No Room for Christianity in the Trump Administration

The comments made by Vice President Mike Pence to Leftist “reporter” George Stephanopoulos last weekend (video below) represent an apparent dichotomy that should, at a minimum, gravely concern conservatives and Christians, if not directly outrage them.

Pence claimed in this interview that there is no place in the Trump Administration for “discrimination”, yet that is exactly what Obama’s executive order that Trump is upholding (and all the other examples in recent years of attacks on religious liberty) is: discrimination. Against Christians and their First Amendment-protected religious liberty.

Can Pence really be that oblivious–or that dumb? I could understand (not overlook, but at least understand) if Trump didn’t get it; after all, he’s neither a conservative nor a Christian. But Pence as been “one of us” for years…or at least we thought he was until he stabbed us in the back in Indiana a couple of years ago. There’s no excuse for him not to to get it.

When Pence stated there was no room for “discrimination” in Trump’s administration, what he was saying was that there is no room in the Trump Administration for serious Christianity, no room for Christians to live out the values and convictions that are responsible for this nation in the first place.

Sadly, Pence goes on to dig the hole of depravity even deeper by bragging that Trump was the first Republican nominee to mention the homosexual community at a national convention–and was applauded for that by “Republicans” present. Pence also stated he applauded this affirmation of depravity himself. Pence sounds like a typical Leftist, talking about “no room in the patriot’s heart for prejudice.” Pence should know that rejection of homosexual behavior–a dangerous, aberrant, unhealthy and immoral behavior–does not fit the definition of prejudice, but rather that of reasoned condemnation of a behavior that is harmful to both the individuals who practice it and to society in general.

On the one hand, Trump/Pence claim to care about religious liberty. Meanwhile, they seem utterly blind to the fact that the homosexual agenda is right now the #1 aggressive threat to religious liberty, as evidenced by numerous examples across the country. And when Trump had a chance to repeal an Obama EO that attacks the religious liberty of companies competing for government contracts, he sided with homosexuals.

Woodrow Wilcox


All this week, I’ve heard hardly a peep about what Pence said and about Trump’s betrayal. Certainly not a word from those Christians who so fervently supported Trump during the campaign.

You can talk smack about supporting religious liberty all day long, but when you affirm and support an agenda which has repeatedly proven itself to be the most ardent and present threat to religious liberty in our nation’s history, it rings hollow. Very hollow.


There can be no middle ground in this battle. When two diametrically opposed value systems come into contact with one another in the same society, one or the other will necessarily dominate. When they are diametrically opposed, in their assumptions and goals, they cannot both coexist equally. Donald Trump is either going to “make room” for the homosexual agenda in his administration, or he is going to make room for authentic Christianity. He can’t make room for both.

I tried to point out this dichotomy during the campaign to Christian Trump humpers in various forums, and where my efforts were not completely ignored, they were met with diversionary hostility.

Incidentally, during this interview, Pence says Trump told him to help vet Supreme Court candidates, and claims he never asked Gorsuch if he would support the end of Roe v. Wade. Recall that Donald Trump made bold, no-bones-about it pledges during the campaign to appoint pro-life judges who would overturn the Roe v. Wade opinion. He didn’t just say he would appoint judges who would respect the Constitution (though he did say that), he was even more specific about overturning Roe.

If what Pence said in this interview is true about not having asked Gorsuch about Roe, Pence was grossly derelict in his responsibilities as a Republican vice president tasked with vetting a Supreme Court nominee, grossly derelict in his responsibilities as a Republican in general, grossly derelict in his responsibilities as a professing conservative, and grossly derelict in his responsibilities as a professing Christian. And if this is NOT true, then Vice President Mike Pence just lied to America’s face.

There was a time not that long ago when I considered Mike Pence a top possibility for a good presidential candidate. At this point, he is still far from the worst possible choice, but he has tarnished his credibility to the point where it would take a lot of desperation to be able to trust him.The more time he spends around Trump, the worse he may get. As the Bible says, bad company corrupts good character.

