Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

hmmmJust a few things that make me say, ‘hmmm.’

Why is it that the removal of a Confederate battle flag first placed on the South Carolina state capitol by a Democrat governor, moved from the capitol building by a Republican governor, and then taken down entirely by a Republican governor along with a Republican state legislature, is somehow a Democrat victory?

Many political prognosticators view President Obama’s perceived performance in office as the greatest single predictor of which political party will succeed in winning the White House in November 2016. President Obama has seen a surge in popularity largely due to the Republican Congress passing legislation that he wants. Making one wonder, is the Republican Congress secretly rooting for Hillary in 2016?

Ted Cruz 2016

For years, China has been building entire cities without any demand for them creating eerie new ghost towns. Knowing this, why is anyone surprised that the Chinese economy is a fraud? The only wonderment is that its similarly hollow stock market didn’t go into free fall much sooner.

Solar researchers are predicting that the earth may experience a sun cycle starting in just fifteen years which threatens to throw us into a Little Ice Age. Imagine the shock in the Al Gore, Jr. household when he learns that the sun actually has something to do with temperatures on earth.

On the Little Ice Age front, has anyone told Pope Francis that all he had to do was come out against global warming and suddenly scientists are predicting that it is going to get markedly colder? For all of his social justice concern about global warming, he might want to take a peek at what will occur to farm outputs during a cold cycle. Hint, shorter growing seasons mean less food produced and more hunger around the world. Oops.

Jurassic World is the top movie in the world, and Clinton and Bush are frontrunners in the polls for President. What year is it?

As President Obama continues to “negotiate” a nuke deal with Iran, the Iranian legislature recently voted to ban nuclear inspections on military sites while chanting “Death to America.”  Makes you feel all warm and cozy when you think of a nuclear Iran armed with ICBM delivery systems.

U.S. liberals urge increased acceptance of Sharia Law in the United States, while at the same time urging increased acceptance of gay marriage by forcing Christian-owned businesses to provide wedding cakes and flowers. Apparently, liberals view failure to bake a cake as a greater problem than the execution of homosexuals that occurs in places like Saudi Arabia which operate under Sharia Law.

And finally, what kind of crazy, upside-down world do we live in when a celebrity billionaire is the only candidate for President in either political party who is willing to speak for the average citizen who has felt shut out of the political process by the elites?

If the political class doesn’t wake up, they could find themselves Trumped in 2016, and out of power for the first time in a generation.

And that’s something to make you say, ‘hmmm.’

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  • John Hickey

    “Rick Manning” says “U.S. liberals urge increased acceptance of Sharia Law in the United States.” Nonsense. No one is urging acceptance of Sharia Law in the United States. American Muslims themselves are not seeking the imposition of Shariah law on anyone, and “liberals” are generally against the imposition of any religion.

    • DCM7

      Except their own beliefs, of course!

      • John Hickey

        I expected you would respond with examples of “liberals urging increased acceptance of Shariah law.” Don’t you feel like a fool saying nonsense with no examples to back up what you say?

        • DCM7

          No, because I wasn’t addressing the question of whether any liberals urge “increased acceptance of Sharia law.” I was merely addressing the incidental, and false, claim that “liberals” are generally against the imposition of any belief system (“religion”). They often show themselves to be very much in favor of imposing their own beliefs — under the guise that they’re not actually mere beliefs, of course.

          • franklinb23

            Everyone has a set of values they try to uphold and live by, and most people usually fail to do even that to one degree or another.

            Of course, everyone thinks their values are the correct ones. After all, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t hold them, would they?

            The question is to what degree we can tolerate others being “in error” on things we find important and whether we want to use the force of law (or something else) in imposing those values on to them.

