Tolerance Police Target Christian Schools

tolerance_police_beat_forceThe Tolerance Police are at it again. Their latest target: Religious institutions of higher learning in California. Their weapon of choice is an onerous, over-reaching bill called SB 1146.

If enacted into law, this bill would substantially interfere with the ability of California’s faith-based colleges and universities to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their beliefs. As written,SB 1146 does not afford religious institutions the freedom to determine the scope of their religious identity, a freedom these institutions are constitutionally guaranteed. Some background:

SB 1146, introduced by Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), seeks to eliminate the current religious exemption in California that fully protects the freedom of California’s faith-based colleges and universities to operate in ways that are consistent with their religious missions and faith tenets. The provisions of the proposed bill represent a dramatic narrowing of religious freedom in California. It would mean faith-based institutions would no longer be able to determine for themselves the scope of their religious convictions as applied in student conduct policies, housing and restroom/locker facilities, and other matters of religious expression and practical campus life.

Though the free exercise of religion is guaranteed by both the U.S. and California Constitutions, SB 1146 would make religious institutions vulnerable to anti-discrimination lawsuits and unprecedented government policing.

Essentially, the bill is “about narrowing the religious exemption of the Equity in Higher Education Act and mandating burdensome and unnecessary disclosure requirements for any school claiming a Title IX religious exemption,” according to Oppose SB 1146.

Question: Why is a “religious exemption” necessary in order for religious institutions of higher learning to exercise their First Amendment rights in the first place? Why are First Amendment rights limited to libs? Why does liberal “tolerance” always look like: Think what I think. Do what I do. Differ or dare to express another view, and wait for the cudgel?  Why does that much-ballyhooed liberal mantra of “choice” always translate into: My way or the highway? Sit down and shut up? As in, “Tolerance for me but not for thee.”

Woodrow Wilcox


Talk about liberal hypocrisy. But I repeat myself.

Kindly note that we’re not talking state schools here. We’re talking about government imposing its version of “tolerance,” “diversity” and “anti-discrimination” on private religious institutions of higher learning. Not that that matters to the Tolerance Police.

Dr. Barry Corey, President of Biola University in La Mirada, California, explained the situation in a June 23 email to friends and alumni of the University. He writes:

… SB 1146, if passed, would substantially interfere with the ability of California’s faith-based colleges and universities to live out their religious convictions and expect their students to do the same.

As the president of Biola University, I am asking for your help today. I am asking our community of supporters, even those who live outside of California, to raise awareness about Senate Bill 1146 and the consequences it could have for California’s faith-based colleges and universities…. (Emphasis added.)

This bill, if it became law, would diminish religious liberty in California higher education. It would unfairly harm faith-based institutions and it would weaken the rich educational diversity of our state.

Faith-based institutions of higher education are making profound contributions to the intellectual and common good of society, contributions not in spite of but because of our deeply held faith convictions. Our presence in society enriches it rather than diminishes it. … Why would California want to harm institutions like this?


Right now SB 1146 is being heard by the California Assembly’s various committees. It has already passed the California Senate. On Tuesday, June 28 it will be heard in the Assembly Judiciary Committee. If approved, it will then move to the Appropriations Committee and then the Assembly for a full vote, likely in August. The best chance to stop it is before it reaches the Assembly floor for debate and vote. Updates on the status of SB 1146, and timely action steps you can take to help oppose the bill, will be posted on this website, so check back regularly to stay informed. …

In closing, I want to assure you that while this law is intended to alter the heart and soul of schools like Biola, we will continue to advocate for our religious liberty. If this bill is passed and signed by the governor into law, we would join other California religious institutions in exercising our constitutional rights to pursue legal action and, if necessary, ask the Supreme Court to intervene. If SB 1146 becomes law, it would likely not impact Biola in the near future as legal action would be filed. We would prefer, however, that this bill be stopped or amended now rather than resorting to litigation later. So please join us in raising awareness about this bill and its consequences for faith-based higher education in California.

SB 1146 has already cleared California’s Senate. It is currently in the Assembly. Find out more here.

Newsflash: No one is required or otherwise forced to attend a religious college or university. It’s a choice. If someone disagrees with or chooses not to abide by that institution’s code of conduct or religious tenets, fine. Attend somewhere else. But if you apply to and are accepted by a private religious institution of higher learning, then you’re expected to abide by that institution’s standards and core convictions. If that gives you cause for pause, fine again. Choose another school.

As it stands now, SB 1146 would essentially gut much of what makes a “religious” college or university a religious college or university. Translation for libs: SB 1146 would essentially gut much of what makes a “religious” college or university a religious college or university. If passed, this legislation would make Christian colleges and universities like Biola University, my alma mater, lose their distinctiveness. Become secularized. Destroy or severely impinge Christian higher education.

But that’s the whole idea, isn’t it?

If you think you’re out of the woods if you’re outside California, think again. If this bill becomes law in the Golden State, watch for similar legislation to be introduced all across the Fruited Plain. Count on it.

Meanwhile, the best chance to stop SB 1146 is before it reaches the Assembly floor for debate and vote.Click here for urgent action steps to take by June 27. Also:

What You Can Do:

  • Step #1 — Spread the Word. Let parents, students or alumni of faith-based colleges and universities, churches or others who value religious freedom for faith-based institutions in California know what’s going on. Anyone who has an affinity for faith-based higher education should know about this threatening bill.
  • Step #2 — Social Media. Express your concerns about the bill on social media using hashtag #SB1146. On you can find suggested social media posts, as well as FAQs about the bill. Please express your concerns with civility and respect.
  • Step #3 — Pray. Pray for this moment in California history when deeply held beliefs are being challenged. Pray that religious universities and college will able to continue living and educating in ways that are consistent with biblical convictions.

Time to saddle up. For more information, click here.



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  • retiredday

    I hope readers share this article on social media, especial Californians. Biblical and traditional values are not simply eroding. Some lawmakers in the state are working hard to take away the right to teach and freely exercise our religion and morals. Let these lawmakers know that what they are trying to do is wrong, un-American and unconstitutional.

    • Thisoldspouse

      I saw a graphic on a recent comment board that was simple but surprisingly accurate:

      “Stay out of our bedroom” -> “Bake us a cake, or else”

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