Roe Versus Wade is Based Off Lies: Roe Admitted It, the Bible Confirmed It

orma McCorvey (Jane Roe) and her lawyer Gloria Allred on the steps of the Supreme Court, 1989 (Photo credit: Lorie Shaull)

In 1969 a 22 year old woman, who had previously attempted suicide, unmarried, unemployed and pregnant for the third time sought to have an abortion in a State that understanding God’s Law ruled that it was illegal. There was a group of lawyers who learned of her desire and they conspired together to change the law. The subsequent lawsuit, resulted in the 1973 Supreme Court’s infamous opinion know as Roe v. Wade. Her name was not Roe, she was Norma McCorvey. She gave birth to the “Roe” baby in June 1970 almost three years before the Supreme Court opinion was written. What did Norma do after giving birth she gave her daughter to a loving adoptive family. She chose life.

After the court’s ruling, McCorvey had lived quietly for several years before revealing herself as Jane Roe in the 1980s. She also confessed to lying when she said the pregnancy was the result of rape.

Decades later, McCorvey underwent a conversion, becoming an evangelical Christian and joining the pro life movement. She said,

“I don’t believe in abortion even in an extreme situation. If the woman is impregnated by a rapist, it’s still a child. You’re not to act as your own God,” she told The Associated Press in 1998. What she came to understand was that she had been lied to and used by those committed to child sacrifice. She understood that from the moment of conception a baby is human being made in the image of God and precious in His sight. She came to see what an horrific evil was wrought by that law suit she participated in. She repented and worked diligently to undo the opinion which had unleashed this weapon of mass destruction. She confessed that she had lied, that she was lied to and she was used to do a wicked thing. She came to the truth, seeing that the lie called abortion murdered 60 million babies in America. A week ago yesterday Norma went to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, passing from this world in a Katy, Texas assisted living facility after serving her Lord as a most unique and powerful pro-life witness for 22 years.

What we learn from her story of tragedy and redemption is that there is truth and there is a lie. When you follow the lie, death, hell and destruction come your way; but when you follow the truth eternal life, joy and fulfillment follow.

Lies are not without consequences – even severe consequences. And lies are often accompanied by two supporting companions. Let’s look at the terrible trio this morning with an eye to understanding how to escape the rat trap of lies in Titus 1:10.

The Word of God is the ultimate lie detector – if we have ourselves immersed in the Word of God we will be equipped to detect all sorts of lies. You do not discover the lies by studying the lies, instead the more your are filled with the knowledge of the truth, the better you will be at detecting the lies. And there are many lies today – perhaps we should speak of an epidemic of falsehood of which the fake news is just the tip of the iceberg because there is the whole realm of fake science as well. Just for example consider the mantra of global warming. It has been shown to be based on scientists lying about the evidence. Consider four of the big ones, the massive lies – there is a multitude more but these four are big ones.

  • Evolution – denying the only eyewitness to the Creation.
  • Human life begins only when the umbilical cord is cut – this is the lie underpinning the deception of abortion.
  • Man can change the Law – i.e. Redefining marriage for example.
  • Man is basically good.

The Sword of the Lord dispels each of these big lies.

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