What We Already Knew: Bergdahl a Deserter


Now it has been revealed that what most of us with half a brain knew all along: Bowe Bergdahl, the man for whom President Obama traded five terrorists, is a worthless deserter.

Whether he was a terrorist-sympathizer (as many reports seemed to indicate) remains to be officially seen, but I wouldn’t be surprised there, either.

When President Obama released these terrorists back into the wild to “get Bergdahl back,” we were told that we needed to get Bergdahl back, that he had served in the military with “honor and distinction.”

As Todd Starnes said, “Bowe Bergdahl served our enemies with honor and distinction.” Whether he was a terrorist sympathizer or not, he showed cowardice before the enemy, tarnishing the respect of the U.S. military, which helps our enemies.

Thanks, “Commander-in-Chief.”  You sure know how to broker a good deal for the American people!

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