Why Obama is Wrong on Roseburg

Minuteman_gun_Second_AmendmentIt didn’t take long for The Man Who Would Be King to try to exploit last week’s tragedy in Oregon to advance his anti-gun agenda. Talk about shameless political pandering. He may have set a new record, even for the Imperial President. He heads to Roseburg today, doubtless to make things worse.

Here’s the short list on why President Obama is wrong on Roseburg:

  • This is a hate crime. Although details remain sketchy, it appears that the shooter’s lethal rampage was directed against Christians. Peeps, this is the sort of thing that goes on in the Middle East. If that doesn’t set your teeth on edge, what will?
  • On that awful Thursday, some people on the UCC campus were trained to run toward the sound of gunfire. And did. Chris Mintz is a hero.
  • No, the Australian gun law model hasn’t been the raging success the Left fantasizes it is. Opines the Chicago Tribune (not exactly a shill for the NRA):

You would think such dramatic new restrictions were bound to help. But the striking thing is how little effect they had on gun deaths. …

“We learned from the 1994 assault weapons ban that modest gun control measures don’t work. What Australia suggests is that even if radical ones could be passed, they wouldn’t work either.”

Captain Obvious moment:  The Land Down Under? Really? Other Captain Obvious moment: Chicago. Duh.

Ted Cruz 2016


“If we hope to reduce gun crime, the answer doesn’t lie in broad laws that mostly affect people who pose no threat. It lies in targeting the criminals. Most gun control measures involve rearranging the haystack. What these initiatives do is locate the needles.

  • No law can control what’s in the heart and mind of one intent on evil and mayhem. This is a heart issue, not a hardware issue.
  • If you choose not to own a firearm, fine. Why is your choice more important than mine?

This tragedy has ignited yet another debate on “common sense” gun legislation, whatever that is. I have yet to see it ignite another “national conversation” on anti-Christian bigotry and hate.

Don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile, here are a few questions:

  • The Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights. (That’s Bill of Rights for the lib trolls among us. Look it up.) If we’re going to start editing, pruning, reducing, rewriting, slicing, dicing, excising, or otherwise tossing out the Second Amendment, which amendments are next? What else gets cut out of the Bill of Rights? Who decides? Based on what? And where does it stop?
  • Don’t forget the first clause in the 2A. Between “Militia” and “the right of the people.” It’s kind of important.
  • When someone talks about taking away another person’s guns, they’re talking about confiscating private property. They’re also taking away one’s decision about how s/he chooses to defend themselves and their family. Whatever happened to that famous Lefty “choice” mantra?
  • How many responsible, law-abiding gun owners harm innocents intentionally?
  •  If we’re okay with dumping the Second Amendment for everyone – including responsible, law abiding gun owners, because some deranged nut case abuses it – what else are we okay with dumping? How ’bout tossing the First Amendment because some foul people abuse that, too? How ’bout dumping the Fourth Amendment? Cuz bad people hide behind that, too. And so on.

Let’s be very, very careful about dumping any portion of the Bill of Rights. Once we start down that slippery slope, where does it end – and who decides?

Oh, and when Mr. Empty Suit shows up in Roseburg on Friday, you can bet his security detail won’t be packing pea shooters.

Obama got one thing right last week: “our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” However, dumping a portion of the Bill of Rights isn’t the logical follow-on. So, what should “be done” about “gun violence”?  How ’bout we start with teaching “Character” and re-instating “Accountability”? Remember those quaint little notions? We can dive in at say, Exodus 20:1-17 and  Matthew 7:12 . Or Genesis 1.

As Kevin McCullough notes:

This weekend I – like many of you – suffered the ignorant and uninformed in our social media feeds, many of them kvetching about why something “can’t be done” to stop the continuation of these violent outbursts. Perhaps like you, I was a bit dismayed at how out-of-touch leftists are in understanding the simple basics.

Something can be done: put simply, introduce character and accountability. …

The one thing the President didn’t mention in the aftermath of Roseburg is this. None of the shootings that he cited, none of the shootings from Columbine to Newtown to Aurora to Virginia Tech – NOT A ONE OF THEM – took place in a right-to-carry zone. All of them – ALL OF THEM – took place in “gun-free zones.” …

The killer in Roseburg, whose name history should forget, had no character and he feared no accountability. When those who have character enforce accountability, the President’s solution will be found.

Alan Ladd sums it up in the 1953 classic, Shane. If you haven’t seen this, you really, really should. Cuz it’s really, really good. At about 2:00:

A few more thoughts (you knew this was coming, right?):

About Those Evil Guns

4 Steps You Can Take To Avoid Becoming a “Soft Target” In a Massacre

She Said THIS To Oregon Moms Whose Children Were Killed For Being Christians

Finally, hug your kids. Today.

