Why Republicans Lost the Defund ObamaCare Battle

Ted_Cruz_ABCBecause they didn’t want to win. It’s as simple as that. They didn’t want to win. I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it because it’s the truth. When you don’t want to win, when you don’t believe you can win, you won’t win.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) wanted to win. Cruz new we could win…if the gutless wonders who “lead” Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate could have their knees propped up and be led kicking and screaming victory. Alas, it was too much to ask of these feckless frauds.

From an ABC interview with Cruz:

Ted Cruz 2016


You know, I’m not serving in office because I desperately needed 99 new friends in the U.S. Senate. And you know what, there is an inverse relationship. Given the choice between reviled in Washington D.C. and appreciated in Texas, or being reviled in Texas and appreciated in Washington, I would take the former 100 out of 100 times…

Most Republicans in Washington desperately need to learn this lesson. Democrats will never love you. The “mainstream” media will never love you. If you do the right thing, people who are committed to doing the wrong thing will never love you. So make your choice: win (shallow) friends, or do the right thing. You can’t have both. My God made it clear to me a long time ago that if I was going to really try to follow Him, I would be hated…because He was hated.

So what does it come down to?  Why did Republicans lose this fight?

I will say that the reason this deal, the lousy deal was reached last night, is because, unfortunately, Senate Republicans made the choice not to support House Republicans. I wish Senate Republicans had united, I tried to do everything I could to urge Senate Republicans to come together and stand with House Republicans…I think it was unfortunate that you saw multiple members of the Senate Republicans going on television attacking House conservatives, attacking the effort to defund Obamacare, saying, “It cannot win, It’s a fools error and we will lose, this must fail.” That is a recipe for losing the fight, and it’s a shame.

Republicans could have won this fight if they had simply confidently approached their position (we will NOT fund the unconstitutional ObamaCare scheme, even as we fund the rest of the federal government), and stuck with it no matter how much the Democrats and the “mainstream” media (pardon the redundancy) lied about them.

But they lacked the guts to play to win. And I have no doubt that some of them are so deep in bed with the liberals of the Democrat Party, they didn’t want to win at all.

Republicans, remember this in the next primary. Do you want a bunch of feckless losers representing you in congress?

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  • SDJammer

    Bob, you may well be right. However, there is a chance that the absolute best they could have done was fight to a draw. Think about it. Republicans don’t hold the White House and they don’t hold the Senate. And while the Republicans do hold the House of Representatives, it is tenuous as there are plenty of RINOs that can not always be counted on.

    I think conservatives simply have to become much more strategic. And while I am not sure of what the right approach might have been, I think there are several possible things they could have done to at least begin to tip the scales in our favor.

    Conservatives are not the best at taking things a step at a time. We always seem to look to hit it out of the park on the first pitch. Perhaps we should have been looking at building momentum and waging this knockdown drag out fight down the road.

    As just one possible idea, the budget issue maybe could have been positioned to include only one condition and that would have been to eliminate ALL and I mean all exemptions for Obamacare. It could have been positioned as a “Fair for one - Fair for ALL” argument. I think Obama and the democrats would have been hard pressed to have not caved on that single issue. The focus could have been made that they knew Obamacare was so terrible that they wanted to keep them and their staffs out of it. That would have been politically a difficult position to defend.

    If the Republicans would have been successful on that think about all of the unhappy people who would now be forced into a bad program. Not only congressional staffs and unions, but also a multitude of companies that have waivers. All of a sudden there would be a significant increase in the negative mood against Obamacare.

    The Republicans could have also made it clear that there would be no future Continuing Resolutions. Either submit a budget that can be passed or you can forget getting any money. The timing for that fight would come right before the 2014 elections.

    I think they could have granted a very modest increase in the debt ceiling that would last maybe about 6 months. They could be very vocal in saying that Obama and the democrats needed to get control of spending as the credit card was quickly reaching the maximum that Republicans could ever agree to exceed as it jeopardized the future of the younger generation.

    Six months down the road on the debt ceiling or next September the Republicans could have stood their ground. They would not only have many more people unhappy with having to have been part of Obamacare but the country would have all kinds of evidence how it was not working either operationally or philosophically. The point could then be made that Obamacare was a huge drag on our finances and it simply had to be repealed in its entirety.

    And while the democrats would have dug in just like this time, they would have been on much shakier ground and much more likely to have caved. The entire focal point could have been that Obamacare was the disaster and it had to go, not that the Republicans were shutting down the government. If left on its on, Obamacare would slowly destroy our country financially and that would have been the ultimate government shutdown. The Republicans were fighting it in the hopes of keeping the government open.

    Anyhow, just some thoughts on how the line in the sand could have been drawn a little differently. It is much easier to hold your ground when you are standing on frim ground and not quicksand.