            • AJ Castellitto

              But what if those supporting your cause are some real bad dudes…… What if those who support SSM and the establishment lack any moral foundation at all and consider citizens ultimately disposabal even children….. Just cause somebody likes your cause should it mean you close your eyes to a much bigger troubling picture…….Look up Nancy schaffer and John decamp and prepare to tremble…… Unless you are a fan of satanic rituals, pedophilia and child sacrifice

              • franklinb23

                “Just cause somebody likes your cause should it mean you close your eyes to a much bigger troubling picture”

                Of course not, but guilt by association is a fallacious argument. The KKK has a website devoted to arguments against same-sex marriage and homosexuality, but it does not therefore imply that everyone who opposes gay marriage is also against “race mixing” (as they call it).

                Likewise, I’ve had my own major disagreements with those who support gay marriage.

                If I thought that the majority of supporters of gay marriage were pedophiles and rapists, then yes, I’d have to look seriously at what that implied. It seems pretty clear to me that it’s not the case, though.

              • AJ Castellitto

                Im not talking about the supporters….. You guys are so seduced by the SSM cause that you cant see past it, if you notice we stand for much more than SSM, both parties are a problem, but if you dont see the bigger picture past the SSm your missing a great deal. Whats the end game for these folks? They want to lose the borders, open up trade, take away guns, kill free speech and remove freedom of religion. Have you even looked into the globalist agenda - do you know both parties are knee deep in it….. between the Illuminati bankers, satanism, cia and communism all in high places and their complete lack of regard for human life (i.e. population control, using the environment preservation as way to enslave, control media and info)…… The info is out there, I thought it was all BS until it stated unfolding and being covered up before our very eyes….

                they dont care about gays, they dont care that they are making a good majority of the american public resent the gays for their bullying tactics….. they just want to dominate, not sure what the end game is but its not going to be pretty….

                Look up the illumanati and the rothchilds, freemasons, etc….. if only 50% of its true than yikes

              • franklinb23

                You must listen to Alex Jones a lot.

                I don’t doubt that there a number of very wealthy families that have a great deal of influence in government in both parties. Look at the Bush family and their relations with the House of Saud or George Soros.

                For there to be a global conspiracy would require the bribing or silencing of far too many individuals to be able to keep it a secret for very long. Someone would spill it eventually. Besides, they’re people, not magicians or occult wizards (despite claims to the contrary).

              • AJ Castellitto
              • AJ Castellitto

                The folks pulling the strings and fanning the flames want racial, cultural and political division. They want competing interests and everything goes….. They are promoting anarchy and fighting local authority and to disrupt traditional order and values….. Too many are playing into their hands

                I came açross 2 interesting stories on the blaze - 1. A gay, proSSM you tuber supporting the bakers right to refusal and 2. A transgender whatever it is threatening and manhandling a poor Ben Shapiro….. Why doesn’t #1 gain any traction and why is #2 even getting any attention - I’m sorry this dudes just a freak

              • franklinb23

                In terms of the baker, yes, I agree with him as well. So do many others. You only hear about the handful of cases where someone flips out and wants to sue, though, not the instances where people just say “Fine” and move along.

                In terms of Ben Shapiro, I think he could have been a bit more tactful, but I understand the irritation with those who insist reality is what you want it to be and that others change their definitions to suit their reality. He certainly shouldn’t have been “man”-handled.

              • AJ Castellitto

                I agree that Shapiro, who is so brilliant he’s almost freakish, just came there to incite. He should continue to debate freely, but no good was going to come of that program appearance, unless he wanted to expose the tranny and the world of make believe where we all have to suspend rational belief…..

              • franklinb23

                I would have said it this way:

                “What defines someone as a woman? If it’s not chromosomes or external sex organs or the existence of a uterus, what is it? Is it simply feeling ‘nurturing’? Does that mean men can’t be nurturing or docile? ”

                It puts them in a bit of a corner. To say that neither are determining factors is to say the word “woman” has … no meaning at all, in which case it makes little sense to demand everyone refer to them as such.

                I understand they feel they should have been born as the opposite gender. My problem is when they say they *are* the opposite gender. It’s not a trivial distinction.

