Gender Identity, or Reality?

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genderBy E. W. Jackson

We are witnessing American society’s descent into moral darkness. With each passing day we fall farther and faster into an abyss where truth and fixed ethical guideposts do not exist. It is the moral equivalent for the nation of the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s for an individual, when the victim forgets his own identity.

When an educated and articulate United States Attorney General stands before the public and says that the long held expectation that males and females use specifically designated restrooms is a mere “pretext” for discrimination, we have fallen through the rabbit hole. When the President dictates bathroom policy for the entire public school system, we are witnessing official delusion at the highest level.

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The news media, once thought of as guardians of truth, have surrendered to the censors and propagandists. Journalists are supposed to be fair to both sides of an issue. Instead, as with climate change, many reporters have sided with the speech authoritarians to deny a platform to those who disagree.

Any sane person who steps back from the hysteria will recognize that the principles of fairness and equality do not apply to allowing people to use restroom facilities based on psychology rather than biology. The Supreme Court has already redefined the six thousand year old institution of marriage. Must biological reality be redefined as well? Apparently, the answer is yes.

The left’s agenda is to impose their distinctly minority view of life on the rest of us. When they believe science helps their case, they argue science. When science undermines their position, they turn to subjective feelings. In their alternate universe, truth and reality are the first casualties.

Woodrow Wilcox


This rabbit hole is not Alice’s Wonderland but Obama’s La La Land. Only the first black President could conflate being black with gender identity, and dispatch the Attorney General to enforce the new gender justice rules. Most black Americans are insulted by the comparison. Although coopted black civil rights leaders will not admit it, the people they claim to represent do not agree with them on this issue.

When signs were posted in the Jim Crow era to separate blacks and whites, the purpose was to perpetuate the racial caste system of slavery. When male and female signs were placed on bathroom doors, it was a recognition of privacy and safety concerns based on real physiological and sexual differences between men and women. There is a reason why ladies restrooms do not have urinals.

The LGBT movement acts as if male and female restrooms were created to oppress transgender people. Talk about tilting at windmills. Next they will be explaining the 250 years of homosexual slavery, the hundred years of homosexual Jim Crow and the homosexual lynching era of the early 20th century. Apparently it doesn’t matter that those things did not happen to homosexuals, as long as they “identify” with them. It is about time gender activists cease the victim pose because it is not based in reality. Most Americans just want to live and let live, and we are tired of having LGBT paranoia constantly shoved in our faces as the civil rights issue of the millennium.

We want to teach our children Judeo-Christian morality, which by the way does not entail hatred of people who live differently. We want to be left alone to live our lives, and we want to leave others alone to live theirs. Unfortunately, that will never be enough for the cultural communists. They want a dictatorship of the sexual proletariat, and all must adhere or be punished. Christians have been fired from their jobs, driven from their businesses, dragged into court, fined and even put in jail. This is cultural terrorism, sanitized of explicit violence, but nonetheless using fear to force conformity.

We must vehemently oppose it, but have compassion for the people trapped in the modern sexual liberation movement. They are indeed victims, but of indoctrination, not discrimination. Only a Third Great Awakening will bring our society out of this confusion. America was founded on the solid rock of self-evident truths, but in the modern age the Creator of truth is being rejected. We have forgotten who we are and why we are a shining city on a hill. May the moral darkness that threatens to enslave us give way to the light of truth that has always made us free.

E.W. Jackson is a Marine Corps Veteran, retired attorney, National President of STAND Foundation, Inc., Bishop of THE CALLED Church and former Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia. To reach Bishop Jackson contact [email protected] or call



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