Why We Celebrate Independence Day

If you’re a freedom-loving American, you must sometimes wonder how we could end up with a president like Barack Obama (not just one time, but two), and end up with U.S. Supreme Court decisions like those last week which heap contempt on on the U.S. Constitution, its limits on government power, the rule of law, and the liberty of the American people.

It doesn’t take long to look around and find out why, and it doesn’t even have so much to do with corrupt tyrants in our government…as it does the citizens who allow them to perpetrate their tyranny.

Mark Dice recently interviewed a number of people in San Diego, California about why we celebrate Independence Day in America. Ironically, the only one on this video who could really answer these questions correctly was an Italian on vacation in the United States.

Ted Cruz 2016


Shame on us!  Shame on us!!!

And no, a sudden case of the “stupids” didn’t suddenly hit America this year. Dice has done this before, and the stupid has been here for a while. Thanks to a Leftist indoctrination engine known as “public education” and a Leftist propaganda arm known as the “mainstream media,” and throw in plenty of distractions like Hollywood and the music industry and Twitter for the weak-minded among us, and you have a situation where a once-free people are too stupid to even realize they have traded a wealth of liberty-heritage for a bowl of maggot-infested porridge.

Happy Independence Day! (There isn’t much independence left in this state of government dependence, and what little we have is on its way out the door if good people continue to do nothing, so enjoy what’s left while you can)

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. – Thomas Jefferson

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  • retiredday

    Personally, though Independence Day is a good time to spend with friends and family, and even celebrate what we love about our nation, the nation I grew up in is dead. Oh, we still live in a country called the USA, but it is a nation of hedonists who are bereft of morality, principle or reason.

    The Declaration of Independence speaks of a Creator who endows us with CERTAIN inalienable rights. Yet those rights are no longer certain — not in our laws and not in fact. “One nation under God” is a rejected concept — a despised and rejected precept.

    I no longer look to national government for the protection of my God-given rights. They have clearly abandoned God. “In God We Trust” is an American lie. I have already mourned the death of my America. Now it is to the LORD alone I look for hope.