Which ‘Republicans’ Voted to Fund Planned Parenthood?

20090921_Back of US Capitol_014Aren’t you glad that the majority of Americans have a “Republican” representing them in both houses of congress now?  Aren’t you glad “Republicans” are in the majority in congress?

I’m so glad of this, because now we don’t have to worry anymore about the relentless assault of liberalism and the out-of-control spending that comes with it.

We don’t have to worry about pushing up the debt limit for our $18 TRILLION + national debt.

Ted Cruz 2016


We don’t have to worry about a deficit anymore where we overspend our revenues.

We don’t have to worry about endless CR’s (Continuing Resolutions) in lieu of an actual budget every year, which allows spending to continue with even less restraint.

We don’t have to worry that our tax dollars are being spent to fund the slaughter of innocent unborn children and then have their body parts sold to bring even more money into the coffers of the barbarians who slaughter these children.

We don’t have to worry that our tax dollars are being spent to fund unconstitutional and illegal amnesty schemes for people who invaded our borders and broke our immigration laws.

We don’t have to worry that our country is going to participate in giving over $100 billion to Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of international terrorism, or that our country will stand by and do nothing while this belligerent nation gets nuclear weapons.

We don’t have to worry about our country moving further down the road to ruin and incompetence known as ObamaCare.

Because we elected “Republicans” to stop all this, right?

We elected a “Republican” majority in congress because they told us they were going to stop all this corrosive liberal rot, right?

So you’re probably surprised that most of your “Republican” representatives in the Senate and House voted to continue all this bilge, unabated.

I know I’m surprised. After all, I attended an event last year in which I was less than 50 feet away from all three of my “Republican” representatives in congress when they railed against all this stuff and talked about how they were going to bring common sense conservative values to Washington D.C.

Maybe I don’t have my contacts in right, but I just don’t see it.

As I look at the voting records of Senator John Thune , Senator Mike Rounds , and Rep. Kristi Noem this year, no, I’m just not seeing “common sense” OR “conservative values” being represented in Washington D.C.

In fact, I’m seeing pretty much the same old BS we saw when Democrats were running the show.

So, those of you who sold your integrity to support these sellout RINOs last year: are you happy with your results? (If you are the liberal-with-an-R-after-your-name that a lot of you were, then I bet you really are happy)

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