Moral Cowardice Spells Defeat

The Grapes of Canaan, by James Jacques Joseph Tissot

The Grapes of Canaan, by James Jacques Joseph Tissot

Phil Jensen


As I read “Forty Years in the Wilderness” at RedState this morning, which dealt with the forty years we have allowed the judicial branch to make “law” condoning the slaughter of innocent children, I thought of another way in which the term “forty years in the wilderness” may apply to our modern political culture.

For those who may not know, the term “forty years in the wilderness” hearkens back to the Bible in Numbers chapters 13-14 where the people of Israel reached the land God had promised them, but when they saw a formidable enemy standing in their way, they shrank back.  Rather than move forward in the courage fostered by doing what God called them to do, they were fearful, they looked backward with longing toward the easy life of entitlement, dependency and slavery they had “enjoyed” in Egypt.

And because they were too cowardly to step out in faith and fight evil, they fell under God’s judgment and wandered in the wilderness for forty years, until the entire faithless generation (except two men who had wanted to move forward) had died off.

Rick Kriebel 2016


That reference made me think of what transpired in the 2012 election. After the “Republican” Party and America in 2008 lacked the courage to nominate a Republican who genuinely believed in the  values upon which America was established (instead choosing a RINO who promised a “lite” version of the poison offered by the Democrats), America suffered God’s judgment by being placed under the yoke of an anti-American Marxist.

During the last four years, our freedom–our religious freedom, and the very freedom to buy what we want and not buy what we don’t want–has been trampled by this Marxist. Our nation has been subjected to an additional $5 TRILLION in new debt that we and our children may be 40 years or more paying off (if ever). We have been subjected to annual deficits running $1 trillion to about $1.6 trillion. We have seen massive government takeovers of huge segments of our economy including the auto industry, the finance industry, and the health care industry. We have been subjected to asinine, wasteful programs like “Cash for Clunkers” and see staggering numbers of Americans now on disability entitlements and food stamps. We have seen this president make dangerous cuts in our military. We have seen this president and his fellow socialists force open sexual perversion on our military forces and undermine the religious freedom of those defending the freedom of all Americans. We have seen this president bring wacky junk science to the White House and perpetrate a political agenda based on it. We have been forced to watch as our president has gone around the world bowing to foreign kings and eroding respect for America abroad. We have watched as our president’s administration lauded Marxist thugs and apologized for America. We have been made to watch our president insult our allies and undermine them before our mutual enemies. We have witnessed this president declare war on innocent human life while pretending real medical advances do not exist. We have seen this administration push a sexualized agenda on our nation’s children, and appoint a radical homosexual activist as czar of “Safe Schools.” We have seen this president refuse to carry out the laws of our nation with regard to protecting marriage, enforcing our borders and immigration law, and more. And there is no end in sight.

During the four-year reign of this Marxist, America has seen the clearest contrast ever between American values and principles, and the un-American Marxist principles which have produced nothing but malaise, mediocrity, suffering and loss of freedom worldwide every time they’ve ever been tried. Many Americans woke up for the first time and joined with other patriots to form the Tea Party movement in 2009, and for the first time in a generation or more, there was a resurgence in interest in learning about American history and the U.S. Constitution.  It looked like America was on course to snap from its stupor and shake off this infatuation with socialism. and toss the Marxist Obama from office after four years; indeed, at one point, it looked almost inevitable.

Woodrow Wilcox


Then the “Republican” Party establishment fatcats looked across the banks of the Jordan at Lord Obama, shrank back in unbelief, and decided instead of fielding a presidential nominee who strongly and proudly believed in Republican values (which are the same values upon which America was founded), they would instead pour all of their millions and their influence into pushing a liberal-with-an-“R”-after-his-name on rank and file Republicans, forcing America to choose between a committed liberal and a “Republican” who was ashamed of many of the key values his party claimed to stand for. The RINO establishment proceeded to marginalize, demonize, freeze out and crush any Republican presidential candidate who had the audacity to actually represent the stated values of the GOP, until only their RINO was left standing.

Rather than believe in the values and principles of their own party–the values and principles that form the foundation of America–they lacked faith that those values could win the day, and instead chose to embrace the easy way of parroting much of the same liberal pap being proffered by the Left. Of course, these worthless “leaders” within the GOP couldn’t have sold such a cowardly bill of goods to a Republican base that didn’t go along with it. So the bulk of the Republican base is complicit in guilt for shrinking back in unbelief in the face of virtually certain victory. When these frauds told us “Romney is the only one who can beat Obama,” we believed it. We passed on an opportunity to field a candidate who strongly contrasted with Barack Obama’s big-government liberalism….and chose instead to field a pseudo-liberal “me too” RINO.  Rather than press forward in the belief that American values (God’s values) could win the day, we shrank back in unbelief…and lost.

Taking the “easy” road, chickening out, looking for a free lunch–it’s an age-old failing of humanity to want to trade freedom and personal responsibility for the false security of having someone else take care of you. That has long been a hallmark of liberalism, but until recently, the Republican Party could be relied on to be the political voice for liberty and the American way of life. No more, apparently. Obviously the sniveling disease of wimpy cowardice has infected the GOP, too.

Moral cowardice is almost never a winning proposition, especially in the face of determined evil. We could have courageously pressed forward to victory and began the hard work of putting America back on course; instead we chose “just a little less” of the same liberal poison offered by Obama and the Democrats, and lost.

Will America be condemned to forty years in the wilderness, for having passed on such a golden opportunity to provide a crystal-clear contrasting choice to Leftist statism and oppression?  I do not know. We will have to wait and see. But there is always a terrible price to be paid, sooner or later, for moral cowardice. It may temporarily allow one to avoid the unpleasantness of fighting for what is right…but when the bill comes due, it will be with compound interest of  loanshark-like proportions.

I’m not sure the constitutional republic of the United States can possibly survive forty years of unrestrained liberalism. It would truly take a miracle of God for America to survive such a vicious onslaught. And while God is indeed the God of miracles, we would be utterly foolish to insist upon a miracle from him when we have insisted on our own way rather than his.



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