Time We Stop Being Played

Phil Jensen


Politics is a rough sport, but I don’t think I have ever seen it as rough as this election season event.  Of course, it is the climax to nearly eight years of “Hope & Change” from the Twilight Zone of delusion and narcissism on steroids.  Maybe all the frustration and harm has reached its boiling point with people finding it difficult to hold back any longer.  I’m not sure, but something is definitely in the air.

Photo credit: Shawn Macdonald

Photo credit: Shawn Macdonald

I read a tweet where one woman is blocking anyone that supports Trump or has anything positive to say about him.  I thought about myself and my feelings about those who support Hillary Clinton. It’s probably a thread between the Trump hater and me, but I don’t get upset if someone mentions something good that Clinton did — if she actually did it.  Instead, it is the lies she tells and people thinking it is just fine that she tells those lies that upsets me.

(I don’t go with the excuse “that” is just politics.)

Rick Kriebel 2016


The competition between Cruz and Trump — and the online response to it — seemed to be within the normal limits to be expected, until Iowa and the Ben Carson issue.  At that point, from what I saw, the tone definitely went sour and distrust showered upon all things to come.

My personal opinion about Iowa is that someone honestly misunderstood the news report and did think that Dr. Carson was withdrawing from the race.  (When I heard the clip — that’s what I thought was being said as well.)  On the other hand, I’ve also wondered if someone intentionally fed inaccurate information to the Cruz team to make them look as though they were lying and playing dirty.

I’m just one person with one opinion, but it looks to me like there is a big effort to keep Trump & Cruz fighting.  After all, what would happen if those two became a team effort with support from some of the other 17 that had their hats in the ring?  I don’t think there would be any stopping them.   I truly believe that Clinton & Pals, as well as self-serving establishment GOP’s, wouldn’t know what hit them.  The result?  Americans win… self-serving politicians lose!

Woodrow Wilcox


Politics is rough.  Campaigns have always had the intent to sway and lure.  However, this year seems a bit more advanced in its attempt to keep the people (and candidates) divided and angry and less focused on the true threats.

Who might that be?

Yes, who might that be and where is it that the powers-of-play are trying to lead us and just why are they trying to lead us there? Something that we should think about.  Time we stop being played!



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