How Trump is Being Used to Advance the Agenda

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If you can’t beat em’, use em to forward your agenda…

Trump is being played. True, he’s been an alternative to a wholly complicit Hillary Clinton. But for the ever patient elite, he will do just fine.

Order Out of Chaos ?

Thanks to Ivanka and Jared, President Trump is full steam ahead with the Gnostic battering ram being used to defy God’s perfect design.

Trump is also being shaped and sold as a symbol of hate and division, and an excuse to unleash anarchy and rebellion, which is exactly what ‘they’ want. For better or for worse, he’s a lightning rod, without apology or excuse, and they’re exploiting it.

The Fine Art of Love AND Spiritual Discernment

Woodrow Wilcox


I appreciate some of the things Trump has done, and in many ways he’s showed great courage. I can’t imagine having to face the level of scrutiny he has endured. He continues to buck the system and defy the establishment, and for that we are grateful.

And yet, how preferable it would be to have a more spiritually grounded leader who can speak charitable truth while not sacrificing an acknowledgement of the greater spiritual battle that threatens our civilization, in both the global and spiritual realms.


We must remain sober and vigilant against all the lies of the dark forces that abound while maintaining a love and compassion for the lost, broken ones who are currently estranged but are ripe for a return unto a truly awesome and merciful God.

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