‘Repeal and Replace’?!? – How About We ‘Replace’ Congress?

When President Obama began talking about his national health care “reform” legislation, he said it was because 7 million Americans were without health insurance.  Then later he said it was 11 million…then 17…and finally 30 million

Is it only me, but why wasn’t the focus on those 7 to 30 million Americans, finding some way to assist them with their healthcare…instead of the federal government taking over the entire health care insurance business and impacting the other 300 million-plus Americans?  Wouldn’t that have been more practical?  Wouldn’t that have made more sense, to actually just address those without health insurance, and leave the rest of us alone?

Of course, that’s not how Washinton thinks, is it?

As we’re seeing more evidence of today, with the Republicans dancing all around their campaign promises to do away with that awful power-grab, but instead trying to come up with a replacement legislation that STILL leaves the federal government in charge of one-fifth of the national economy.

Hey, Congress…how about getting the hell out of the insurance business?! Where’s the jumping up and down and yelling “Good answer!” to that, huh?  I mean, it’s not like you don’t have plenty of other issues that really need to be addressed: the national debt, public schools, immigration, the racial animosity that your institution created and continue to make worse, etc.

“Repeal and Replace”?  How about just “Repeal,” and if you absolutely have to, try to find some way to help that 7 or 11 or 30 million Americans who actually need help with health insurance…and leave the rest of us to hell alone?!

Woodrow Wilcox


Otherwise, it might just be time to “Replace” the entire damned Congress!

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