What the SD GOP Establishment Did in Butte County


RINO_alertFrom : Larry Klipp
To: Interested Persons

Subj: Butte County, SD GOP Central Committee Meeting, January 30, 2015

1. I attended the “closed” meeting of the Butte County GOP Central Committee Meeting, as an elected Precinct Captain.

2. The meeting was restricted to Committee members as listed in the South Dakota GOP charter, Section III, County Central Committee rules.

3. A Mr. Doertman, of Minnehaha County and self-proclaimed executive vice president of the South Dakota GOP was the gate keeper and allowed only those on an attendance list to enter.

4. A Mrs. Oakes a South Dakota GOP functionary took meeting minutes.

5. Mr. Doertman called the attendees roll, and computed a quorum (exact numbers and equation lost in group chatter).

6. Mr. Doertman opened the meeting at 7:00pm. He began immediately to read Section III of the GOP charter and opened nominations for Butte County Central Committee GOP chairman. He stated voting was to be by paper ballot but Lon Carrier was nominated; the nominations were closed and Doertman called for a voice vote.

7. A similar process was used for the Central Committee vice chairman with a voice vote.

8. Again a similar process was used for the Treasurer. No nomination was made for Secretary.

9. Mary Kay Budmayr was voted to be the Butte County GOP representative to the State GOP.

10. Mr. Doertman closed the meeting at 7:18pm.

11. Questions:

a. Where have been all the Butte County Central Committee members for the past two years?

b. Was a copy of the South Dakota GOP charter available to participating members, before the January 30 meeting?

c. Why was it necessary for the executive vice president of the South Dakota GOP to travel from Minnehaha County (east river) to Belle Fourche for the purpose of conducting an election, when the entire process could have been conducted in house per the charter with all Central Committee members participating over time — and not waiting until the 30th of January?

d. Does the South Dakota GOP visit all counties during January to officiate at Central Committee elections?

e. Does the South Dakota GOP intend to cause a major fracture in the state GOP?

f. Was this particular meeting a personal agenda of the some Butte County Central Committee members? NOTE: Mr Doertman stated he had “helped Custer and Pennington counties in a similar manner”.

g. Were all members of the Butte County Central Committee, i.e. Precinct Captains notified of the meeting? Few were present.

12. IMPRESSION: The meeting was a South Dakota GOP engineered show with some Butte County Central Committee members participating.

Larry Klipp is a retired Air Force colonel.

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