When Republicans Are Punished By Republicans for Acting Like Republicans

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Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS)

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS)

This is an interesting interview on the Bott Radio Network by Dick Bott of Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) (see the player above or the link below).

In the interview, Huelskamp discusses the removal by the RINO leadership of himself and other conservative Republicans from committee positions for refusing to join the leadership’s strategy of appeasement and surrender to President Obama and his fellow socialists.

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How pathetic that fighting to win, and standing for principle is a liability within the modern GOP.

As Huelskamp points out, usually when the American people reject a Republican candidate, it isn’t so much that they reject them based on a rejection of Republican principles, but on the rejection of a candidate who illustrates that they (the candidate) doesn’t even believe in the principles of their own party. In other words, when the American people know the score, they have no use for a faker, a fraud, a charlatan.

Here in South Dakota, the people are generally trusting of their state representatives.  Usually, the people can trust their state reps better than those reps who go off to Washington and get Potomac Fever; after all, geographic proximity usually fosters better accountability.  Unfortunately, the people relying on that geographic proximity as a guardian of integrity and accountability actually breeds deception and corruption in their state reps.  People start taking it for granted that they can trust Republicans to act like Republicans…and because the people aren’t watching, some “Republicans” who lack integrity take this as license to join the “in crowd,” to take the easy way of pleasing the media and vocal liberals, to abandon their Republican principles so they can impress their snooty liberal friends.

We have seen this happen in South Dakota in recent years.  The liberal corruption in the South Dakota GOP has reached the point where Republicans are thrown out of the House caucus for acting like Republicans and expecting other Republicans to do the same, where liberal polices like government health care are advanced in a “Republican” supermajority legislature, and conservative policies are shot down by a “Republican” supermajority even in committee before they can receive a floor vote.  And we have a “Republican” governor who openly endorses liberal “Republicans” in a primary over conservative Republicans who are far more dedicated to Republican values.

A Republican Party that refuses to stand for Republican values is no Republican Party. And a “Republican” who advances liberal policies and thwarts conservative policies is not worthy of the title “Republican.”

As South Dakotans more and more catch on to the fact that their “Republican” representatives are helping the other team, the GOP in this state will become the mockery that the national GOP has become. The historic Tea Party movement gave national Republicans control of the U.S. House and greater numbers in the U.S. Senate…and were repaid by these “Republicans” with compromise and worthless debt deals. When the 2012 election rolled around, congressional RINOs and a RINO presidential candidate inspired so little belief that people who voted “Republican” could actually expect to see Republican behavior, many Americans took a pass on throwing away their vote for fake Republicans. South Dakota “Republicans” will lose their support as their hypocrisy is exposed, too.

If we want our nation and our state (because if our nation goes down the tubes–as it looks like it will–we are going to need strong state leaders who are committed to the conservative values that produced the greatest nation on earth, if our state is to have any chance of not being dragged down into oblivion with our self-destructing nation) to survive, we must watch these jackals closely, we must hold them accountable as they craft and vote on laws, and we must remove them from office during elections when they refuse to uphold the principles with which they have outwardly aligned themselves.

Listen to Bott’s interview of Huelskamp here.

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