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homosexual_wedding_cake_religious_freedomWhere did all this dissension come from?  I mean, if one follows the “gay lifestyle,” so be it.  It’s not for me, or hopefully for the majority of Americans, but what matters is in one’s nature.  We all have to be true to ourselves.

So, this being said, if I as a Christian bake cakes and a gay couple desires me to bake their wedding cake, depending upon my beliefs; my own inner beliefs and in accordance with my Christian upbringing, I have the right as a free American to do what my conscience dictates.  Who can argue against this?

And if one does find fault with this, well then, that person is willful in his or her demands.  In other words, they have extended the limits of their own freedoms while jeopardizing another’s.  And it is to this act, this intrusion of thought and will that the injustice occurs.

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Recently, the governors of both Indiana and Arkansas were perfectly fine with their State legislature’s passing of newly written RFRA laws, to the point that Arkansas’s Governor even said “bring it one.”  I imagine this was with anticipation to the unrest and protest taking place in Indiana.

Well, overnight, Governor Hutchinson wimped out, supposedly after being influenced by his son.  So much for a man’s word, his integrity or his leadership.  This last point, leadership, is all fine and Jim Dandy when things run smoothly. However, its test begins when the stuff hits the fan.  As such, both governors have been found lacking in this regard, which I also suspect is a common weakness with government in general.

Now, from the standpoint of protest, where does all this vitriol come from?  From the number of gay friends that I know, it’s a “live and let live” style of living.  In fact, most are gainfully employed or own their own businesses so their time is limited.

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It was odd that the first day of protests featured only “hundreds’ while the next day, reported numbers were in the “thousands.”   Could there have been a “get out the vote” effort when sensing the intimidation factor from the excessive amount of media coverage?

It seems to me that in addition to college grads not finding appropriate employment, they are just waiting for the next protest event.  After all, their minds have been swept clear of any patriotic or pro-American spirits.  Also, they all are well aware of and would like nothing better than to equal those protest legacies from the turbulent sixties.  At their young age, they tend to impart a sort of societal conscience, of their own making.  No longer does government decree laws; it almost seems that controversial legislation must first endure this emotional vetting.

This type of discourse is not productive nor is it normal.  It reflects upon a unsavory societal undercurrent which awaits the unscrupulous.

Moreover, as exemplified by the two Governors, Americans have been encouraged to elect individuals who are pliable at best, or susceptible to any outside influence at their worse.

We must, in our hearts, recognize, with abiding devotion, our First Amendment rights, which, by their unalienable status are above the reaches of man or man’s government.  This stipulation of unalienable rights is the separation of American government from its citizens.  And at the core of this unworthy discussion, given its unalienable recognition, is whether free Americans will be willing to defend and protect the following of their religious beliefs.

As per Christian doctrine, marriage begins with the uniting of one man with one woman.  How does one reverse this belief; beliefs that have been engrained since childhood and have endured throughout the ages, so that marriage is now an affair of endless coupling?  Moreover, how can nature become so marginalized?   Or could it just be that those we entrust with governing are so unworthy that their weaknesses inspires public outrage?

And let us not overlook the totality of Christian bashing, which has evolved in sad fashion during the last couple of decades.  There is a crusade of sorts to denounce, attack and condemn the cross and all that it represents.  Our Holy Christmas season stands out in testament to this disgraceful onslaught.

John Adams, in 1789 warned that “Our Constitution was made for only for a moral and religious people.”  George Washington believed that, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and morality are indispensable supports.”  And I might add, it’s President Washington’s capital “R,” not mine.

This debate, from a Christian and Constitutional standpoint, lacks any standing.  So as a Christian nation, this is a settled matter.  If anything, those that rile up in protest are indeed without recognition of our nation’s most “indispensible supports.”  As such, are we to bow to such unorthodoxy, such unrestrained emotions and fantasies?  If so, guard those Christmas trees while we still can since they too may some day be considered discriminatory.

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