The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Mar. 3-9

The Good

It’s good that for the first time since the unconstitutional trainwreck known as ObamaCare seven years ago, there is now no excuse whatsoever standing in the way of “Republicans” repealing ObamaCare. “Republicans” control the purse strings of the legislative branch (and have since 2011), and they also control the Senate (and have since three years ago in 2014), and now “Republicans” control the White House–the final piece of the equation in getting a bill into law. There is now no excuse reason whatsoever that “Republicans” cannot do away with this affront to liberty and American values, paving the way to move our nation back toward free market health care that is in line with the limited government, free market economy the founders of this nation gave us.

Even better still is the plan rolled out by the Freedom Caucus this week which is essentially a clone of a previous repeal bill already passed by congress in 2015 which completely repeals and gets rid of the unconstitutional abomination known as ObamaCare.

The Bad

The health care turd coming out of congressional leadership that isn’t an ObamaCare repeal, but a tweak that in essence keeps the dictatorial mandate, and pushes the whole scheme even deeper into the realm of entitlement handouts.

And let’s be crystal clear about something here. “Oh, we can’t kill ObamaCare the way Democrats passed it (through reconciliation), because four fake Republicans will go with the Democrats.” BULL! Those four traitors are named (Senators Rob Portman of Ohio, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Cory Gardner of Colorado, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska), we know who they are, and if they want to help the Democrats, then they should be treated like Democrats rather than Republicans. It’s time the GOP–leadership and ranks alike–grew a pair and punished those who refuse to play on the team they’ve aligned themselves with.  They should be publicly denounced by the Republican body, and the GOP should cut off their financial support from the major party infrastructure for their re-election campaigns. President Donald Trump should flamethrower them using the bully pulpit of the White House (and maybe one of those infantile 3am Twitter-tantrums of his) until they start acting like Republicans. Don’t allow four Leftist traitors to wag the dog; whip them into shape, or destroy them politically. But do not allow four Democrats-with-an-“R”-after-their-names to determine policy for a Republican congress and the people of the United States!

Woodrow Wilcox


The Ugly

I don’t know what’s uglier: the fact that Donald Trump is a party to this turd (after having campaigned on repealing ObamaCare), or the fact that asinine people who have for years called themselves “conservatives” actually believed Donald Trump’s promises to repeal ObamaCare (ostensibly to move our health care system back toward the free market system it began as and should return to) even after Trump repeatedly told us how much he admired the socialist health care schemes of other nations and that he believed government meddling was one of the top three roles of the federal government. A full repeal of ObamaCare and a move back toward a free market health care system is NOT going to happen unless the American people make the RINOs in congress and the White House feel the heat.


To paraphrase Steve Deace, we traded a rare shot at a genuine conservative and real change back to traditional American principles (and we’ve made similar trades in recent years across the 50 states) …for a clown show–a clown show that was guaranteed to betray what we claim to believe in.

Perhaps ugliest of all is the now-inescapable realization that, yes, we have really sunk to the point where “not as bad as the Democrats” is now the standard by which “Republicans” and “conservatives” measure success and satisfaction.  Throw in some cheap mockery of politically correct enemies and for most “conservatives” these days, you have an exciting sale!

As for me, you can take your new lowest-common-denominator standard and shove it. As a conservative and as a thinking Christian, I still expect better from every elected official who swears an oath before God to uphold the limited government Constitution of the United States.

Shouldn’t you?

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  • Kevin

    When I was a boy I had a Not so good “earthly” Father. He passed away when I was 10 years old. As I grew up wild and bitter I often would say to myself (on the rare occasions when my conscience would pester me about some wrong thing I had done); “Well at least I’m better than my Daddy”.

    In my early 20’s God reached out and found a way to reach this bitter miserable young man and I was led to the foot of the Cross. Altho I was better than I had been; my seared conscience came ROARING back! I quickly tried using the old excuse (stated above). The Lord brought to my notice on day a VERY clear thought that knocked me on my heals! “Your Daddy ain’t the STANDARD you will be measured by”! This one thing changed my life in powerful ways!

    I am afraid you are right Bob, Many of us has been guilty of saying “Well he is better that the other guy”. Even though that is True, we can not loose sight of the STANDARD!

    • Thanks, Kevin. You’re very right. (And we all try that “Well, I’m better than…” trick with ourselves too often.)

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