SOS: Speaking of Seniors – Another Complaint Filed

On March 21, 2017, I helped a client file a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General’s office against a billing service representing some doctors in northwest Indiana. Our client is from Crown Point, Indiana.

Here are the facts. Earlier in the year, the client visited me and we reviewed documents about an unpaid bill. I learned from the client’s Medicare supplement insurance company that it had already paid the bill in question. The insurance company gave me the amount, the date of issuing the check, and the check number.

So, on February 22, 2017, I wrote a polite letter to the billing firm representing the doctors telling them that the payment check was already sent by our client’s insurance company. I told them that if they needed help to find the check in their system and credit the payment to our client’s account, please contact the insurance company for assistance.

But, our client got another bill from the same firm with a demand for payment because the bill was delinquent. So, on March 21, 2017, the client and I phoned the billing firm. That firm’s representative claimed that it never got a check from the insurance company and that it never got my letter of February 22. The billing firm still wanted money from our senior citizen client.

In such a case, I recommend filing a complaint against the firm seeking payment. In this case, the firm denied getting a check and a letter about the check. THAT IS EVIDENCE OF BAD BOOKKEEPING. Such bad business practices should be reported in order to help other seniors avoid similar problems. If a billing firm gets a check from an insurance company and cashes it without crediting the senior citizen’s account, it can cause a senior to pay a bill that is not owed and someone is pocketing money that is dishonestly made.

An overbilling of a senior can happen due to mistake or fraud. This insurance agency cares so much about our senior citizen clients that we help them to fight mistakes or fraud in billing without charging our clients anything. If your insurance agent or agency does not give that high level of service to senior citizen clients, maybe switching to a caring insurance agency is the right thing to do.

Woodrow Wilcox


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