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2016-04-08 10.24865Pierre, SD – With absentee voting starting April 22nd for the June 7th primary, Secretary of State Shantel Krebs is informing citizens of the Vote 605 App that allows registered voters to look up their polling place from their smart phone or tablet.

“Downloading the Vote 605 app to your smart phone gives South Dakota voters the ability to find out where they are registered to vote and their polling location.

Simply type in your first name, last name and zip code and the information you need to vote will be at your fingertips,” stated Secretary Krebs

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Additional features of the Vote 605 app include finding polling locations, viewing a sample ballot from your area, viewing legislative, municipal and circuit court districts, accessing county auditor contact information and access to the entire Secretary of State’s website.

Download Vote 605 for iPhone and Android here:



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