The Unstoppable Ted Cruz

Cruz did it again!!!

He completely annihilated Katie Couric during her extended interview with the presidential hopeful. It was amateur hour for Ms. Couric who was so utterly outclassed that she looked like she wanted to hide under the table.

Couric worked absolutely every angle to try and get Cruz off his game, but the good senator from Texas would not be rattled. In fact, Senator Cruz appeared to really enjoy his time educating Ms. Couric on the finer points of our Rule of Law.

Ted Cruz 2016


Cruz performed with dignity and grace as he politely and methodically shot down every single one of Couric’s tired liberal talking points. At this rate, there is not an independent nor a libertarian around that will not be won over by the ‘fight the status quo’ crusade that Cruz has so willingly embraced since announcing his presidential aspirations earlier this year. It’s this ‘buck the corrupted system’ mentality, prominently on display ever since his arrival on the national political scene in 2012, that’s always made Senator Cruz such an exciting political prospect.

Here’s a guy who is taking on the political establishment (both parties), a majority of congress, the global elite, and a main stream media determined to make him go away – he deserves our support. In fact, most Americans do support the brave stance he is taking and will reward his courage with their ongoing support and ultimately their vote.

If you are still wondering who the Republican front runner for the presidential nominee is going to be, you obviously haven’t been paying close attention. Watch this video and prepare to be blown away by the poise, class, brilliance, political wisdom and sound constitutional vision of the unflappable, unbreakable, unstoppable Ted Cruz……

Don’t let the crowded presidential field distract you….

Cruz to Victory 2016!

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  • DCM7

    “It was amateur hour for Ms. Couric who was so utterly outclassed that she looked like she wanted to hide under the table.”

    Liberals are so used to blindly assuming that conservatives are stupid that it’s often a shock to them when they actually have to deal with one.

    The same can be said with atheists vs. Christians, evolutionists vs. creationists, etc. — all pretty much the same story.