Obama’s Scorched-Earth Exit Policy

Barack ObamaAs the countdown to inauguration day moves forward, across America the anticipation grows. Americans can’t wait to see the tail lights of those moving vans pulling away from the White House – hopefully with less stolen goods in tow than when the Clintons vandalized and pillaged the people’s house.

But the biggest problem that will confront President Elect Trump on January 20th is the scorched-earth policy Barack Obama has implemented since November 9th. One reports, “Obama is inflicting damage on anything that could help the transition of incoming President Trump, such as friendly relations with world leaders. Right now, Obama is fueling so many international fires that President Trump will likely spend his first 100 days in office simply putting them out.”[1]

Obama “is now attempting to provoke Russia into military conflict. He has now begun expelling Russian diplomats from the USA as a cover story for the Democrats’ completely fabricated “Russian hacking” conspiracy theory regarding the hacking of email accounts belonging to Jon Podesta and the DNC.”

And on the domestic front, he is conducting a war on the freedom of the press. He is using “the full resources of the corrupt sectors of his regime to wage cyber warfare against independent journalism in order to halt the only remaining free press from warning Americans about what Obama is actually doing…the DrudgeReport.com website, which has remained a highly effective thorn in the side of the Obama regime, was taken offline for 90 minutes by a coordinated DDoS attack believed to have come from the U.S. government itself.”[2]

Add to this the blizzard of regulatory handcuffs, poison pills and trip lines he has imposed across the federal bureaucracy, and most egregiously enacting rules preventing States from defunding Planned Parenthood. Would to God that this lame duck would remain immobile till January 20th. It reminds me of the spoiled child who steals toys from another child, and when the parents catch on, the thief then incapacitates or damages the toys before they are returned to their rightful owner.

On the positive side of developments, “On January 20, Trump is set to inherit dozens of vacant federal judgeships: 103 of them, to be exact. That’s in addition to the Supreme Court seat left open by the late conservative justice Antonin Scalia.”[3] Regarding other appointments, we have seen twenty-seven who have been vetted and chosen, nine of which will not require Senate confirmation hearings.[4] And one of the most positive developments of all in my view is the news from Alabama. If Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is confirmed as Attorney General by the Senate, then Alabama’s Governor will have the privilege of naming a replacement to fill his seat. Reports we hear on the ground in Alabama give high probability that choice will be Chief Justice Roy Moore. Imagine that: a true Constitutionist in the Senate.

Woodrow Wilcox


All of this process reminds me of a far greater appointment system that is related to a far greater sovereignty than these united States. It is the appointment process conducted by the King of kings and Lord of lords in the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ. His Kingdom is far greater, far more powerful and it alone is the eternal Kingdom that shall never be defeated nor destroyed. In contrast to the kingdoms of this world, it is the ultimate and eternal Kingdom. By comparison any position of notoriety, or prominence in the federal government is ultimately a small thing by contrast with a position in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. How can one obtain such a high honor, what are the criteria for those noble positions, what is the appointment process?

This morning we embark upon a new study in the New Testament Epistle which God inspired Paul to write to his disciple Titus. In the opening verse of this Epistle we have that appointment process revealed, what the criteria for those noble positions are as well as how one can obtain such a high honor in the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



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