Heterosexual Pride Day?

restroom_2Apparently, “Heterosexual Pride Day” was July 1st. Did you know that? I didn’t. Frankly, the only way I even heard about it was from a so-called “news” page that comes up when I access my email — one that routinely links to opinion pieces from left-of-far-left news sites as if they’re what any average person should be reading and agreeing with.

A quick Google search turned up many examples of articles viciously slamming “Heterosexual Pride Day,” and practically no word from anyone who actually seemed to agree with the concept. Based on this, it’s my guess that “Heterosexual Pride Day” isn’t something that a lot of people are actually involved in, and that its intent is more satirical than anything else. But the left-wing news sites have clearly seized upon it as being an easy target for their snideness, and in the process they have to pretend it’s something much bigger (and more representative of the positions they oppose) than it actually is.

Predictably, the articles from these sites did a lot of snarling along the lines of “those people don’t need a ‘pride’ day because they already have the oh-so-unfair privilege of being treated like they’re normal (because they actually are normal)!” Of course, their opposition to the idea is meaningless because their whole viewpoint is wrong. It’s the typical childish thinking of those who want something that they refuse to earn, and resent those who have it because they actually have earned it.

But they’re right about this much: there really is no need for a “Heterosexual Pride Day.” There is no particular reason to take pride in simply being “straight.” After all, it’s just the way everyone is by default, in the absence of being sexually messed up (and, very often, even with being sexually messed up).

It’s also not needed because it doesn’t address the real issue. No one has to stand up for being attracted to the opposite sex because that, in and of itself, isn’t the target of any major attack.

What is under attack is not just heterosexuality, but sexuality as designed by the Creator. If someone really wants to stand up for something — if they really want to be a rebel — then let them avoid sexual activity outside of a committed, exclusive, lifelong relationship with a qualified person of the opposite sex. Let them be totally faithful to that person, avoiding anything pornographic or lustful. Better yet, let them leave behind a life of lustfulness, promiscuity and misguided attractions — and go against the lies that say they neither can nor should leave it behind. Let them stop treating sex as a cheap thrill, an addiction or an attempt to meet needs it was never designed to meet, and let them start treating it as something precious, valuable and worthy of respect.

Now that’s something worth standing up for.

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