Hiding Our Eyes From the Truth

abortionIt is good to see Planned Parenthood standing publicly as vulnerable and naked as the babies they murder.  It’s good to watch as they get their pants pulled down below their knees.  It is good to watch them try to wipe the crumbs off of the corners of their mouth as they have just been caught in the proverbial cookie jar.

Klanned Parenthood had been telling us for a generation that a “fetus” isn’t really alive.  They tell us that it is just a blob of tissues that feels no pain.  They tell us that murdering children is “health care”, as if killing a baby is healthy for either the baby or the mother.  They tell us that ripping a baby apart is sometimes the most loving thing a mother could do.

Some wacko “Doctor” in Mississippi even told us that he was being “Jesus” to the women, as if killing a baby made in the image of God is a righteous and holy thing to do.  They tell us that baby murder is a merely a “difficult decision” between a woman and her doctor.  They tell us that Jesus will forgive the mothers for choosing death rather than life for their defenseless unborn child.

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They tell us that the Hippocratic Oath’s urging to “first do no harm” doesn’t apply to baby murders.  They tell us that the baby will feel no pain as his/her little arms and legs are torn off.  They tell us that anyone who stands up and fights for the life of these precious little babies is hateful and bigoted.  They tell us that fighting to stop the war on unborn babies actually constitutes a war on women.

They call child sacrifice nice sounding names: reproductive rights, choice, family planning. Even their name is a fraud—Planned Parenthood.  Why would you go to Planned Parenthood to “plan” parenthood if you were already a parent?  They tell us that you aren’t really a “parent” until the blob of tissue is born.  But you are.  You leave the “clinic” the parent of a dead child.

They tell us that it is our obligation for all of us to pay for the murder of babies even if it violated our conscience.  They tell us that they will make laws protecting “reproductive rights.”  They tell us that we need to stay out of their wombs even though they invite “doctors” to invade their wombs to dismember and suck out perfectly formed human beings.

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They lie when they tell us that men are not entitled to be part of the choice.  They lie when they tell us that women will never regret killing their child.  They tell us that it is simply a “medical procedure” like getting a tooth pulled, and that their lives will carry on as normal.  They tell the women that they will never even think of their murdered baby as they watch other woman holding their precious children.

They never tell us about the economic impact on our nation brought about by the murder of 60 million little potential consumers.  They never warn us that our children are our future and that we are killing the geese that lay the golden eggs.  They never warn us that killing all of those little future taxpayers will only hasten the demise of Social Security. They never warn us that the Muslims will soon be out-producing us by a ratio of 4 to 1.

They fail to tell us that child-murder is genocide intended to reduce the number of black babies born in America.  They never tell us that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger called black people “human weeds.”  They never tell us that in 2015 the chances of a black child in New York being born were less than 50-50…more are aborted than are born.  They never tell us that 78% of the babies murdered in NY are either black or Hispanic.  They never tell us that the ghouls at Planned Parenthood intentionally target poor black-democrat areas of town in which to locate.  They never tell us that black baby’s lives don’t matter.  They never tell us that aborted black babies body parts are marketed in ways that would make AutoZone envious.

The politicians told us they were “pro-life” as they funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to the baby-Nazis.  They passed restrictive laws designed to jail gentle Christians who knew and exposed what was going on behind the closed doors of the murder-mills.  The “pro-family” organizations like Focus on the Family raised hundreds of millions of dollars to “fight” abortion by jumping in bed with “pro-life” legislators in a 43 year quasi-war against child-killing.

Our pulpits were silent with regard to the unborn.  Oh, they might broach the subject on the annual “pro-life” Sunday, but they told us that baby-killing is a “political” issue and that they want to be careful not to “politicize” the pulpit.  They tell post-abortive parents that Jesus will forgive them, while they do nothing to prevent such tragic heartaches from infesting unsuspecting young women who were taught that abortion would absolve them of their sin-borne “inconvenience”.

They tell us to vote Republican.  They tell us not to judge.  They tell us to obey the law.  They tell us that to go to the clinics is “radical” and will only turn the women away from Jesus.  They tell us that baby-murder is legal because the Judicial Taliban decreed it so.

They tell us to enjoy our “best life now.”  They lecture us about the health and wealth benefits of being a Christian.  They encourage us to bury our heads in the sand and ignore the cry to be our brother’s keeper.  Child-slaughter continues only by the approval and consent of the church.

So now we’re supposed to be outraged that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted body parts.   Every living being leaves behind a body when it dies—unborn babies are no different.  What did we really think they were doing with the remains?  Would you be upset if they simply ground them up in a garbage disposal?  Would it upset you if they flushed the remains down the toilet like a pile of excrement?  Would it bother you if they incinerated the parts in an oven?  Isn’t murdering them enough to outrage you?

So now we know what is REALLY going on at Planned Predator.  What are the odds it will be defunded?  What are the odds that abortion will be criminalized?  What are the odds that pro-family” organizations” will raise another $100 million to “regulate” child killing?  What are the odds that “pro-life” organizations will simply circulate another petition designed to expand their databases?

If the baby inside a mommy’s womb is not a child, then why are the internal organs so in demand?  Stop pretending that you don’t know the truth.  Stop being so willfully ignorant.

Planned Parenthood is simply ISIS in the womb.  Perhaps it is time to build a fence around the womb.

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  • DCM7

    Don’t expect Planned Parenthood to be too “vulnerable.”
    For one thing, they have an incredible amount of money and power.
    For another, a large portion of the public wants to hear the lies they tell, and have learned to defend against the truth about abortion.