Terri Haverly: Raising Your Taxes

Phil Jensen


I received this mailer today (below) about South Dakota Senator Terri Haverly’s votes for higher taxes.

Being in her district, District 35, I’m more than familiar with her record.

The mailer lists votes on HB 1094, HB 1120, SB 16, HB 1182, HB 1031, HB 1083, SB 110, HB 1041, SB 1, SB 93, SB 150, SB 49, and SB 106.

Rick Kriebel 2016


If you are a South Dakotan, you can testify that in recent years, our taxes have been on a sharp increase, even with our “Republican” supermajority legislature.  Just a few short years ago, I was paying about $35 a year for my license plates, and now it’s over $90.  Boy, I’m so glad “Republicans” are in charge of my state government.

“Republicans” have a 77% majority in the South Dakota Senate, and an 83% majority in the House. Yet we continue to get higher taxes, and conservative bills that seek to stop the Left’s agenda get shot down in committee, with a conservative bill being rather rare to make it to the floor of either house.

Terri Haverly scored a 63% on the American Clarion Scorecard for the 2016 legislative session. You know, Ronald Reagan said that if someone was with you 80% of the time, they were an ally. With Terri Haverly coming in at 63%, she’s well below Reagan’s “ally” mark. She wouldn’t have to drop too much to be a coin-toss as to whether she’ll vote with the Democrats or with Republican values.

Woodrow Wilcox


Haverly even voted in favor of taxpayer-funded health care for pregnant illegal aliens this year.  How is taxpayer funded health care for pregnant illegal aliens paid for?  By taxes. Whose taxes? Your taxes and my taxes. And it adds to the problem of anchor babies and lawlessness that is already plaguing our state and nation. How in the world can a Republican justify voting for taxpayer funded health care for pregnant illegal aliens??? We should be deporting pregnant illegal aliens when we find them (as our law requires), not giving them freebies at the expense of hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying Americans.

Haverly has a challenger in the primary coming up on June 7, Tina Mulally.  You can find out more about Mulally here, and if you’re a Republican, vote accordingly in the primary.





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