              • DCM7

                Beautifully said. Whatever your disagreements may be with some of us here on other things, you’ve just hit the nail on the head of the whole “gender” confusion thing better than anyone I’ve heard so far.

        • Bob Ellis
          • DCM7

            Better check those first two links — I get “page not found” on those.

            • Bob Ellis

              Thanks. For some reason, the website search engine brought up bad links (I’ve changed the link structure a few times in recent years). Try them now.

          • John Hickey

            If the point you are trying to make is that some people are for religious tolerance, you are right. If you are suggesting that “liberals” are for the judicial imposition of Sharia law on anyone, you are wrong.

            The idea of “shariah law” by this point functions as a trigger for hysteria, with people lumping Islamic diet and prayer practices and shariah-compliant finance with beheadings by ISIS.

            • Bob Ellis

              Shariah law is the antithesis of religious tolerance-tolerance of any kind, in fact.

              It appears you didn’t bother to read any of the information Gina and I provided. That would be par for the course among Leftists; it’s easier-though definitely not impossible for Leftist-to ignore inconvenient truths when you simply don’t allow them into your mind.

              The double standard employed by Shariah collaborators involves things such as refusing to allow the First Amendment-protected right to free speech and freedom of assembly if Muslims don’t like it. And there have been multiple instances of this, from large groups that want to protest radical Islam, to one or two guys who simply want to talk about Islam with Muslims on a public sidewalk. Then there’s the refusal to provide equal protection under the law as we saw in the case where a Muslim assaulted an atheist who was mocking Islam (as he also mocked Christianity), and the judge threw out the case in sympathy with the Muslim. I don’t agree with Islam or atheism, but if you assault someone, you’ve committed a moral and criminal transgression, and you should be prosecuted.

              And then there’s the 600+ page report of cases in our court system where, when Shariah conflicted with American law, the judges gave deference to Shariah law.

              Shariah law involves a number of things that are not mere preference, but are ruthlessly imposed on people who, voluntarily or involuntarily, live under Shariah law. These include the view that women are property and are not entitled to the same rights as men, punishment (outside American law) for those who violate Shariah law (especially women), female genital mutilation, honor killings, murder of homosexuals, etc.

              That isn’t a matter of “tolerance,” but pure intolerance. It would be hilarious (if it weren’t so serious, and so evil) how Leftists seek to accommodate this kind of barbarism from Muslims under the banner of “tolerance”…while demanding a Christian business MUST perform immoral acts that violate their conscience. In other words, the Left is eager to tolerate deliberate acts of violence and oppression when perpetrated by Muslims, but absolutely will not tolerate a Christian business person who refuses to perform an immoral act. Interestingly, Leftists even defend allowing Muslim taxi drivers to refuse service to a blind person with a guide dog…but foam at the mouth if a Christian baker doesn’t want to bake a fake wedding cake for a counterfeit wedding.

              There are a lot of things you can call that kind of hypocritical attitude, but perhaps the most accurate thing you can call it is EVIL.

              • John Hickey

                I did look at a site from each of your lists, and those sites were just more of the same confused, befuddled people agreeing with each other on this supposed imposition of Shariah law, which is complete nonsense. Of all the imagined cases in recent years where judges have supposedly made religious decisions employing Shariah law, there are maybe two where this actually happened, and both of them were cases where the judge wrongly tried to apply Islamic law because the parties themselves wanted Islamic law applied. Even in such cases, our legal system will not abide judges making religious decisions employing any religious law, so those two cases were overturned on appeal. In other words, even in those cases, Shariah law was not applied even to people who wanted it applied. The cases I’m referring to are the case in Florida where

              • Bob Ellis

                Yet again we have an example from the Left of being able to lead a horse to water, but…

              • WXRGina

                It’s amazing to me how willingly “blind” apologists for the Left can be. I don’t guess this guy thinks anything of all the Muslim Brotherhood Obama buddies placed in high positions in the federal government, either. NOTHING to see here, folks!

    • WXRGina