of course there are the many examples that have been occurring for several years under the Obama Administration where Christians, especially chaplains, have been harassed in the U.S. military for not paying the proper homage to the homosexual agenda.

As long as our government is going to pretend that immoral behavior is at least as legitimate (if not more legitimate) than the moral standard that produced this nation in the first place, we will not only have an unmistakable tension between license and liberty, lasciviousness will necessarily rule the day. And if the license of lasciviousness rules the day, then liberty is in the cross hairs. After all, as our second president, John Adams, pointed out,

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

In case you missed the significance of what Adams said here, he’s telling us that we can only expect to maintain the kind of liberty and success that the U.S. Constitution made possible, if we continue to be the moral and religious people who crafted that constitution in the first place. The U.S. Constitution was crafted by a people and for a people who recognized the transcendent Natural Law established by the Supreme Judge of the World–a people who would place themselves under the authority of that Natural Law and would voluntarily obey it.

If we are no longer going to be a people who will voluntarily obey God’s moral standard, then we are no longer a people who can enjoy the level of unprecedented liberty Americans have enjoyed for most of their history. Because as Benjamin Franklin, one of the least religious of the founders, recognized,

Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.

In other words if we will not restrain our own behavior out of respect for Natural Law, more government will be required to attempt to make our rebellious behavior more manageable. And when religious morality is viewed with contempt, guess who makes the rules for that government: the immoral. And do you really expect immoral people with power to respect your liberty and property? Sure. Pull my other leg now.

So, all you “conservatives” who jumped on the Trump Train with abandon last year, are you now willing to use some of the capital you may have gained from cozying up to Trump to now pressure him into reversing and actually doing the right thing with regard to this issue? Or will you, like collaborators usually do, keep your mouth shut to protect your cozy spot with the regime?

Because if Donald Trump isn’t going to protect the moral fabric of this nation, and we as a people aren’t going to hold him accountable for protecting the moral fabric of our nation, then nothing else he may do right is going to have much of a lasting impact.

Then you can kiss our liberty and prosperity goodbye. They are already waning, and will disappear faster and faster as our rebellion against Natural Law progresses.

Your choice. What will you do?

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  • A. Castellitto

    Start viable 3rd party now….. Cruz was my last shot with gop….the party doesn’t support marriage (or family anymore)

    • A third party is even less likely now. Until most of the Trump humpers wake up to the fact that they elected a liberal, they’re never even going to see the need for a conservative party. Right now, they think whatever Donald Trump does is “conservative.”

      And after having exposed multiple Trump humpers to fact after fact after fact after fact for the past year, I don’t have much hope that many of them will EVER wake up.

      • A. Castellitto

        I see 3 categories…. 1. Non conservatives who voted for trump cause he was not a Cruz-fundie, 2. Conservatives who were fooled 3. Conservatives who put all their eggs in the Cruz basket who defaulted to trump…. Cause their was no viable /winnable 3rd option.

        I was part of #3. You went with castle….. If We organized behind castle from day 1, maybe we could have gained momentum and got the message out, but there was no plan B after Cruz….. If we want an alternative we need to organize now, you saw what they did to scott garret in NJ….gop is dead

  • A. Castellitto

    Bob, this is not a conservative voter problem, it’s a party problem…. Castle was never going to win…. Start the movement now!

    • It’s actually not even a party problem. It’s a morality problem, and it became apparent to me in the past six months that the Right (not just the GOP, but the Right in general) is critically infected with it.

      I don’t know if there’s enough of a remnant still dedicated to conservative and Christian values to make a difference.

      • A. Castellitto

        It’s also a Christianity problem…. Most Christians are not Christian in practice or belief…..

      • A. Castellitto

        They are no longer the right….. The right doesn’t change, the People who claim to be ‘ the right ‘ does….. Neocons are not the right, nor was W.

        • Conservatism doesn’t change; the Right, unfortunately, does. When I use the term “Right,” I mean everyone who isn’t what we would call predominately liberal. Unfortunately, there’s a LOT of liberalism on the Right (toward that mushy middle of the spectrum), spread out amongst the RINOs, the libertarians, etc. And now that so many on the Right are riding the cray-cray Trump Train, there’s even more liberalism on the Right; these people “redefine” liberalism so they can embrace it because their messiah Trump embraces it.

  • A. Castellitto

    If the GOP, trump, Cruz or anyone won’t protect our Christian liberty, no matter how warped the culture becomes we organize our own party…. The Tradionalist party or whatever…. Will the discrimination against Christianity continue ? Then we find a new party…. I’m not surprised or regretful, let’s separate

    • I don’t disagree in principle, but I think you’re missing what I’m saying.

      Form a new party…and you’ll have too few people join it to make a difference.

      No one on the Left will join, for obvious reasons.

      The RINOs/mushy middle won’t join it, for pretty much the same obvious reasons (they don’t WANT conservatism).

      And after the last year, the majority of the people I once thought might go out on a limb to join a new conservative party…they’re now busy embracing a guy who said Hillary Clinton made a great SOS and would make a great president, who said Planned Parenthood does good things, who has made it crystal clear he won’t do anything to stand in the way of the homosexual/transgender agenda, who has repeatedly told us he admires government health care systems, and on and on down the line.

      Why would someone who enthusiastically embraces Donald Trump (and I’m not talking about the handful who kept their wits about them, realize he’s a liberal, and just voted for him out of sheer terror and desperation) embrace a conservative agenda? Easy answer: they wouldn’t.

      Therefore, a conservative party is further out of reach than ever.

      Give Trump some time to completely urinate on conservative values in broad daylight, and some time for some of the Trump humpers to wake up….maybe. Maybe. But I wouldn’t bet on a majority of Trump humpers waking up even then. Like I said, they’ll just redefine whatever liberal crap Trump says or does as now being “conservative” and pat themselves on the back for it.

      I have virtually no hope at this point that America will ever turn around, short of a cataclysmic event…that we might not even survive at all. It’s a sucky place to be, but based on a logical analysis of the available information, I can see no other conclusion.

      • A. Castellitto

        I agree, ssm & trump are symptoms not the disease…. We are in bad shape

  • Thisoldspouse

    This was an absolutely horrible announcement by Trump, by someone who promised to undo all of Obama’s damage. This single Obama order was one of the most damaging orders to freedom that he signed.

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