Trains of Horror: Europe Then and Now

refugee_trainsWhat is the name of the largest Jewish cemetery in the world? It is Europe.

As one pagan people after another in the European continent were converted to Christianity, an infection of anti-Jewish bigotry and hatred was also tragically spawned.

From the late Fourth and Fifth centuries, the all-powerful Church, with few exceptions, turned upon the stateless and hapless Jewish communities throughout the European landmass.

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As the great British and Catholic writer, Paul Johnson, writes in his epic work, The History of the Jews:

“The policy of the Church was to allow small Jewish communities to survive in conditions of degradation and impotence.”

But as Paul Johnson continued:

“However, the leading Greek theologian, John Chrysostom (354-407) delivered eight hostile sermons against the Jews at Antioch and these became the subsequent pattern for increasingly anti-Jewish Christian tirades and persecution, making the fullest possible use (and misuse) of key passages in the gospels of St. Matthew and John.”

No longer masters in their biblical and ancestral homeland of Judea, the Jews were scattered and stateless without an army to defend themselves or with alliances with friendly nation states.

In Europe, they were constantly at the mercy of temporal and ecclesiastical powers, which dispensed ruthless discrimination, persecution, blood libels, expulsions, forced conversions and the pitiless onslaught of ravening mobs of peasants urged on to commit murderous extremes by malicious and malevolent friars and priests.

And all this horror and hatred over the dark centuries became fertile ground for the willing European executioners of the German Nazi regime whose ancestors’ minds from childhood had been poisoned for generations against the Jews.

Thus so many Europeans eagerly plumbed the depths of human depravity in their systematic extermination of nearly all of Europe’s Jews; including one and half million Jewish babies and children.

Save for a pitiful few among the Christian population who risked their very lives to hide and protect the suffering Jews – those non-Jews who are called the ‘Righteous Gentiles’ – the vast majority of Europeans either looked aside or colluded with the Third Reich.

Europeans have been given chances to repent for the sins of the Holocaust and for the preceding blood soaked centuries in which they were all either active or complicit in the slaughter of Jews; culminating in the eventual physical destruction during World War 2 of three fourths of Europe’s Jews.

Yet from the very ashes of destruction and with their world Jewish population reduced to a mere 12,000,000, the Jews miraculously reconstituted against all odds their ancient and ancestral homeland: Israel.

But in 1973, during the Yom Kippur War and with the genocidal Arabs again exulting at the prospect of exterminating every Israeli Jewish man, woman and child, only the United States undertook to resupply desperately needed weapons to the embattled Jewish state.

Every country in Europe, without exception, refused permission for the American planes to land and refuel in their respective territories.

Better, no doubt, to let the Jews suffer another holocaust than to disrupt or endanger their lucrative European business deals with the oil rich Arab world. Or was there also that foul legacy of anti-Jewish venom still working its evil way within the European psyche?

During those fateful days in 1973, and at the last moment, only the Azores permitted American planes to land, refuel and fly on to re-supply the besieged and reborn Jewish state.

Europe was willing, once again, to look aside while this time others attempted to eliminate the Jews. And do we not see the same Europeans lusting for business deals today with the Islamo-Nazi regime in Iran?

But there is a change among millions of committed evangelical Christians who now follow a different light from that of their co-religionists who had spawned the anti-Jewish medieval inferno and whose abiding prejudice had, in part, led to the 20th century Holocaust.

Now there are devout Christians, mostly in the United States, who embrace the Jewish roots of their faith and who provide blessed support and genuine love for the beleaguered Jewish state.

Even so, once again, and echoing the propaganda of the Nazis in the 1930’s, there is nevertheless a campaign of defamations, libels and demonization of the Jews by too many Europeans – both within and without the Church.

Perverted dreams of genocide against the Jews are being cloaked in respectability again in Europe as guilt at the Holocaust fades with time.

But divine providence has a way of interfering with the machinations of human beings. The crime of the centuries perpetrated by Nazi Germany – the Holocaust – is reaping a punishment upon the German people that was never anticipated in the worst of all nightmares.

The trains of the German Reich, which brought thousands of Jewish victims daily and hourly from 1941 to 1945 to the death camps, and to their ultimate horrific deaths, have been replaced with the trains of 2015.

“German railroad officials used both freight and passenger cars for the deportations. German authorities generally did not give the deportees food or water for the journey, even when they had to wait for days on railroad spurs for other trains to pass.

“Packed in sealed freight cars and suffering from overcrowding, they endured intense heat during the summer and freezing temperatures during the winter. Aside from a bucket, there was no sanitary facility. The stench of urine and excrement added to the humiliation and suffering of the deportees. Lacking food and water, many of the deportees died before the trains reached their destinations. Armed police guards accompanied the transports; they had orders to shoot anyone who tried to escape.”

These trains in today’s Europe are luxurious compared to what the hapless Jews endured. These trains, however, are not taking their passengers to oblivion but are bringing untold thousands of young and often brutal Muslim men to replace Germans in their own land.

Many of these so-called migrants or refugees are terrorists and jihadis, who will be raising the triumphant and supremacist banner of Islam and Sharia law. What a punishment indeed for the sins of the erstwhile master race!

The PBS program, ‘Rick Steve’s Europe,’ may well in time be renamed, ‘Rick Steve’s Eurabia.’

Israeli writer, Zalmi Unsdorfer, states the following in a recent article in Israel National News titled: Has Europe been Cursed?

“The hordes of migrants overrunning European borders have reached epic, almost biblical proportions and show no sign of stopping. It is as if one continent is being decanted into another; a Third World poured into the First World.”

He adds that,

“The European Union has been at the forefront of anti-Israel activism, supporting declarations of unilateral Palestinian statehood on sovereign Jewish land. Europe’s academia and trade unions are unashamed patrons of the BDS movement. Their aims are twofold. To delegitimize Israel as a sovereign Jewish state and to destroy her economy with sanctions and discriminatory labelling of her exports.

“How does the God of the Exodus judge nations that deny the legitimacy of His people’s borders? Answer: He makes a mockery of their own borders.

“How does the God of the Exodus judge a nation that seeks to destroy the economy of His people’s state? Answer: He makes a mockery of their own money.

“Last year, at the height of his polling lead to win the UK general election, opposition leader Ed Milliband demanded that his Labour Party MPs must support a parliamentary vote to recognize ‘Palestine’ as an independent state. Against all predictions he lost the subsequent general election in a major upset. He has now been replaced by a Marxist oddball who is tipped to keep Labour out of power for a generation.

“Is it a coincidence that the Labour party, which was so anxious to recognize the PLO as a state, now has a leader who doesn’t accept the legitimacy of the English queen?”

Mr. Unsdorfer continues with these words:

“As I write these lines, EU states are scrambling all over themselves for the most sought-after commodity … razor wire fencing. How rich that these are the same people who excoriated the Jews for building a security fence which stopped 95 percent of Palestinian Muslim terror attacks on our people.”

It would be wise for Europeans and others to re-visit the epic words from the Hebrew Bible relating to how the Jewish people are treated.

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee, and in thee shall all families of the Earth be blessed.” Genesis 12:3.

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