U.S. Senate Candidate Stace Nelson on Spending

This video features South Dakota Representative and U.S. Senate Candidate Stace Nelson on the floor of the South Dakota House of Representatives speaking in favor of HCR 1014, a resolution “demanding the end of federal deficit spending, the repayment of national debt, and the beginning of balanced budgets and sound U.S. fiscal policy.”

Nelson said that in 1970, total federal spending was $193 billion. As of 2013, federal spending had grown to $3.45 TRILLION. The 1970 deficit was 2.8 billion, but was $1.1 TRILLION in 2012. Since 1978, the federal debt limit has been raised 53 times. Current U.S. debt exceeds $17 TRILLION, and when unfunded obligations are considered, that debt figure goes to $127.6 trillion.


So far, the Democrat White House and Democrat U.S. Senate have done nothing but increase spending and debt. And the U.S. House of Representatives handed to Republicans by the Tea Party in 2010 has done little to stand in the way of Democrats, caving in with a worthless debt deal in 2011, refused to defund the $2+ trillion ObamaCare in 2013, and caved (and then tried to hide their cowardice) on the debt limit in 2014.

The pre-annointed establishment candidate, former governor Mike Rounds, has a rather pathetic record when it comes to spending, having left the state of South Dakota with a $127 million deficit and a bigger government than he inherited.

Despite all of Rounds’ conservative-sounding blather, a vote for Rounds is a vote to continue the out-of-control spending. His record proves it. Do you really think a “pragmatic” spender is going to magically change his ways in Washington D.C. when he doesn’t do better here in South Dakota?

If you really believe our nation’s reckless spending and big government needs to be reined in, then vote for a conservative candidate who has PROVEN he will not only stand up to Democrat insistence on spending and big government, but who has PROVEN he will also stand up to big-spending big-government types in the “Republican” Party as well.

That candidate is Stace Nelson.

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