Homosexual Movement Is Grave Threat To Freedom

DSM-5_homosexualityUp until now, apologists for the militant homosexual/“transgender” movement have aggressively insisted that Christians (and others standing in opposition) will still be free to live their faith and conscience in the wake of the Supreme Court’s illegal imposition on our nation of same-sex “marriage.”  This is a lie.  The militant homosexualist movement cannot, and will not, coexist with those who stand against its tyrannical agenda.  In fact, Christian freedom is a specific target of these homosexualists who despise God, His Word and His people.

On Monday the Supreme Court gave us another proof of this when it rejected the appeal of Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis, who has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  The lunacy continues.  The Supreme Court had no authority to do what it did in finding a nonexistent “right” in the Constitution for homosexuals to pretend to be “married,” something that can never, in reality, be.  Nor does the Court, or any other entity of law, have the right to force Americans to violate their conscience in participating in the abomination of same-sex “marriage.”  Don’t give me this tripe about how “she took an oath to do her duty as a county clerk.”  Whatever oath she may have taken certainly did not include swearing to set aside her fundamental freedom in order to uphold unconstitutional wickedness illegally imposed on the states by a lawless, corrupt Supreme Court.

We have watched Christian business owners come under lawfare assault by homosexual activists who are hell-bent on forcing Christians to violate their conscience and participate in affirming same-sex “marriage” with their creative work.  We are seeing people who embrace the “transgender” delusion forcing businesses to accommodate them in their mental illness, thereby coercing coworkers to engage in a charade, pretending, for instance, that a man in their workplace is a “woman,” and even forcing women to use the same restroom as the man who imagines he is a woman.  It’s insanity, and it’s spreading like a cancer all across our nation.

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Those of us who have been closely watching the advance of this dark movement see exactly where it’s headed:  the criminalization of Christianity.  We have been warning of this for years, and it’s becoming clearer by the day that we’re right.  While the aggressive, God-hating homosexual activists hurl their vicious lies and senseless insults at us, we are being proven right, inch by inch, day by day, as the sodomite/“transgender” behemoth claims more ground of our freedoms.  Just ask the Kleins of Sweet Cakes bakery, Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Bakery and numerous others who came before Kim Davis in their resistance to the hijacked-rainbow brigade’s evil schemes.

I have repeated myself over and over again for years now.  The homosexual movement, including its related perversions like “transgenderism,” has nothing to do with “equality” or marriage (other than to destroy it).  It’s about the destruction of freedom, and specifically, the destruction of Christian freedom.  Truth does not change, and the truth about homosexuality does not change.  Homosexual behavior is sin.  It’s destructive and dangerous.  It’s unnatural.  It’s immoral.  It’s a gross perversion of God’s design for human sexuality.  It’s naturally repulsive to those who retain a functioning moral compass.  The same goes for “transgenderism.”  People who imagine or pretend that they are members of the opposite sex are in open, degenerate rebellion against God, reality and nature.  Whether this is due to mental illness or not, it’s still dead wrong.

The God-haters in this movement and their fellow travelers in positions of power will not stop until Christianity is criminalized.  At its heart, this is a manifestation of the battle Satan has waged against God and His people.  It is demonic influence that drives these sodomites to target Christians, in order to crush their freedoms.  This county clerk in Kentucky is a target because she is a Christian.  These Godless degenerates now have the force of bad law on their side.  Bad law—immoral law—is tyranny.  Tyranny is what Satan desires over humanity, and he will get it, as the Bible has forewarned us.

The radical homosexual movement is one of the foremost tools the devil is using to topple our freedom, and if we had a thousand county clerks like Kim Davis stand up to this lawless edict from the federal courts, we might stand a chance of beating it back.  But there are not many Christians of such courage today.

Dark times are falling on this nation, and there are numerous fronts of evil that are working in concert to destroy the Godly foundation of freedom upon which the United States was founded.  Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) is an enemy of all that is right and true, and he is certainly a treasonous enemy of our country.  He is a strong supporter and pusher of the militant sodomite agenda.  He is part of God’s judgment on this wayward nation that has forcefully expelled God from the public square.  Whether it’s the communistic “global warming” agenda, the homosexualist agenda or even the lunatic “black lives matter” racist agenda, all these are heads of the same tyrannical hydra.  They all seek to bring tyranny down on the American people.

While these agents of Satan may have awful success here in the short term, in the very end they will lose in a big and terrible way.  While we can and should resist their devilish efforts to turn America into a third-world hell-hole of despotism, those of us who belong to God through Jesus Christ know that Jesus has already won the war at the cross.  Our spiritual enemies now stand forever defeated, although they still have great power for a short time until the Lord’s return.

If you’re a Christian, continue to seek the Lord’s will, to study His Word and to pray for our nation.  Also pray for those Christians like Kim Davis who boldly stand against the evil homosexualist machine.  We must work to repent of our sins, to clean our own spiritual houses and spread the Good News of the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ.  None of these things are easy, and we stumble daily, but it’s vital that we keep putting one foot in front of the other with the Lord’s strength holding us up.

For your encouragement and education, I also strongly recommend an excellent documentary video that Faith2Action’s Janet Porter has made.  “Light Wins” is an outstanding resource for understanding the evil truth at the heart of the homosexual movement.  Janet has interviewed numerous Christian leaders, former homosexuals and others to give viewers a detailed understanding of how the homosexual movement was born and grew into the vicious, evil monster it is today.  I’ve never seen such a comprehensive presentation on the radical homosexual movement.  It is excellent.  The video wraps up with practical plans for combatting the homosexualist agenda that you can put into place in your church and community.  Watch a preview of the movie and order the DVD or even a “Freedom Kit” of resources and the DVD at the Faith2Action website.

Light Wins – 30 Minute Feature from Janet Porter on Vimeo.

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