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married coupleThe National Organization for Marriage has a great new video out on what marriage, means, why it is important, and why it should not be counterfeited.

The truths it brings out are so common-sense, that most people didn’t even consciously think of them 20 years ago or more. Unfortunately, in our upside-down, morally-adrift, feeling-rather-than-thinking society, we have reached the point where things must be explained in painstaking detail to those who would rather take the easy path than do what is right.

Marriage, in its most basic civic essence, is about the perpetuation and stabilization of society.  Love is extremely important to a marriage, but marriage isn’t about love or an expression of love. It serves not only a personal purpose involving the husband and wife, but a critical civic and biological purpose that can only be fulfilled by the committed union of a man and a woman.

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The example is made that society promotes police work, permits most occupations, and prohibits the “occupation” of dealing drugs. Why? Because dealing drugs harms society while police work benefits society.

In the same way, a healthy society promotes marriage, permits most relationships, but prohibits incest and pedophilia. Again, these last behaviors harm society.


  • Creates children
  • Provides the best environment for raising children
  • Protects women from privation and exploitation
  • Civilizes men
  • Lowers crime, poverty and welfare

Counterfeit marriage provides absolutely zero benefits for society. In fact it hurts society.

It counterfeits and thus devalues real marriage, which in turn harms the stability of society’s families. Marriage is a unique and committed relationship that produces society’s next generation. Marriage provides a table, balanced and healthy environment for raising that next generation of society. When we allow marriage to be counterfeited, the real thing loses its unique value, so couples will no longer see the value in it, which will lead to more broken homes and more children born out of wedlock…which will lead to more poverty and developmental issues and more problems for society.

Counterfeit marriage, if it does involve children through adoption (the only way a counterfeit marriage can involve children), deliberately robs children of either a mother or father. Children need both in the home to observe appropriate gender roles and behaviors, as well as modeling of how males and females should work together in a cooperative and complimentary fashion. Mothers and fathers are NOT interchangeable, nor is either of them dispensable.

Religious freedom is also quashed when counterfeit marriage is promoted by government. We have already been seeing around the world and here in the United States how religious liberty is being forced by government to bow in obeisance to the homosexual agenda. More examples continue to pile up every day. Two conflicting, contradictory moral codes cannot peacefully coexist in the same society; one must naturally dominate while the other must submit. The Judeo-Christian moral code was at the foundation of the United States, and has been its moral foundation for more than 200 years. It recognizes that homosexual behavior is immoral, and that marriage can only be formed by a man and a woman. It, and the moral code which says you can screw whomever in whatever manner you want, cannot exist side by side in the same society…and the Left is intent on forcing the Judeo-Christian moral code to bow in submission to the homosexual agenda.

It is not a plaything for sexual anarchists, nor is it a tool to lend a false air of legitimacy to an unnatural, immoral and dangerous sexual behavior.

The video also deflates the common objection of homosexual activists that not all real marriages result in the production of children: this is the exception, rather than the rule. No sane society constructs its framework based on exceptions.

Counterfeit marriage illustration (two bolts)

Counterfeit marriage illustration (two bolts)

The video also debunks the lie that counterfeiting marriage promotes “equality.” Everyone already has equality in marriage. All people, homosexual and heterosexual alike, have the same freedom to marry as anyone else.  All people, homosexual and heterosexual, are subject to the same requirements for marriage: that the marriage partner be consenting, of legal age, not a close relative, and possess the necessary biological elements to form the union of marriage, i.e. male and female biology. You can’t create a functioning bathroom out of all male or all female plumbing parts, and can’t join two bolts or two nuts and create anything useful or beneficial to anyone. Without a male and a female in the relationship, you may have some friction and some fun, but you can’t have a marriage.

Ultimately, words have meaning. Meanings are essential to communication, and to societal stability. If something can mean anything, it means nothing. If important things like marriage do not have a set meaning that is tied to their function and purpose, then they mean nothing, and the essential building blocks of society crumble…and when society crumbles, we see an increase of lawlessness, chaos, injustice…and all the human suffering that comes with such breakdown.

The state has a compelling interest in promoting the health of the institution of marriage, and none whatsoever in promoting counterfeit marriage. In fact, just as the state has a compelling interest in discouraging and stopping the counterfeiting of its currency, it has at least as much interest in preventing the counterfeiting of its most important institution: marriage.

Of course, none of this means a whit to homosexual activists and their “useful idiots.”  It isn’t about science, facts, logic, reason, or the good of society for them; it’s about the self-centered pursuit of their own pleasure and sense of legitimacy, and all other priorities must fall before that. This information is meant for reasoning human beings; no amount of reason can convince someone to abandon a position they didn’t use reason to get into in the first place.

For those of us who care about the truth and our society, however, we must ALL stand against the counterfeiting of marriage. Marriage is critically important to the health and well-being of our civilization, and to everyone in it–especially our children.

