The Death Rattle of RINOs

Phil Jensen


rinoIt is theorized that we “shot our load” when Tea Party candidates dominated the 2010 midterm elections. To that I ask a quizzical “really, how so?” Our detractors all point back towards last November as proof positive of Tea Party shortcomings. Well, not so fast bucko. Players emerged from their comfy shadows and in doing so, have realigned the coming 2014 contest.

Equally important to the 2010 Tea Party tsunami was the revelation of the back stabbing RINO influence. Prior to that year, there was always a suspicion, a frustration if you will as to why “things never seem to change.” The 2010 midterms connected the dots and for once revealed the machinations of one RINO ringleader, the so-called “architect” Karl Rove.

What unveiled this political operative came from an upstart cute little darling named Christine O’Donnell. She had the audacity to upset Rove’s favorite RINO stooge, Mike Castle, in the primaries. This hidden king maker’s reaction was fury laced with a determined revenge. Because his treachery became public, the deviousness of his ploys may in turn become the death rattle for not only Rove but all of the players in this RINO consortium.

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As would be the case later in 2012, when Indiana Sen. Lugar’s shoe in primary produced an upset by Richard Mourdock, these two losses caused a complete disavowing from maintaining loyal Party support. In both cases, the lack of official Republican financing became a major player, This, coupled with ample doses of character assassinations led to their senatorial defeats. At the controls of these vengeful vendettas, most notably in 2010, was the indubitable efforts from a sand castle type of “architect,” Karl Rove. This scenario of betrayal was also in play to ensure the defeat of Missouri’s senatorial candidate, Todd Akin. All emanating from a campaign misspeak.

For Rove, especially when dealing with a candidate who amassed a proven Constitutional voting record, one misspeak justifies political abandonment. So much for proven conservative candidates.

Today, right now, the reign of RINO control from the Republican Party must come under review. Just what is the necessary or acceptable qualities leading to the endorsement of candidates? I mean is it a standard of conservatism which aligns with our Constitutional mandates or is it in name only? Just what determines who gets official support? Could besting the incumbent or the selected pet of the party’s money man become grounds for disqualification? Is a personal clarification of preference, or in reality, an honest opinion voiced in the public square, sufficient grounds for establishment rebuke?

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In hindsight, the cascading Tea Party swell brought out what was a most effective and thus controlling bias. As with any hidden consortium, its ageless power lies in it unknown machinations. So, along with the 2010 success of Republican Tea Party candidates, a serious blow was dealt to the shadowy political string pullers such as Rove.

Rove’s current enterprise centers around his recent creation called Conservative Victory Project. As with all Rove initiatives, this newly formed organization targets the high end of campaign donations. He assumes that by his intersecting with Republican heavy hitters, his efforts will minimize the financial capabilities of the Tea Party. What is ignored from his most “electable conservative” mantra is any possibility of selecting an actual Constitutional conservative. His preference is totally dependent upon the type of “conservative” which will carry whatever while doing the “establishment’s” bidding.

What supporters, donators and eventual voters need to understand is that for too long, George Wallace’s “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties” view was right on the money. However, back then, the word RINO had yet to unfold. Voter frustration fumed up until the lid blowing Tea Party’s exuberance in 2010. Not only did we flood the mid terms but in doing so, we unearthed one of the most unknown yet effective political ploys of modern government. The importance of this discovery cannot be understated, along with the vital need for a continued independent and robust Tea Party presence in 2014.

The Tea Party Spirit arose from within our American hearts. Just imagine how those “know it all” attitudes, etched upon all those smug faces, began to frown and fidget when facing this rising multitude demanding Constitutional adherence. The general reaction had to be, “where did all this come from?”

Consider the main stream media’s vice grip on the news and information back in the day. The so-called “information age” was actually a “propaganda age.” What else could determine the transition from a “free press” to a “liberal press?” The nightly news broadcast followed in lockstep.

However, while all in the media grew confident and authoritative with their printed slants and daily chants, an outlaw source began to challenge. It is not an exaggeration when pinpointing our awakening to the messages of truth which flowed through the budding world of internet screens.

Truth, when presented and considered honestly, instinctively tugs and pulls. It is a quality which clings and tends to annoy or at least challenge individual thought. When exposed to such frankness, after decades of progressive reasoning, its message is appealing, if only from a refreshing common sense approach. When those qualities converge, that former information stranglehold begins to loosen.

Once our emergence from that dark undergrowth of deception and frustration takes place, those who were previously considered to be masterminds or experts become irrelevant as their influence fades verses our exuberant state of mind. The agelessness of the axiom, “truth can set you free,” once again prevails.