No matter how you slice it, Mike Pence has done grave damage to his own credibility as a Republican, as a conservative, and as a Christian. This, after doing grave damage to his credibility in all these areas when he was governor of Indiana and presided over an attack on religious liberty that joined forces with homosexual activists.

Given this fact, I don’t know whether the dirt of Donald Trump has rubbed off on Pence for Pence to come out and spew Leftist propaganda on national television like this, or whether Pence had already gone over to the other side when he sold out religious liberty in Indiana. Either way, those of you who were expecting Pence to keep Trump straight have now been exposed as smoking something strong.

There were a whole lot of Christians who voted for Donald Trump believing he would protect them from the attacks and the poison of the Left. You sold him your vote (and your support) in exchange for that hope. So are you going to demand payment, or are you just going to suck it up and say “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

The first three weeks of the Trump Administration, honestly, haven’t been as bad or contained as many betrayals of conservative values as I thought there would be. Based on the evidence of the past several decades of Donald Trump’s life, I expected the runaway dumpster fire to be much worse; Kellyanne Conway must truly be an exceptional woman to be able to restrain and discipline this guy the way she has during the latter days of his campaign and first days of his administration.

But if Donald Trump isn’t willing to push back the advances of the radical Leftist homosexual agenda, then little if anything else he does will have any lasting value. Because the homosexual agenda is an aggressive and bloodthirsty enemy of Christian values and religious liberty. It will not stop until Christians have no ability to live out the values God commanded them to, and until all of Christendom is forced to affirm and applaud homosexual rebellion against God.

That means the Christian influence that gave birth to the greatest nation in history will be null, and we know what one of the architects of this nation said about that:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

If we are no longer a religious and moral people (and the evidence is clear: we are not), and will be prohibited by government from ever returning to being a moral and religious people, then the American experiment of liberty and self-government is OVER. We are just coasting on the momentum of the past 200 years. The values behind the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were no accident; they came from the Christian worldview of the founders.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence have just spit on that worldview, and any Trump supporter who lets them get away with it is also spitting on the values that created this nation in the first place.

Cowardice, oppression of religious liberty, and moral depravity: a nice legacy to pass along to your children and grandchildren, isn’t it?

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  • A. Castellitto

    Bob, in love, this has been your blindspot….. I can tolerate an infidel like trump over pretenders like pence….. Cruz was legit…. But Soros paid off that knave gov kasich from Ohio to derail the stronger canidate Cruz and the rest is history

    • It’s not a blind spot at all; in fact, I see more clearly than the majority of Christians and conservatives, these days.

      Nothing Pence nor Soros nor Kasich nor Cruz did had anything to do with what Donald Trump did or didn’t do.

      Who’s in charge of the White House right now?

      The same person who is responsible for leaving religious liberty-and the constituency that whored itself out to get him elected-hanging out to dry.

      • A. Castellitto

        None of these guys have the heart for this battle….. Not trump, pence or the majority of the gop….. They are politicians/businessmen 1st…..

        • They certainly don’t. Profoundly sad that America chose to elect, after Kasich, the “Republican” who was probably the absolute worst choice to push for the traditional American values that produced this nation in the first place.

          • A. Castellitto

            Did you see Soros’ associates funded Kasich 200k to stay in the presidential race to take out Cruz because they figured Trump was their best chance for a clinton victory….. Kasich is such a shameless traitor

            • Under most circumstances, they would have been right. Trump was headed for defeat, until two things happened: (1) release of information about ObamaCare cost increases just a few weeks before the election, and (2) Comey’s fresh investigation on Clinton emails less than two weeks before the election. That’s when the polls shifted Trump’s direction.

              Still, the Republican Party was not predestined to choose Trump as the nominee. We WILLINGLY and with voluminous evidence DELIBERATELY chose an immoral liberal scumbag over the best Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan.

