Update on South Dakota Driver’s License Requirements


SD_Drivers_License_SamplePIERRE, S.D. – Now that nearly all licensed drivers in South Dakota hold federally compliant licenses, the Driver Licensing Program reminds them that when they renew, they need only the compliant card and two documents showing proof of address.

“More than 98 percent of the 620,353 licensed drivers in South Dakota now hold federally compliant driver licenses,” said Jane Schrank, director of the Driver Licensing Program. “If you already hold a compliant card and need to renew it, all you’ll need to bring with you to the exam station is the card and two recent proofs of address.”

A federally compliant card is denoted by a gold star in the upper right-hand corner of the card. Holders of compliant cards may prove their current address with documents such as utility or phone bills, rent receipts, bank statements and pay stubs.

South Dakota is one of 21 states that have met the federal requirements.

Schrank also noted that because of legislation passed in 2014, most drivers with compliant cards may renew online or by mail. Additionally, drivers can go online to schedule an appointment at an exam station.

For more information on renewing or obtaining a driver license or ID card, either at an exam station or online, visit the Driver Licensing page on the Department of Public Safety website at dps.sd.gov.

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