Preventing Social Security from Costing You Your Firearms

Gun_Free_ZoneThe Obama administration has proposed new regulations to use the Social Security Administration’s databases to ban as many as 4.2 million current Social Security recipients (and unknown millions more in the future) from owning guns, in what the National Rifle Association has called “the largest gun grab in American history.”

For what great offense may these senior citizens lose their Second Amendment rights for firearm ownership? Simply having someone else manage their finances (for a multitude of reasons, including physical disabilities) for which they are assigned a designation of “incompetence” by the federal government.

Put simply, if you depend on government social programs for your income, you very well may end up at the mercy of government databases and arbitrary government standards of “competence” to maintain your constitutional rights, starting with your right to purchase and protect your household with a firearm.

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Fortunately, however, for those unwilling to put their Constitutional rights in the hands of the likes of Lois Lerner in politically-charged federal bureaucracies, the solution is a simple one:

An investment in financial independence for retirement is an investment in your independence from the federal government’s regulatory reach.

The good news is, at the time being, there are an abundance of tax-advantaged retirement investment options for individuals and families to pursue to ultimately attain the security of financial independence.

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In the present political environment, government rules and regulations only promise to become more despotic with time, and the only defense against being subject to their rules and regulations in retirement is financial independence.

The longer you’re capable of living off your income and/or personal investments, the longer you’re free from the reach of regulators in Washington. For the sake of your lifelong independence and peace of mind, explore your investment options and build a strong investment strategy with a trusted financial professional.

The combination of time and a sound investment strategy could mean the difference between reading about the government overreaches of the future and being the subject of the story.

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