It’s My Turn Now

I never served in the military.  I grew up in the turbulent 60’s amidst the Vietnam War, the shootings at Kent State, the murders of King and Kennedy, and the “God is dead” declaration made by the LSD ravaged minds of the ideological left. I salute all of my generation who served.

Many of you watched your friends die in the rice paddies of Southeast Asia. They were just kids, really: Eighteen year old rascals who loved their Chevy, their girlfriend, and their country.  As the familiar phrase goes, “All gave some…some gave all.”

I am reminded this morning of the song made popular by Steven Curtis Chapman, “It’s My Turn Now.” Listen here.

Ted Cruz 2016


Open up the book and look again. I read the stories of the faithful men
Who gave up all they had to follow Him

He used the strong and he used the weak. And He even gave the timid words to speak
He called whoever listened then.  And now His call goes out again

And it’s my turn now.  Well, it’s my turn now.
‘Cause it’s my turn to give my life away.

Woodrow Wilcox



Yep, it’s my turn now.

Michele_babyMy wife Michele and I just had the honor and privilege of witnessing the birth of our baby’s baby,  one of the next generation of Christians in America.  I left the hospital with an overwhelming sense of duty.  That’s right…DUTY!

With all of the talk flying around America today about “liberty” and “freedom”, “rights” and “tyranny”, when was the last time you heard a sermon on DUTY?

Look folks, as much as I have a hard time coming to grips with it, I am steadily moving into the category of “senior citizen.”  I don’t FEEL old enough to be a Grampie—in my mind I’m still 30.  But the harsh reality is that I have a responsibly to pass the torch to my posterity.

It is what my father did for me, and his father before him.  Something was so deeply rooted in their psyches that it instilled in them the duty to do a tag-team handoff to the next generation as the Preamble to our Constitution so eloquently states, “…to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity…”

But somewhere along the way my generation stopped thinking about future generations and fell into the trappings of narcissistic apathy that this nation has come to embrace.  “As long as there is peace in my time…”   What a sad state of affairs…and a poor reflection of today’s Christian man.

Let me ask you a question.  What kind of Grandpa doesn’t fight for his grandchildren?  What type of parent places his own safety and security above that of his children and grandchildren?  What Grandfather travels America in a motor home while domestic enemies steal the very future of those whom he purports to love?

What kind of Grampie hands off a nation defiled by overt fornication and debauchery or quietly acquiesces to the tyrannical dictates of a godless government?  What kind of grandparent turns a blind eye as children are being torn asunder in the warm sanctuary of a mother’s womb or rests comfortably on the couch as the foundation of Western Civilization, the family, is redefined in order to accommodate with whom or what an individual chooses to have orgasms?

What kind of grandparent permits his progeny’s financial future to be auctioned off to a cabal of satanic bankers?  How can we remain silent as the very God who created us is shoved into the closet and out of the minds of the children we profess to love?

Are you watching?  Do you see the immorality playing out on the streets of Baltimore?  Are you oblivious to the filth emanating from the one eyed monster sitting in your living room?  Will you continue to tolerate the lying and thieving of those who are sworn to “protect and defend the Constitution and the Cross-less Christianity spewing forth from America’s pulpits?

Is this what our fathers and grandfathers died for?  Did the men at Lexington, Gettysburg, Omaha Beach or those in Vietnam die so that a man could marry a man, or so that an unborn baby could be dismembered in his mother’s womb?  Did they give their all so that their grandchildren might be ‘enlightened’ by the ‘virtues’ of Allah in their “public” schools?

You may not see things the same way that I do, but I believe that the entire foundation of Western Civilization is on the line over the next couple of years.  If we fail to act NOW, our grandbabies will live in slavery…if they even survive at all.

I see it as that critical…that urgent…that utterly diabolical.

We have formed the SALT and LIGHT Brigade.  There is a role for every God-fearing American on this team.

I’m not one typically given to begging, but if that’s what it will take to restore righteousness to our nation, I will!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, my precious granddaughter and countless others are counting on us. What are you afraid of?   Join with us TODAY!!

Is there not a cause?  Get off of the couch and fight!!  It’s our turn now!!!

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