As today’s information competition rages, Rove recognizes the need to consolidate possible financing as he insinuates and hints of a “conservative victory” in his newly formed “project.” This attractive play on words is just a shell which attracts but actually weakens through innocent assumptions. The donor assumes the most rigid of conservatives but in truth, Rove will enlist the more manageable sort.

Today, Rove basks solely upon his past Bush associations, with complete disregard of his recent election failures. His tantrum on Fox News channel during election night, regarding his refusal to admit that Ohio went democratic, was a self-flagellation performance which should continue to haunt as his “Project” targets those with fat wallets.

Along with the “architect,” two RINO governors have earned our ridicule. Governor Christie of New Jersey, although having originally been hailed as a conservative has thankfully shed his mask with his anti Second Amendment stance. His pre-election moment of enthralled bi-partisanship, amid the debris strewn Jersey shoreline, will be appropriately remembered. Such performances more than suggests that he’s a bloated imposter, a RINO and sham who loves the limelight. He may well even possess a thread or two of Obama’s narcissistic nature. Hopefully, his White House quest dims.

Number two on our governor’s hit list, aside from the disappointing Ohio governor, John Kasich, is Florida’s Rick Scott. This door slamming verdict comes from his campaign for Governor. He ran and promoted, as his centerpiece, an open defiance against any and all parts of Obamacare. This past week, he astounded Floridians, along with his fellow Republican State legislative members as he knelt down in submission to a State Obamacare exchange. In addition to his betrayal of voter confidence and trust, his RINO ID is further glistened by his ignorant reference to the very Supreme Court ruling which essentially left the question of “exchanges” up to the States. His utterance “the Supreme Court ruled, it’s the law” bared his soul.

The mere labeling of these disappointments does not suffice, as exemplified with McCain’s re-election in Arizona. To identify without replacing feeds into the Rove strategy.

On a brighter note, there is more than just one Dr. Ben Carson out there. This was confirmed last night as a Mr. Harry Alford, the head of the National Black Chamber of Commerce spoke on the Hannity TV program. Without delving too deeply, he made the bold and sadly correct assertion that Obama is a communist. We must weed out and find these good people.

In Texas, this was accomplished with her citizen’s ardent support for underdog Ted Cruz. With less than two months in office, Sen. Cruz has already become the target of the left since his Constitutional stands have warranted comparisons with another Constitutional stalwart, Sen. Joe McCarthy. Not bad company.

As the left continues with their fifty year onslaught of unfounded slurs and insults of McCarthy, we are now ahead of their curve in that some have begun to re-evaluate this American patriot. Without realizing, their continued McCarthy besmirchments are spurring the public’s curiosity, if not galvanizing their support.

What else is there to realize when hearing the drumbeat of socialism emanating from our Oval Office? Gee, could it be that after all these years of dismissing McCarthy as a heretic, his warnings are now taken as a worthy piece of prophesy?

The discovery of these rascals is not terribly difficult in that they are everywhere and usually holding forth some modicum of expertise. Their common RINO tattoo or identifying mark is that this self appellation, when researched, is usually caused from pretentious designs. Rove is a perfect example.

Today, with our blinders off and our curious nature alive, our frustrations of the past are more easily discerned through this RINO looking glass. More importantly is the loss of our questioning and doubts. No longer do we dwell on the after speech pontifications from those insipid and self anointed know-it-alls. What formerly worked no longer does.

One last comment. In the tragic wake of Newtown Conn., our mainstream media is awash with emotional tugs at our heartstrings. Who among this American nation does not feel a deep sorrow for the loss of those taken from us. Let it be resolved that our wounds mark our worthy Americanism. Let no person opportunistically cheapen the high cost Americans have always paid for our unalienable heritage. Our American experiment with freedom is unique in that “we the people” are the true sovereigns of our Country.

It might be advisable for our leaders to both reign in their calls of fear and insecurity while reacquainting themselves with our American Constitution. It’s ironic that this attempted usurpation of our Second Amendment rights is the single act of recognized “transparency” from the Obama Administration.

And in closing, yes, we were hood winked into choosing a candidate which uninspired our based. Finally for many, that was our last attraction with RINO orchestration. We are now our own masters of thought and our path is at least one of our own making. Our validation stems from those we have elected who ran in opposition to the wishes of the establishment. Their subsequent actions have not disappointed. In a word, “originalists rock!”

And for those relishing in their retelling of the Christine O’Donnell tale, the enjoyment rings within foolish minds since it only solidifies our calling. Ms. O’Donnell’s loss was at the hands of RINO mischief. She may well become a Tea Party banner. How does “Remember O’Donnell” sound in 2014!



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