The Orchestration of Free Elections

Phil Jensen


orchestraThinking back to those 2012 Republican primary days, I can remember questioning just how we arrived with this slate of candidates? Who or what did the selections? Given the dreadful November results, which one must assume hinged greatly upon our final champion, I am now more aware, curious and if possible, protective of this protracted process. And today, the solemnity of my morning coffee was shattered by what appears to be the opening salvo of the 2016 contest.

The bold headlines read, “Clinton leads Bush, Rubio in matchups in 2016 Florida poll.” This news flash carries the intention of suggestion as it tends to plant the “front runner” seed into the public’s consciousness. Take it to the bank; this is the origins of grist which molds that final slate of candidates and in no way should it be given credence. Ladies and gentlemen, we are being played three years and eight months before the game!

This “early bird” snippet screams many indignities. First, the three designees are in no way front runners. One comes from a family which may be deemed “enough already.” I mean, just how many Bush’s does America need and do we really expect anything different from this latest Bush sub?”

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Secondly, Rubio was thrown in the mix to placate his Tea Party supporters. If truth be known, and if he should ever gain the nomination, you can bet the farm that our investigative media will make it known, he, as conservatively worthy as a candidate may be, is unqualified to run since he is not a “natural born citizen.” Contrary to the media’s deaf ears when this question concerned Obama, two wrongs don’t make a right and one can be assured that our media will point this out once his nomination is secured.

Thirdly, and most insultingly, Clinton proved her unworthiness with her lack of “anything” regarding Benghazi. Her record of nothing is a lifetime asterisk, ruefully highlighted by her recent, “at this point, what difference does it make” comment concerning the deaths of four Americans!

This AP article, written by Brent Kallestad, quoted Quinnipiac (Conn.) University Polling Institute’s assistant director, Peter Brown as saying, “Florida voters have a very positive view of Mrs. Clinton, and its not just Democrats who feel that way.” Really?

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Owning up to my ignorance, I am unsure as to what it is Mr. Brown represents. Is he a member of academia, as with his “university” connection or is he a numbers counter in some corporate tracking composite? Which ever is true, his intuitiveness for this early “positive view” from far away Florida is amazing. Especially when this opinion and “university” is mired in the frozen tundra of Connecticut!

If the writer of this sham would allow any acknowledgement of Dr. Carson to creep into his early matchups, his written findings of this tomfoolery survey becomes askew. And that’s just one early surprise to what this and future prognosticators will face in our 2016 journey. Very telling is his ability to select the two most electable republicans this early. I suppose the writer is unaware of Senator Paul, who is just one of many young Constitutionalists to have corralled the public’s attention.

Once again, this article’s pro-Clinton flare demonstrates the establishment’s low esteem for the values of the American public since this insult comes so closely on the heels of Ms. Clinton’s pathetic Benghazi testimony. It may well be the writer’s attempt to bury what, “at this point” he hopes to be, just a bothersome “bump in the road.”

Floridians should inform Mr. Kallestad that similar to the rest of the nation, our “positive view” also shines upon Dr. Ben Carson and his penchant for logical review; even when face to face with the one most responsible for this economic calamity.

Also pertinent to this question of early front runners is the recent admission that Dr. Carson would seriously consider a presidential run if the situation presented itself. How would this “x factor” affect that University Polling Institute’s “hypothetical” finding? This is just another point for dismissing such a ludicrous “hypothetical” for what it truly is.

Obviously, Dr. Carson’s surprising entrance onto the national political scene is just one of the intangibles or unknowns which have yet to occur during this span of years. The minor item of “mid terms” will also weigh heavily, after which we will up our attentions a notch higher towards 2016.

So, out of all the hundreds of millions of Americans, the process of selection now begins and offensively enough, it prematurely designates just three possibilities. Certainly, at this point, the field should be open and if not, how can our elections be truly “free?”

If nothing else, the individual agents of our media, which in reality are the newspapers circulated in every subscription area across our fruited plains, are busy at work trying to insure that their unethical mischief continues so as to assure that this socialistic trend continues onto its final culmination.

This is the course which has been charted long ago and can be traced throughout the media’s own trail of detailed presentations. While we are now more aware of just how important our Forefather’s words really are and of just how low that we allowed the bar of leadership to fall, we also must view the other major player in the game. And we must give Obama his just due for “outing” this media cohort.

The insult which was passed off as a “hypothetical 2016 presidential matchup,” presents the perfect example of just how our decisions are engineered. It is sadly more sinister than the casual slants from a “liberal press.” What we are faced with every morning is the workings of an anti-American machine, solely intent upon weakening our resolve as it attempts to usher in a more socialized mindset based upon equality. Or could it be that I’m just spouting off hypothetically!



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