The Strawman Over-Dose: An Adventure in Madness

The Strawman argument is nothing new.  It’s present day use, however, often takes one on a journey of madness.  A madness unlike any other in any place at any time – or so it seems as it goes on and on and on.  Will the journey never end?  I beg that it might.

I’m not sure where the modern liberal came from, but I certainly wish there was a recall on the current model.  The hatred… the willingness to lie with such sense of righteousness… is all a bit much to experience as a daily (and nightly) diet, as they linger everywhere waiting to pounce and proclaim whatever nonsense is the nonsense for the day.  Don’t they ever rest?  Perhaps they could snuggle with the Strawman and take a nap – a long nap in the field of cognitive renewal.

It is interesting when one launches into a Strawman argument, is called on it and then suggests the person doesn’t know what one is.  Either the launcher had no clue or thought he could “brain toy” his proposed victim into utter frustration and submission.  He picked the wrong target.

The game is on and it appears there is a Strawman training camp among us.  A camp where people are programmed with misinformation & willingness to deceive with the air of righteousness.

Politicians and media seem to be taking the Strawman method to a new level, making statement of fact what actually isn’t fact, but mere allegation or lie.  Truth seems to be of little concern.  Say it… get the thought out there to be spread… and fade back into the woodwork.  However, it is turning back on them more and more each day.

One example of the media-in-Straw comes to us from The New York Times.  The NYT stated there was a wiretap and apparently thinks we are to believe.  However, when Trump claims there is one – the New York Times abruptly claims there wasn’t?  (Does the New York Times realize it is calling itself a liar, if it calls Trump one?)  An interesting piece on the topic is by Kevin Jackson, “NY Times DENIES ITS OWN REPORTING on Trump Wiretaps.”

Woodrow Wilcox


We continue to hear about the Russian Collusion.  Such irony.

The investigations have not found ANY evidence of ANY collusion between Trump (or his campaign) and Russia.  When that is pointed out to the the anti-Trump politician & media crowd, the response is usually something to the effect – “that’s why we need an investigation.”


Reminds me of that Einstein quote:  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Now that Trump has agreed he or his campaign was wiretapped, we have the faithful anti-Trump group demanding he provide proof by Monday, March 13th.  I don’t understand.  He asked for an investigation, but he is not allowed one?  Immediately it is determined (without investigation) there was no wiretap because a couple of guys in the government said so?  Why didn’t they say so before?  Why didn’t they say it at the onset of the claim?  Why did they wait until Trump said it?

The media provides us mostly with slams to Trump and anyone associated with him, with a few countering those allegations.  So, who is telling the truth?  It can’t be both ways.

It would be easy to write an essay on this topic of the new Strawman method that involves more than simply Trump.  It’s everywhere.  It’s an over-dose of unsubstantiated or known false claims in the media and hot off politicians’ lips.  It’s definitely an adventure in madness.  May truth hijack the journey and return the world to sanity!

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Carrie Hutchens is a former law enforcement officer and a freelance writer who is active in fighting against the death culture movement and the injustices within the judicial and law enforcement systems.
Carrie K. Hutchens

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