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Thune: Republican War on Republicans Helps Democrats

May 30, 2013   ·   By   ·   10 Comments

Senator John Thune (R-SD)

Senator John Thune (R-SD)

From the Argus Leader:

Republican infighting could hurt Republicans at the ballot box, as well as impeding their legislative agendas once elected, Sen. John Thune warned Wednesday.

But despite his concern about intra-party squabbles, Thune said he’s not going to discourage U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem from challenging former Gov. Mike Rounds in the 2014 U.S. Senate race.

“When Republicans end up going to war with Republicans, it often leads to Democrats getting elected,” he said.

It should go without saying that “when Republicans end up going to war with Republican principles, it often leads to Democrats getting elected.” After all, that’s what we saw with presidential elections involving RINOs like Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney.  We also saw that with the congressional election of 2006 after Republicans acted like Democrats during the Bush years…and the inverse when Republican candidates acted like Republicans in 2010.

I hope RINO Gov. Dennis Daugaard was listening, since he decided last year to wage open war against Republicans-ironically,  against the Republicans who best represented Republican values and principles.

There’s a simple, easy way to avoid Republicans going to war with Republicans: it’s called following the GOP platform. That is the agreed-upon set of Republican values and goals.

You join a club, you are expected to abide by its priorities and bylaws. You join a civic organization, you are expected to uphold its principles and goals. The GOP platform, at both the state and national level, are the Republican Party’s charter, bylaws, mission statement and agenda.

If you can’t support that, you have no business trying to be a leader (which is what any elected official is) in the Republican Party. So let’s all get with the same playbook-or get the hell out of the way.

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  • manderso

    Keep shrinking the party Bob, it’s good for America.

    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      It is the liberal betrayers who are shrinking and weakening the party. But I’m sure you like it that way, being the liberal you are.

  • SDJammer

    Thune is worried about a war where RINO goes against RINO.

    My opinion is rarely held in high regard by conservatives when I comment on this topic, but oh well - here goes again.

    I think conservatives need to be extremely strategic when it comes to this issue. The conservative tendency is to take on every battle regardless of the odds. I personally think we should carefully choose our battles and strategically narrow our focus to the areas where we can gain the most ground.

    I will offer the analogy of the proper process when building a house. I don’t think it is a good idea to begin building the roof before you have a solid foundation. However, I am afraid that when it comes to the US Senate race very well intended conservatives will focus a tremendous about of energy and resources on it. However, I personally believe that it is comparable to the roof of a house. It is wonderful to spend a lot of money on an expensive roof if we have a solid foundation and structure to put it on.

    However, I would submit the foundation in South Dakota is quite weak when you look at the following.


    It would appear that the foundation (state legislature) is crumbling. Therefore, I think the wise strategic choice is to really focus on that area. Once a solid foundation is
    achieved, there will be plenty of opportunities to put on a nice new fancy roof (US Senate seat).

    The other thing is just where in the world do all of these RINOs come from in the first place. It would appear to me that most of them are coming out of the state legislature and state government. Perhaps if conservatives would focus on that area and take control, it just might eliminate the breeding ground for these RINOs.

    If conservatives have a truly realistic chance to win the US Senate seat, they should actively pursue it. However, if they are distant long shots and have little chance, I learned a long time ago that it is better to wait for the next train rather than to run down the tracks trying to stop a train already rolling full speed ahead.

    Whatever the decision is by conservatives in South Dakota regarding the US Senate race, I hope they don’t fail to notice they have a crumbling foundation sitting out there in Pierre. They need to put a tremendous amount of resources into repairing that during the next primary.

    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      I don’t necessarily disagree with anything you’ve said. But as a conservative who isn’t about to have another RINO shoved down my throat without doing everything I can to avoid it, I do have some different considerations that I believe are at least equally valid.

      During the Bush years, because he was under such unbelievably insane assault from the Left, I pulled my punches a lot with the misdeeds of my own party. My reason was twofold: (1) the GOP was under withering assault from the Left for doing the right thing, and I was afraid I’d be piling on to hit too hard on the things they were doing WRONG, and (2) hoping they’d eventually pull their heads out and figure out the obvious. I now sincerely regret it, because #2 never even came close to materializing.

