The Inevitable Result of Trusting Career Politicians

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Well, well, no surprise here: the usual suspects of John McCain and Lindsay Graham, self-serving little men concerned only with furthering their own sordid careers, have been joined by others of the same ilk – including a smarmy senator from my home state, Bob Corker, who shares with McCain a rampant case of little man syndrome – to call for investigations into President Trump’s supposed unauthorized release of classified information to the Russian ambassador.

Never mind that the information was actually released by the Washington Post back in March, but these shameless hypocrites have jumped on the bandwagon with the Democrats and their communication wing (aka “the mainstream media”) in displaying their phony outrage and breathless indignation about our national security.


Where were these deceitful bastards when the Clintons were selling our nuclear secrets for campaign cash? Or when Obama promised – on microphone! – to be “more flexible” in dealing with the Russians, and dozens of other real lapses in national security? Oh, yeah…they were in there offices, planning their next campaigns, no doubt, but we heard nary a word from them about any of that.

Look, GOP voters are going to have to finally face the truth: the Republican establishment (McCain, Ryan, Mitchell, et al) don’t give a tinker’s dam about the American people, or apparently the American nation. You gave them the power to make a difference with Newt Gingrich and his “contract with America,” and how did that turn out? You gave them the House majority while Obama was in office, but they said, “We need the Senate in order to really get things done.” So you gave them the Senate, too, but then they whined, “We really need the presidency in order to implement our agenda.”

And they still don’t understand – or care – that Trump was elected president over the dozen or so establishment nominees precisely because of their continuing deceit and broken promises. Nevertheless, they GOT the presidency they wanted, and what are they doing now: trying their best to destroy Trump and practically guarantee another eight or more years of a Democrat in the White House.

Why would they do that, you ask? Because then they have an excuse for not dong a damned thing that’s useful for the American people and this nation. The establishment Republicans don’t WANT the power they’ve been calling for, because that means they’d have to be responsible for their actions and inactions, and that’s the last thing they want.

The utter gall of these arrogant jerks is breath-taking: after decades of promises about what they’d do if they had control of the Congress, within hours of gaining the House and Senate control they’ve been begging for, they began making excuses about why they couldn’t get anything done. ObamaCare is a perfect example: it imposed on the American people a dreadful, incompetent and colossally inefficient health insurance debacle, all in one (mostly unread) piece of legislation. But with control of the White House and both Houses of Congress, we learning that you just can’t undo all that with another single piece of legislation. Oh, no, it will take two or three bills, at least, and at least a year or more to do that.

And now they’re trying their best to destroy the Trump presidency. McCain is still bitter about his defeat, but what American in their right mind would vote for that malignant little dwarf? He converted his VietNam POW status into a lifetime cushy job in the Senate (after he abandoned the wife who faithfully waited for him while he was in the Hanoi Hilton for a young trophy wife with ties to big beer money…while his wife was undergoing cancer treatments!), but he’s apparently still miffed that he didn’t win the presidency, oblivious to the fact that most of the votes he got were actually votes for his running mate, Sarah Palin.

Graham is a particularly slimy little worm, spending decades in the Senate doing nothing more than kissing up to stronger men than himself, and attaching himself to McCain’s coattails. Corker has been mentioned as a VP candidate for the GOP, so he’s “going along in order to get along” for his own selfish reasons.

Finally, the one true choice the American voters have had in a long, long time was the Tea Party, but the Tea Party was effectively destroyed BY THE REPUBLICANS, who recognized the very real threat to their comfy status and positions in Congress, where they only have to belch phony complaints about the Democrat-controlled Congress. But now that the voters have given them that control, look at what they do…or, actually, what they don’t do.

I despise Democrats for the self-serving, blind idealogues they are, but at least they fight for what they believe in. The GOP establishment says they believe in Conservative, Constitutional principles, but every time they get the power to act on those principles it’s the same thing: more excuses, more big government legislation, more debt, etc. And the American electorate has yet to hold them accountable for their continued betrayal.

Yes, if we vote out every incumbent Republican, the Democrats will regain control of the Congress. But to paraphrase one of the Democrat icons, “At this point, what does it matter?” Because even with control of Congress the GOP establishment creeps only reveal their hypocrisy and deceit. If we’re going to hell in a handbasket then give it over to the Democrats and let’s get on with it.

But you don’t have to do that. You have email, you have phones, you have letters to write, and don’t think those elitist jerks don’t pay attention to that. Oh, no, they don’t really care what you and I think, but they do care about keeping their Congressional seats, so they’ll respond to a wave of outrage and threats of voting them out of office. Trouble is, that just never happens. We put up with their faithlessness and lies, and vote for them again anyway.

Well, sometimes you really do get what you deserve.

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  1. CoyoteJohnKerr says:

    Tell us what you really think, Paul! No need to beat around the bush. Other than that, AMEN for speaking out the simple, ugly truth about these charlatans of conservatism. McCain, my home town, bloviating Senator, is a bitter, “little man” who not only has forsaken the conservative principals that he once swore by, he has succeeded in adulterating the once decent Congressman, Jeff Flake, into the whiny, go along to get along Senator, Jeff Flake. Two traitors to the interests of Arizonans who can’t even enjoy their southern borders in fear of being murdered by roving bands of illegals and drug runners because of the “open border” mentality of these two turn-coats. Yes, we get what we deserve and good, decent Americans have been sold a bill of goods by the do-nothing Republicans. I don’t particularly like Trump on conservative and moral principals but, I agree with you, we have given the Republicans the country on a platter and all they can do is grand stand and inflate their own egos. It looks like these self serving, small-minded imbeciles are intent on handing the Democrats the country without even a whimper. Shameful!