Trump Boo-Hoo Brigade Rides Again on Colorado!

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Trump_CODonald Trump spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany appeared on CNN recently to try to explain why the GOP nomination rules should be changed after Donny got trounced in Colorado over the weekend. The rest of the panel didn’t buy it.

In an ex-post facto froth that surprises no one – except maybe JoeBiden, but that’s another story – Trump & Company are shilling “crooked!” and “rigged!” about Ted Cruz’s weekend sweep of Colorado’s delegates. Others, however, credit Cruz’s win to a superior grassroots organization that took the time to research and understand the rules.

What a concept.

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McEnany tried deflecting the question by trotting out Trump talking points. Anderson Cooper wasn’t having any of that. He replied, “Ted Cruz built an organization that is out-foxing your candidate!”

Talk about a masterful grasp of the obvious. Also known as Politics 101 in GrownUpsville. That’s located right next to DoingYourHomework.

Funny, the Donald didn’t seem to have a problem with the process when he was winning.

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I can see it now: Putin is a shame and a disgrace! The negotiations are off! This (fill in the blank) deal is rigged and crooked! Let’s blow the place up! The House and Senate aren’t playing nice. I’m not being treated fairly. I’m jumping ship for the Caymans. Personal favorite: Trump is going to Change. The. Rules. Even though he apparently just discovered those dastardly rules and hasn’t tgiven them the slightest attention previously, he’s going to change them. Single-handedly. Unilaterally. And it’s gonna be yuuuuge!

Didn’t we have enough of that over the last seven-ish years or so? One other pesky detail from history. That narcissistic, strong-armed autocrat stuff has been tried before. Last time I checked, it was called the Politburo. Hello?

Back to the CNN circus. Other panelists chimed in, pointing out that you “can’t change the rules in the middle of the game” and “the Constitution Article II gives that power to the states.”

If Donald has a problem with this, said one panelist, “then I guess we should revamp the Constitution.” This of course assumes that Trump has actually read the Constitution. And can spell it. Others contend that the Trumpster is doing what he intended all along: getting ready to run third party and blow up the GOP if the RNC doesn’t play nice. Translation: Hand him the nomination outright without going through the process. (Drat those rules!)

I hear the circus is coming to Cleveland this July. Sure hope they lay in a New York-sized supply of sour grapes.

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