Homofascists Sue Christian Activist For $104 Million

Durham Region Police express support for homosexual pride parade in 2014 (Photo credit: Stacie DaPonte)

Durham Region Police express support for homosexual pride parade in 2014 (Photo credit: Stacie DaPonte)

In early July, Christian freedom activist Bill Whatcott and a small group of friends used stealth to infiltrate the Toronto sodomite “pride” parade for the purpose of distributing thousands of flyers with a brief Gospel message and the graphic truth about the dangers of homosexual behavior. The flyers also called out Justin Trudeau and other Canadian politicians who aggressively support the militant homosexualist movement.

Whatcott signed up to march in the parade under an alias (since he is well-known to homosexual activists in Canada and would not otherwise be allowed in by those “tolerance” pushers). He named his marching group the “Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association,” and they wore full-body costumes that hid their identities. Their mission was a huge success, as they were able to distribute their flyers to people all along the parade route.

This sent the militant homosexual/“transgender” world into irate fits, and now some militant homofascists, who claim they have suffered “provable” psychological harm because of the flyers, have hit Bill with a $104 million-dollar class action lawsuit. As reported by the DailyXtra:

“Prominent gay lawyer Douglas Elliott has filed a $104-million class action lawsuit against anti-gay activist Bill Whatcott for crashing the 2016 Toronto Pride parade.

“Elliott is also seeking an injunction from the court to prevent Whatcott and his associates from crashing anymore Pride parades in Canada.

… The lawsuit seeks in part to determine the identities of those who marched with Whatcott and those who financially supported the political stunt through subpoenaed documents.

Woodrow Wilcox


“‘Those who paid for his airfare or donated Aeroplan miles to get him to Toronto, those who put him up in Toronto, the people who paid to print the pamphlets: anyone who helped him in any way could be on the hook for $100 million dollars.’ says Elliott, whose firm Cambridge LLP is handling the lawsuit.”

When homosexualists use stealth and lies to infiltrate every institution, it’s “justified,” but when Christians surreptitiously slip them the message of salvation through Jesus and the ugly truth about the mental, physical and spiritual dangers of homosexual behavior, it’s “hate speech.” When homofascists bully their way into St. Patrick’s Day parades and use lawfare to force people to participate against their conscience in the evil sham of same-sex “marriage,” it’s “legitimate,” but when Christians gain access to their public displays of obscene vulgarity for the sole purpose of spreading messages of life-saving truth, it’s an unspeakable outrage.

Oh, but we’re used to this lunatic double standard by now.

This wicked, frivolous lawsuit is just one of many examples of how the militant homofascist movement is a tool used by the enemies of God, truth and freedom to intimidate into silence those who love truth and hold right, moral views on marriage, family and human sexuality. The primary targets of this vile movement are Christians and Christianity, because that is the essence of the true battle being waged on earth. It is a spiritual battle, playing out in the physical realm, between the forces of Satan and God.

While this lawsuit is in Canada, the very same kinds of outrageous “lawfare” are happening in the United States. It’s the same movement with the same goals: the destruction of freedom of speech, conscience and religion, the destruction of moral absolutes, and the destruction of the meaning of marriage, family and even the immutable meaning of male and female.

The people in this homofascist movement have a deep hatred for God and His Word. They are foolishly proud in their sin, and they despise those of us who tell the truth about it, those of us who expose the reality of their perverse, dead-end behaviors and their despotic schemes. They will not stop until they succeed in criminalizing the truth we tell. Bill Whatcott tells this truth boldly, and he is effective for Christ, so he is fiercely hated by these people, as this insane, baseless lawsuit demonstrates.

However, just because the lawsuit is baseless in no way means it will naturally be dismissed. Dark, spiritual forces are at work here, and they have inspired with blindness far too many people in positions of authority, and they aggressively work to silence those who tell the wretched truth about homosexuality, “transgenderism” and related behaviors. Many of these people would gladly throw Christians in prison (or worse) for opposing them.

Bill desperately needs our help in defending against this hell-born lawsuit. He cannot afford a legal defense on his own, but he does now have a lawyer. There is a funding page set up for Bill’s legal expenses. Please help, if you can. You can donate at this link. Be aware that it is a Canadian transaction, so you may have to notify your bank that it’s a legitimate donation you’re making, in case it’s flagged as suspicious. You can also send donations directly to Bill’s lawyer here:

Lugosi Law Firm
Dr. Charles Lugosi, SJD
107 Wellington Street
Ontario, Canada
N3T 2M1
Phone: 1-519-761-7000
Fax: 1-519-759-4863

As the days grow ever darker in this world, we must stand firmly on the truth of God’s Word, pray for each other and offer material support when and where we can. Please pray, and continue praying, for Bill Whatcott as he faces powerful evil forces that are hell-bent on the destruction of his freedom.

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  • Thisoldspouse

    I’ll be donating as much as I can. Bill Whatcott is what we need in every conservative activist, which is what every conservative should be 24/7/365.

    • WXRGina

      Thank you so much, Spouse!

  • retiredday

    Don’t you find it interesting that the gay agenda aggressively seeks to muzzle Christians who love them enough to share the gospel — the ultimate message of love and life — while they are relatively silent towards Muslims, who as often as not approve the death penalty for homosexuals?

    • WXRGina

      Funny how that works, isn’t it? :-/

  • Jeanette Victoria ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    No people on the face of the planet are more intolerant
    or filled with hatred for those who disagree with them than homosexual
    activists and their fellow travelers. They are bullies. They feel entitled to be bullies. ~ Laura Wood