      After the dogged asininity the GOP establishment has displayed in the last 4 years or more, and the contempt they have heaped on Republican values, NO MORE.

      The reason I won’t carry water for or give a pass to Republicans behaving badly anymore, and refuse to be silent about their bad behavior, are multiple.

      1) Protecting the brand. If Republicans don’t speak out about “Republicans” who behave like liberals, people will naturally assume our party stands for liberal (or at best, watered down) principles. I cannot stand idly or silently by and allow such reprehensible discredit to be brought upon a party that is DOCUMENTED to stand for the founding principles that made our nation the greatest one in history. The casual observer MUST know that the kind of bilge being pushed by the establishment is no more representative of what the GOP stands for than what the Democrats are pushing.

      2) Accountability. RINOs expect, nay they feel ENTITLED, to be able to make a mockery of Republican values, govern and legislate which ever way the wind blows and which ever way will best feather their nest. They MUST become intimately aware of the fact that they will be held fully accountable for that-in the office they hold when they misbehave, and when they seek a different/higher office. In other words, they need to know there will be negative consequences and a price to pay for betraying Republican values (which is ultimately an out-and-out betrayal of the interests of everyone they were elected to serve).

      3) A lie or error left unchallenged soon becomes accepted as the truth by people who don’t know better-and in the Age of the Low-Information Voter, that means it’ll be accepted by the majority of Americans. And when “Republicans” vote Left or govern Left, they are lying about what Republican values are, and are passing off egregious errors as something legitimate or good. We see that routinely in the unbelievable BS at the South Dakota War on Conservatives website where the logic usually goes: “He/she is a Republican, therefore anything they do must be conservative and/or represent Republican values.” Granted, not all of them can be asinine enough to really believe that (they know darn well these RINOS are intentionally betraying Republican values)…but I will guarantee you that such “thinking” really does pass for “logic” with a lot of these brain-trusts. As Thomas Paine said, “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right.” We can’t allow that to happen-not for the person who hasn’t heard it enough for it to sink in, or for the person who stumbles by and reads it for the first time.

      4) There ARE good people out there who could give Rounds a run for his money and quite possibly beat him despite his establishment advantage. But if they don’t hear any discontent with the establishment choice, there is zero chance they will even think about running. Keeping the truth out there about sellout RINOs might hopefully maintain a foot in the door where we might see that challenge…but silence will guarantee the RINO runs unchallenged-a pathetic insult to real Republican values.

      There are other reasons, too, but those are some of the biggest.

      You’re right that the SD Legislature is the breeding-grown for these cockroaches. Both Rounds and Daugaard came from there. You’re right that we need to clean up that den of iniquity…and we are. Conservatives won more than we lost in last year’s primary, and we’ll work on doing the same in 2014, and 2016, and so on.

      But we can’t give a pass to those who are beyond that environment. We have to keep speaking the truth, and doing it boldly rather than with our tails between our legs like the libs would love.

      If we end up with no other choices but the RINO, then we’re left with a fresh choice: do we choose the lesser of two evils and thus sacrifice our own credibility and the credibility of the Republican brand…or do we do what I tried to do with Romney, which was pat him on the back where I could, while acknowledging that we weren’t fooled by his BS about his record, and hit his Democrat opponent for his liberalism?

      I’ve come to the point where I can only stomach, I can only look myself in the mirror, by employing option #2.

      • SDJammer

        Conservatives should never stop fighting and I would never suggest that they should. However, I maintain that they should strategically choose their battles. If conservatives had critical mass, they could choose to fight every battle.

        My point is simply that if we find ourselves standing in front of a solid brick wall, why should we stand there punching it until we are exhausted, our hands are beat raw and we have not gained an inch. Why not go down the street and find the doors we can knock down.

        When conservatives are in business they appear to be quite smart. They do not instruct their sales people to spend countless hours calling on every prospect on earth wasting precious sales time. No, they have systems in place to identify the “hot prospects” that are most likely to do business with their company. They then instruct their sales reps to FOCUS on those hot prospects that they have the best chance to convert into customers. That is the strategy that produces winning businesses for many conservatives.

