Why Being Right is Right

conservative_liberalPrager Univesity and Greg Gutfeld bring us a great video explaining in simple terms why the Right is right, and why conservatism works while liberalism is nothing but a corrosive, poisonous, parasitic philosophy that can only live off the hard work and wise choices of others.

Conservatism is built on ideas that are proven to work; these principles are the ones that produced the greatest nation in history. Liberalism is built on ideas sound good on paper…but quickly crumble in the harsh light of reality.

Conservatism is build on reality, recognizing that human nature is fallen and corrupt, taking that into account and establishing economic and governmental systems which guard liberty and justice from these dark tendencies.  Liberalism ignores reality, imagining that all will be well just because we want it to,  pretending that you can “educate” corruption out of the human heart…and tyrannize it out if the education fails.

Ted Cruz 2016


Conservatism is about maximizing personal liberty so that people can take calculated risks with their own resources….while liberalism is about a life of risky hedonism that depends on the resources of others to clean up the consequences of that reckless risk.

I don’t know about you, but I’m proud of being on the Right.  What a shame that most “Republican” leaders are ashamed of conservatism and conservative principles.

Isn’t it time we stopped supporting “campaign conservatives” and only backed leaders who are really Right?

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