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  • Myron Zawoiski

    The Second Amendment….”It Is An Individual American Right…….!”

    Dear Mr.Obama, Acting President,

    As you know Sir, your speech regarding the Second Amendment Supporters after the Oregon Shootings was the most “Obnoxious and Politicizing Speech Event” I have ever Heard from a Sitting President or in your case, Acting President in my lifetime since I was born in May of 1961. To Politicized Gun Owners and Gun Rights Organizations as Evil Americans was the most Distasteful or Inept choice of words that I have ever heard from you as Acting President…instead of consoling the grieving Oregonians you choose to “Chastized” Gun Owners like “Criminals of the Second Amendment” like me….! As a Firearms Owner. NRA Member and Second Amendment Supporter, I do not “Condone Criminal Acts” of Violence of any kind with firearms or other weapons to hurt, injure or murder “American Citizens Engaging” in “Peaceful Events” while they are in a Public Domain such as, in a classroom at a college or public school systems or anywhere in the public venues such as public buses, city streets, malls or in their personal homes….! As you know, being from Illinois, the failed “Strict Gun Control Enacted” in your City of Chicago, Illinois has failed the city and its citizens of which 216 Chicago Citizens were killed by “Strict Gun Control System Failures Enacted” by the city council…all these Deaths occurred by end of July 2015……! Sir, There are “No New Laws or Sets New of Laws” that would of made a difference or avoided this shooting in Oregon or the other shootings on your watch, as you know Mr Obama all these shooting have two things in common, they are as follows- [“All These Shooters Had Passed the Mandatory Federal Background Checks and most of all these “shooters” had a Mental Illness to help Act out their Violence on Peaceful Human Beings in Peaceful Settings….!”]

    As A Veteran SR Airman of the USAF Security Forces 1980 {my C-in-C, President Ronald Wilson Reagan} and a Retired Civilian Police Officer;

    Sir, with all do respect if there are laws passed today that would curtail, suspend, confiscation through registration laws or any unjust laws forcing me into giving up my Second Amendment Individual Right in anyway, I will not register nor surrender or give up my firearms voluntary or involuntary, as I do not believe it’s the government’s right to know how many firearms I do own nor is it prudent to tell, give or share what kind of firearms that I own with you so that may be taken away from me by a group of individuals who enjoy Secret Service or Armed Security protections, but who would decry my having the Same Protection- A Crime. You Sir or Ma’am have overstepped a line in a domain that is not yours to take… I am A USAF Security Forces Veteran of Four Years during the Cold War, and I will not have someone who proclaims that being a Second Amendment Supporter and NRA Member, that the evilness of an inanimate metal object, but yet, who uses a Armed Secret Service, to tell me that I may not have one….!

    Sir, I am not your servant, subject, peasant nor are you my King, I am a man who serve this country and my communities as a LEO, a man who keeps you free, I am the flesh and blood of this Nation, I am a Man who fought for this Country same as my Dad, a Chosin Marine in the frozen chosin reservoir battle of Korea, my Dad’s Brothers in WW2, middle-one landed in Normandy and older brother, Lt Cmdr XO, who served on the USS Wilkes-Barre and my Dad’s Father, a Lt. in the Army Air Corps during WW1 and my Cousin who served in the Vietnam War, 1967……I am an American and a Cherokee by one/third blood…You will not tell to disarm or register my Firearms because of the actions of some “Evil Man or Woman”….I will not register or be disarmed to suit the Fear that has been established by the Media and or with your misinformation campaign against the American Second Amendment, Its Supporters and its Citizens…!

    We the People of America, deserved better than you…!

  • ramrodd

    Oregon Shooter Linked to Man Praising Islamic Terrorism: ‘Kill the Jews’ -
    Mercer’s MySpace features only two connections, one of which is a man named
    Mahmoud Ali Ehsani. Ehsani published a photo album titled, “Classic – The
    Mujahideen Collection LOL,” featuring Islamic terrorists from several countries,
    including Palestine, Iran, and Pakistan, among others. One caption reads: “my
    brave soldiers keep on fighting for the liberation of Palestine against Israel.
    f#ck israel. Kill the jews. jews are the only infidels.” Mercer wrote on a
    dating profile he disliked “organized religion,” and considered himself
    “spiritual” instead of religious. He also described himself as a “teetotaler”
    and said he “never” did drugs.


  • ramrodd

    Islamic State (ISIS) Claims Responsibility for Chris Harper Mercer Umpqua
    College Shooting.. Law Enforcement removed his page and the Media is trying to
    make it out about blood glory..WHAT DID THEY SCRUB - thats the question..