        I wonder why we conservatives get so stupid when it comes to politics and think we MUST win every election and thus waste valuable resources beating our fists against a solid brick wall that we have ZERO chance of moving a single inch, let alone knocking it down.

        I am not saying to avoid every fight. I am saying let’s be smart and identify the solid walls where we have no chance and go find a bunch of doors we can knock down. And we just might be surprised how much easier the following elections become.

        • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

          I hear you. But every election is important, and some of us have a hard time stomaching allowing gutless sellouts to walk away with an election like they own it, like they’re entitled to it.

          And as for what I do, I’m here anyway. I might as well expose the liberals regardless of what party they’re in. :-)

          • SDJammer

            Yes, it is difficult to accept these “gutless sellouts” walking away with an election. However, there is even one thing that is more difficult to accept and that is a crushing defeat in a high visibility race after spending huge amounts of both financial and emotional capital.

            We have a difficult enough time getting conservatives to even utter a word (the old SILENT majority as they used to be called) let alone actually get involved. Therefore, when they do get involved in one of these high profile long drawn out emotional races only to lose by 10 points in what was an unwinnable race from the start, they are devastated.

            I have heard from several old friends around the country over the past several months and part of the conversation always seems to be the loss in passion and reduced enthusiasm by many TEA Party type organizations. While there are probably numerous reasons for this, I put these crushing defeats in these high profile races where we never had a chance in the first place as a main cause for going back to our sofas and sitting on our hands not saying a word to anybody.

            And the other issue is that I would think a core principle of conservatives is; “Thou shall not squander resources”. Well, I submit jumping full tilt into these unwinnable elections is “squandering resources”. I say let’s spend those resources on defeating EVERY RINO in the state legislatures, let’s get ACTIVE in the Republican Party so we can honestly call it OUR PARTY and let’s stop fooling ourselves when we are starring the inevitable in the face.

            I personally don’t know if a true conservative has a reasonable chance in the US Senate race. I do not have access to any polling data whatsoever. However, it would appear that the anecdotal evidence is clearly indicating that train may have already left the station.

            I am not saying let’s just automatically “throw in the towel” on it. I am saying that the people in a position to do something about this need to get ANALYTICAL and make a rational decision. However, as they make that decision they need to be looking squarely into a mirror and be mindful of the old saying; “The easiest person in the world to fool is YOURSELF.

            Let’s stop fooling ourselves, let’s get strategical and narrow our focus on the things that we can control and truly influence and DOMINATE those areas. From there, the next step will be much easier.

            • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

              Hard to argue against that. Which is why, I think, a number of conservatives are calling very passionately right now for a conservative who CAN win to get in the race RIGHT NOW. Because Rounds is already sucking all the air out of the room, and there isn’t much time left before that train definitely will have left the station. The liberal ones definitely are more on the ball than we are; have to give them that.

              • SDJammer

                I would be all for that as long as that candidate can win at the ballot box not just in the hearts and minds of conservatives. I would hate to see a very good conservative go down in a crushing defeat that just might lead to their early departure from political service. That would be devastating.

                We only have to look at Michele Bachmann’s recent announcement and wonder if her ill fated run for the Republican nomination was not a big part of her reasons for leaving office. Human nature is a strong force and these crushing defeats do take their toll.

              • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

                That’s a valid concern. But I’d say that her run was not a failure for lack of vision or resources, but because liberals launched a full-court press against her and conservatives did what they too often do: ran from the criticism like scared dogs and allowed the “mainstream” media and the liberal GOP establishment to choose our candidate for us.

                That’s always going to happen until two things become reality: conservatives grow some anatomy (and that’s going to take boldness from leading conservative voices, not timidity), and successfully educating conservatives on how to overcome liberal BS and ram it back down their throats.

                Until we do that, any real conservative candidate is going to end up dog meat. They can’t fight the media AND the GOP establishment AND the Democrats when their own base folds at the first sign of criticism.

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