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  • thisoldspouse

    I can’t believe that the homophiles haven’t piled onto an article featuring an ad by NOM, Bob. Or maybe their comments are just to vile, obscene and snarky to be allowed?

    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      You are very astute. I deleted one and blacklisted the obscene commentor last night.

  • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

    The fundamental nature of marriage has never, ever, in any human civilization, been redefined to mean something it clearly is not. It has never been attempted by a civilization to allow it to include two men or two women.

    Some have added additional requirements, restrictions, and traditions surrounding marriage, but never once has anyone attempted to redefine an apple into an orange, a hammer into a screwdriver, or marriage to be anything other than the only thing it can mean: a man and a woman.

    Marriage is the joining of two human beings in a natural, complimentary, and functional manner. As the illustration of counterfeit marriage shows, you cannot join two men, or two women for that matter. There is no way to naturally join them, and even an unnatural joining serves no compliment and no function whatsoever.

    The fact that you would even try to deny the practical, scientific and societal truths made painfully clear in this presentation speaks only of your own moral bankruptcy. You are so morally bankrupt that not only do you defend immoral and societally damaging behaviors, you allow your moral bankruptcy to taint your mental and reasoning faculties to the point where you can’t even admit blatantly obvious and fundamental truths.

    Another of those truths is the one you mention in your last paragraph. I know you have been visiting my website long enough and regularly enough to know that your statement is a complete and utter lie. You have had the truth about our nation’s Christian heritage and foundation presented to you on a silver platter countless times, yet your mind is so deluded with immorality that you cannot or will not acknowledge an undeniable truth. Yours is not ignorance, but a willful, deliberate rejection of the truth.

    I feel truly sorry for you in one sense, Jay, but I stand with those who will not allow you and your fellow destroyers to wreck this great nation and the lives of the people in it. It is all too important to allow your lies to stand, and too important to see it destroyed on the altar of self-indulgent hedonism.

    Feel free to jump in here any time, Spouse, but there really isn’t anything more I can say, especially given what was presented in this article/video, without repeating the same glaringly obvious and indisputable (to the rational, honest mind) truths.

  • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

    No, history is the BEST indicator, especially of what is normal. History is also the best indicator of what works and what doesn’t. Yet again, this is pretty basic stuff that you simply don’t want to deal with because it reveals the moral, practical and intellectual bankruptcy of the self-centered position you’ve taken, Jay.

    People have recognized for thousands of years that slavery was unjust, though some have insisted on practicing slavery for those thousands of years. Likewise, people have recognized that homosexual behavior is aberrant, unnatural and immoral, though some have insisted on practicing it for those same thousands of years. People have also recognized for thousands of years that it takes a man and a woman to join two bodies in natural union and create a marriage, and only recently has any society abandoned sanity and tried to redefine reality.

    There is simply no way to separate marriage from sexuality, and you know that; no amount of denial of reality on your part can ever change that. Everyone, even children with the most basic understanding of human sexuality, realize that marriage-while so much more than sexual-remains at its heart a sexual relationship. If marriage were not centered around sexual function, then it would be essentially the same as any male/female friendship. For that matter, if homosexuals truly believed the outrageous propaganda you just tried to sell here, then they would see no need to counterfeit marriage, for they would be content to simply be two close male friends. I have been fortunate enough to have a male friend in my life for whom I would readily give my life, and he for me. In some ways, he and I have been closer than my wife and I have ever been-but ours is not a sexual relationship. Emotion and love for someone does not equal or justify a marital relationship; indeed, without the complimentary sexual functions of both a male and a female, no real marriage can occur, just as you can’t join two bolts or two nuts in any meaningful relationship.

    Sorry, Jay, but to try to separate sexual function from the institution of marriage is an infantile and disingenuous attempt to justify what you really know inside cannot be justified.

    As I pointed out, every major religion (and every minor one, for that matter) throughout history has recognized that homosexual behavior is abnormal, unnatural and contrary to the created design of human beings. You can stuff your fingers in your ears and cry that you aren’t listening all you want; it won’t change reality. True morality accepts all human beings initially on the same level, and their behavior dictates further acceptance or condemnation beyond that point. The same is true whether the behavior be murder, assault, theft, gossip, drunkenness, lying, or whatever. Sorry, Jay: no free passes for aberrant sexual behavior that undermines society’s most important institution.

    And yes, you know plenty of our nation’s Christian heritage. You couldn’t visit this site regularly for more than a week or two without seeing first-hand evidence (i.e. original quotes) that our nation’s founders were almost entirely Christians who established our society and government on Christian principles. David Barton is only one of many authors and researchers to learn and acknowledge the undeniable truth. Further, one need only go back to the original writings of the founders (the Avalon Project features many) to recognize beyond any rational doubt that America was founded by Christians on Christian principles.

    No amount of denial of reality can change any of these things, Jay. You may find them unpleasant, given your chosen worldview, but the responsible thing to do when we find that we are wrong is to modify our opinion. Clinging to ideas that are demonstrably false and destructive is sad, and unworthy of any self-respecting human being.