How We Became a Pro-Choice Generation

D& E Abortion

D& E Abortion

Thursday I was in downtown D.C. and saw all the news media gathered at the Supreme Court for the decision in the United States v. Texas immigration case. The decision was one sentence — “The judgment is affirmed by an equally divided Court.” You will recall that the decision of the Fifth Circuit affirmed the district court’s injunction of the Obama Administration’s November 2014 DAPA program, imposed via “Executive Action.”  What a loss for Obama and his lawless claim that the Secretary of Homeland Security has “absolute discretion” not to enforce the nation’s immigration laws — and that no state has standing to challenge him. This is a big win for the Constitution and the Country. IOTC had the privilege of participating in an Amicus Brief on that decision.

Also that day, on the street I was asked by an employee of Planned Parenthood to contribute money to the “work” of Planned Parenthood. I put “work” in quotes because it is not actually work, it is murder. At first I was just going to brush her off but the Lord turned me about to engage her.

I asked her about the 60 million murdered in our land and Planned Parenthood’s part in that genocide. I asked her if she understood that she was a survivor of abortion and that one third of her generation were murdered before birth, and if she want to treat the next generation in that same fashion, murdering one third before birth. I asked her if she had ever heard of China’s one child policy funded by American taxpayers. How they track the menstrual cycle of ever child-bearing woman once she has had her first child and that whenever she becomes pregnant again they immediately force her to have an abortion. I warned her that she needed to repent of participating with Planned Parenthood in its murderous genocide and come to faith in Christ. To her credit she was not rude and did listen, but she did not indicate that she actually heard the facts I was sharing with her. I pray for her, that the seeds planted by that conversation would come to fruition and she would repent and come to true faith in Jesus Christ.

I got to thinking about how such a young woman would come to the place where she not just believed in abortion but was actively on the street fund raising for Planned Parenthood. By the way it is encouraging to see that she is becoming a dinosaur in this respect.

“Millennials lean more pro-life than the generation preceding them because of advances in medical technology and science, leaders in conservative media said [in March].

Dana Perino, co-host of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” …noted that a survey by the Associated Press found a 12-percent decline nationwide in abortions since 2010, including in blue states such as New York, Washington, and Oregon.

Woodrow Wilcox


Americans aged 18 to 29, part of the millennial generation, also have become more pro-life than their parents, according to a Gallup poll cited by Perino. In 2010, it found, 24 percent of millennials agreed abortion should remain legal in all cases, compared with 36 percent of those aged 18 to 29 in 1991.”[1]

So her generation are more pro-life than ever. But I was thinking about how a young woman could come to that place?

First, feed them a steady diet of the myth of evolution. Tell them that they are nothing more than a series of mutations and mistakes, the result of the strong persistently killing the weak. Teach them that this law of the jungle is even an imperative, a moral obligation if you will. The strong ought to kill the weak otherwise we are opposing evolution. So full grown human beings are strong and babies are weak.

Second, teach them relativism; that there are no absolute truths and that they get to choose whatever reality they desire. So if they value killing babies then they are free to do so without any moral qualms about it. If you believe that there is no human life in the womb of a pregnant woman, then that is the reality you create that is real for you. Thus abortion is not problem at all.

Third, teach them that there are no substantial consequences for any action they take. The choice to murder has no dire consequences any more than the choice of a flavor of ice cream. The Planned Parenthood propaganda tells us its all about choice.

This is the curriculum that has been fed to public school students for decades. It is easy to see that this raises a generation without a conscience. So for that Planned Parenthood worker, she could not hear the Good News until she heard and accepted the bad news, that the Law of God condemned her for her participation in the murder of babies in the womb. The Good News is that Christ died for that sin, His shed blood atoned for it and forgiveness and reconciliation are available for all who come to Him by Faith.

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