              We deserve everything we’re going to get in the next 4-8 years. The innocent who will suffer and the many who will be led down the path to Hell because of Christians’ embrace of an immoral candidate, however, do not deserve this.

              • CoyoteJohn

                I’m are your side, Bob but as Christians we have to acknowledge that God is in control. As hard as it is, we have to rejoice even when it seems things cannot get any darker. I vote and support the candidates that I believe best serve the traditional values of this country but I gave up long ago on expecting our political leaders from being anything other than what they are. Our expectations should be in Christ Jesus, not our politicians.

              • I agree that our expectations should be in Christ.

                However, that does not absolve government leaders from their responsibility to do the right thing, nor does it relieve “we the people” of our responsibility to elect good leaders and hold those leaders accountable.

              • CoyoteJohn

                You are absolutely right but as a personal experience, I became so involved in the political process and holding my leaders accountable that I took my focus off the Gospel. I was an angry husband, father and witness. I lost my joy. I was no fun to be around. No one wanted to hear what I had to say about my Lord and Savior. I spent more time at TEAParty meetings than I did in personal time in the Word and on my knees before the Lord. The worst of it came during the primaries when I realized that the Republicans were going to nominate Donald Trump as their candidate. It was more than I could take. What kind of choice did we, as conservative Christians have in the upcoming Presidential election? That is when I asked for God’s forgiveness for losing my focus on Him. Once again I had to accept the Sovereignty of God, not only in my life but that He is in perfect control of the entire universe. Doubting his Sovereignty, I was rejecting the Grace he had shown me on the Cross. Yes, we have to vote for good and noble leaders and hold them accountable but let us not lose our joy in the Lord. As we hear from Paul, “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again. Rejoice” God bless you Bob Ellis and what you do for all of us conservative Christians that have lost our confidence in this country.

              • You have a lot of wise counsel here. No matter how badly things go to pot here on earth, God’s people always have reason to rejoice in him, his blessings, his mercy, and in the knowledge that ultimately all will be made right in the universe.

                At the same time, we must avoid the inclination to be, as the saying goes, so heavenly minded that we’re of no earthly good. We’re called to be salt and light in a dark and decaying world, and that isn’t easy.

                I have full trust in God’s goodness and his sovereignty. The problem we have is the misuse of the free will God has given us. From the Garden of Eden, to choosing the way of “other nations” over God’s leadership, to choosing Barabbas over Jesus, we human beings have a bad habit of doubting God and choosing our “wisdom” over the wisdom of the Creator of the Universe. And so very sadly, this last election demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that nowadays, God’s church is soaked and riven with that same corrosive poison.

                We who haven’t given in to the call for Barabbas over Jesus have to continue to point to the right path, to call for repentance. And as you pointed out, we have to do it without becoming too cynical. A tough job, but greater is he…

                Thanks for your dedication to what is right, CoyoteJohn, for your diligence to remain faithful to God, and for your encouragement to me.

              • CoyoteJohn

                Thanks, Bob. I will continue to be vigilant and appreciate your encouragement. I will look forward to your next articles. In God’s Grace, John

              • A. Castellitto

                “DELIBERATELY chose an immoral liberal scumbag over the best Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan…..”

                That’s because they are all immoral liberal scumbags….. They just fake it

  • A. Castellitto

    If trump let Bannon and Conway have the final say all this lgbt exceptionalism would end….. Though not quietly of course

  • Thisoldspouse

    Pence’s treachery is shocking, but not surprising. Power seems to be the ultimate afrodesiac for those put under its spell, and even the supposedly staunchest conservatives aren’t immune from it. Pence’s capitulation in Indiana indeed let me know that his character was compromised even back then. With Trump at the helm, all I’ll expect from Pence is servile pandering.

  • Thisoldspouse

    The position that both world views can exist side by side in society that Trump/Pence have apparently adopted reveals that they have absolutely no idea what characterizes the sodomite position. Even honest sodomites and their supporters know and admit that the two cannot inhabit the same society in peace; one must dominate. Pence is either utterly stupid or evil.

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