The Silence of Carrie: A Brief Reprieve for Hillary Clinton

Phil Jensen


Hillary_ClintonIt’s been a few years since Hillary Clinton was the shoe-in Democrat nominee for president, only for Obama to come out of nowhere and steal the nomination from her.  Now, she’s the shoe-in once again and Bernie Sanders, an admitted socialist, is giving her quite the run for her money.  Will he, too, steal her promised crown?  One can only wonder as the email scandal clings to her like glad wrap on steroids and with polls suggesting she is not considered likable or honest by many, many voters.  So, why is she still running?  Why do people even suggest she has a chance of becoming the nominee, much less the president of the United States of America?  Is it because they will vote for her in spite of all things just to have a Democrat in the White House?  Sad if true!  (It probably is.)

Luckily, I write commentary and as long as I am honest, I get to be opinionated.  Prepare, because I’m going to be both.

I don’t like Hillary Clinton.  I don’t think she deserves even a chance at the nomination.  And, quite frankly, I don’t understand how anyone could disagree with me, but some do.

Rick Kriebel 2016


I, sitting here on my computer, am fully aware of the precautions that need to be taken with sensitive information being stored on a server and transmitted via the internet.  Yet, Hillary Clinton isn’t likewise aware?  Her training didn’t take or she simply didn’t care?  It needn’t matter her reason; Hillary Clinton put our security and people in danger by her carelessness.  That matters!

Video shows that Clinton has changed her position throughout the years, and yet, she continues to say she has been “consistent”.  Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.  (Consistent is far different than changing one’s mind and stand on a matter.)

Hillary stood before the world and told us that she had to duck and run while under sniper fire.  it was a lie.  CBS Exposes Hillary Clinton Bosnia Trip

Woodrow Wilcox


Hillary was involved in telling us that Benghazi was the result of a video, while allegedly emailing her daughter that it was a terrorist attack.

And on it goes.

Democrats voting for Hillary simply because she is a democrat is wrong.  Quality of the candidate should be of the utmost importance.

Women voting for Hillary simply because she is a woman is also wrong.  Again, quality should be the determining factor, not gender.

Hillary keeps telling us that she is qualified to be president.  How so?  What has she actually accomplished that would qualify her for such an important and “supposed to be” trustworthy position?  (Titles do not determine qualifications — actions do.)

I don’t trust Hillary (because of Hillary herself) and I don’t understand why anyone else does.  It boggles the mind.

Obama swooped in from nowhere and stole the nomination from Hillary in 2008.  She then thought she had a free ride to the nomination in 2016, only to find Bernie Sanders in the way.  I find that amusing.  Every time Bernie stays close to her in an election or beats her, especially big time, I find joy in the moment.  I find lots and lots of joy in the moment.  I hide it not.

I’m neither a socialist, nor looking for one in the White House, but I do believe this Bernie Sanders — the socialist — has a chance of stopping the Hillary and I look forward to that happening.

Socialism does not work.  We all know that.  But one thing that Bernie has on his side is that he appears to be honest.   He doesn’t seem to change his position based upon the audience.  Bernie just seems to always be Bernie.  How can Hillary fight that?  Perhaps she can’t.

Who, outside of Illinois, knew who Obama was prior to 2007?  Not many.

Who, outside of Vermont, knew who Bernie Sanders was prior to 2015?  Not many.

When haven’t we known about Hillary Clinton?  Seems like never.

Why is Hillary still running and why do people suggest she has a chance to be president?  I don’t know.  But I do know that she wasn’t the shoe-in expected in either 2008 or 2016.  In both cases, an unknown brought the free-ride to a halt.  Whether she is nominated or not (or indicted or not), Hillary Clinton is damaged goods.  In that,  Hillary Clinton is consistent.



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  • retiredday

    You mention people who would vote for Hillary either because she’s a Democrat or a woman. And I don’t doubt there are many such two-dimensional (single-issue) voters. But what is even more scary to me are voters who seem to use magical thinking in deciding how to vote.

    They don’t actually base their decision on factual information. They pay no attention to real events in history or a candidate’s past performance. All they are concerned about is how they feel about a candidate. And those feelings are nothing more than a fantasy response to the image-makers who are crafting public opinion.

    Those who would vote for Hillary (or Bernie, for that matter) are choosing magical thinking over rational, responsible decision-making. And there’s nothing surprising about that when you look at how America has become dumbed-down, aged-down and cultured-down.