Zero Tolerance

zero“Nones” ~ Those without any religious affiliation. (A label denoting the non-religious profile of young-adult Americans under the age of 30)

Heavily steeped in the modern popular culture and ideology of our day, the ‘nones’ forsake the reality of sin and grace for a sentimental, fleeting love with weak roots built on a sandy secularized foundation.

The nones are in no way novel or unique in their rebellion. These nones merely reflect our natural propensity and complete denial of greater spiritual realities. For them, and a growing majority of secular society, to even promote the idea that we are sinners is considered “hate speech.” The foundational doctrine of original sin has become just another casualty of our religiously intolerant “progressive culture.”

A true experience of Christian faith involves a flight from sin for the righteousness of Christ. Ultimately, that requires a turning away from our former “self ” and embracing the fact that we are a new creature born of the Holy Spirit. We are no longer conformed to this world (Romans 12:2).

Christian apologist Francis A. Schaeffer spoke of a spiritual reality in which all our gifts and talents are to be used to further the spiritual kingdom, when he wrote, “If Christianity is really true, then it involves the whole man, including his intellect and creativeness. Christianity is not just ‘dogmatically’ true or ‘doctrinally’ true. Rather, it is true to what is there, true in the whole area of the whole man in all his life.”

Tragically, since natural man is not spiritually discerning, a large majority of our “enlightened” youth are traveling the wide road to ruin. They are distracted, seduced, and diluted.

Low-voter IQ has become all too prevalent and is further exasperated by the increase of low-Scripture IQ Christians in our day. The rise of numerous sects and denominations throughout the history of the church was the direct result of depraved man’s tendency to teach and embrace heresy. When we take such realities into consideration, the widespread rejection of organized religion, and Christian orthodoxy, in particular, should come as no surprise. The solution is not to adapt to these developments but to remain resilient in the face of growing backlash and future persecution.

A good friend of mine made this excellent point which illustrates the damning effects of trying to merge Christian faith with a love for sin:

“When sin supersedes salvation, when we identify more with our sin than we do our Savior, that’s when we get despondent, depressed, agnostic.”

Meanwhile, ‘The Secular Coalition’ is giddy over the idea that a complete hard-left political shift can ultimately enable a GOP-small-government platform (as if such a thing actually exists) to prevail. They foolishly theorize that if the GOP would fully embrace this course, these young-nones flock to the former ‘Party of NO’ in droves.

Sorry, but I’m not seeing it. The unholy alliance between scientism and government has reached epic dogmatic proportions. I’m not saying government should function as a main facilitator of religious values (it’s the churches that truly need to step up!). But we are currently living under a political regime mired in taxpayer-sponsored lawlessness and treason. And how’s that working out?

Fine for the godless globalists and their libertine minions, I’m sure.

But for the rest of us?

Not so well.

If broken homes, gender confusion, marital delusions, moral decadence, lawlessness, infanticide, and radical activism are the new pillars of our national foundation, then we are certainly on the right track. I’m just not sure how such an “evolving” of a politically-endorsed culture translates into small government. Arbitrary mores will always demand a bigger and more progressive government to keep pace with a society lacking a firm and steady foundation. A people lacking a moral compass will seek all types of replacement idols.

Political messiahs and carnal gods are but mere tokens and fancy slogans. Welcome to the day in which the soft bigotry of low expectation prevails; a day that paints Bill Maher as a true “voice of reason.” Tragically, all unregenerate societies, even ones operating under a veneer of godly fortitude, will be duped (and ultimately fall prey to the devices of power-brokers and puppeteers).

I have a friend who is convinced that the majority of the population is demon-possessed. I guess we are “free” to pick our political poison, but hold no delusion as to who is truly served and represented by our twisted political majority.

Despite the various perplexities hell-bent on breaking down our very foundation, a former Hindu ultimately and conclusively shuts down the contemplation of any further discouragements with these 3 simple words…..

‘Our God Wins!’

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  • TrollopeReader

    “…involves a flea from sin for the righteousness of Christ.”

    There’s a powder for that.

    • Bob Ellis

      Thanks for the correction.

  • DCM7

    One of the biggest lies of our generation — indeed, of any generation — is the idea that secularism involves the rejection of any faith or belief in favor of facts. The reality is that everyone has beliefs and everyone has faith in something. Those who reject faith in Christ merely replace it with faith in a fictitious Creator-less scenario. They can pretend it involves “facts” all they want, but that won’t make it real.