Travesty in Arizona: An Open Letter

Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer

I cannot fathom that Gov. Brewer sold out a moral society for a football game!!  ONE lousy football game?  I know the NFL is influential, and the NFL did threaten to withdraw the game next year from AZ.  So let them.  I would have called their bluff.  Let them waste their money rescheduling it elsewhere.  The Super Bowl has become the equivalent of the Roman sport of throwing Christians to the lions anyway.  The game is a weapon of mass distraction.  It keeps the useful idiots pacified.  Since when does the NFL decide the moral fate of America?

As governor, I would have announced that AZ is standing up for principle, and I’d encourage everyone to watch the game on TV instead.  Meanwhile I would announce a broad program of tax incentives to attract other businesses to AZ from the progressive states to make up the lost revenue and tax dollars.  WHERE is her creativity on this?  Is she counting on re-election money from the NFL?

Governor Jan Brewer just missed a GOLDEN opportunity to highlight this issue leading into the autumn mid-term elections.  With marriage under assault, and the homo-fascist agenda smashing what’s left of America’s morality to pieces, this is truly a missed opportunity to pivot in the right direction.  Gov. Brewer’s backbone was just crushed by the NFL.

AZ Senate Republicans:  Go for an over-ride of the veto.  Show America what really matters.



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